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  1. nursehannah

    St. Joseph School of Nursing in RI. Fall 2013

    Hi! I will be a junior at St. Joe's in the Fall! If you have any questions etc feel free to message me or you can just email me, PM for my email :) Congrats and welcome!
  2. nursehannah

    St. Joseph's Open House

    I need help again :) recommendations for stethoscope on a low budget plus I dont want to have to worry about losing it in clinicals :) and also I noticed in the pictures on the website that everyone has white shoes but none of our paperwork specifies what type we need any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  3. nursehannah

    St. Joseph's Open House

    Yes I will be at orientation! see you there! :)
  4. nursehannah

    CCRI Nursing program Acceptance

    I got in with about 120 points. My TEAS test scores were all in the 90's and my GPA was a 3.5. I also just graduated with honors with a general studies aa degree from ccri that I completed while doing my nursing pre reqs, I was told that they also consider things such as course load and grades from other classes, not sure if that is true or not.
  5. nursehannah

    St. Joseph's Open House

    Thank you!! Looking forward to it! :)
  6. nursehannah

    St. Joseph's Open House

    Hi! I just got accepted to St. Joe's for the Fall 2012 semester, I also got accepted to CCRI and am having an awful time trying to make a decision! Opinions?? I saw on another post that you went to St. Joe's, how did you like it? I haven't heard anything bad about it from graduates but I am concerned about finding a job after graduation. I plan on going into an RN to BSN program as soon as possible after graduation but I would like to be able to do that online. Also, I was considering applying to RIC to go right into the BSN program but I feel like the small class sizes and hands on experience of St. Joe's is something that cant be beat it makes up for the tuition costs. Any advice would be extremely helpful! Thanks in advanced!!

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