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amoLucia specializes in LTC.

amoLucia specializes in Long Term Care (LTC)

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  1. amoLucia

    Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    OP posts a lot of threads, and she also responds to a whole bunch. Her own, and also occ posts of OTHER members.
  2. As per norm, TY for the informational update.
  3. amoLucia

    Hospice NP asked to perform RN visits?

    Stand your ground.
  4. amoLucia

    HELP!! Which Position to Choose??

    Sounds like we're all thinking along the same lines ... "Great minds think alike." :))
  5. amoLucia

    "Thank you for your service"

    Did it seem to become more prevalent when covid emerged as the 'Chinese' flu, or what ever DJT called it in that it was China's fault? Maybe just my observation ...
  6. amoLucia

    Medications Mixing and Nasogastric Feeding Tubes

    Neither should extended-relief pills. I do know a RN who attempted to administer a Colace gel tab whole with a GT. And she tried to do it during a State survey med pass inspection. (The surveyor stopped her!) Needless to say we got DINGED! I never liked to crush together gazillion pills - usually I would just split them out to do half, or maybe a third, at a time.
  7. How interesting!
  8. amoLucia

    Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    I have a real recipe for elephant stew. Need to find it. Then I'll share.
  9. TY. So decorative.
  10. amoLucia

    Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    I have a few threads on the 'blue side'. But my threads aren't quite as provocative as SB's. Guess I had a milquetoast career.
  11. Hannah - send some pix of your projects.
  12. amoLucia

    Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    Was just reading your other new post re declining a 'freq flyer' pt. You're interrupting me ....
  13. amoLucia

    Coworkers Opening Patient Windows During Inclement Weather

    Tell me - what topic is next??? Coworkers who make stinky in the employee bathroom that's close to the breakroom?!?!?!? DD - it's like drivers slowing down on the road to look at an accident. You just can't help NOT looking!!
  14. amoLucia

    C'Mon Now!

    Am soooo sorry for all of you having to take all the flak you do. NOT. YOUR. FAULT.
  15. amoLucia

    climate change and nursing

    Am a retiree but I hope I can give an idea. I don't believe community (local, state, national or international) is seriously looking ahead at disaster preparedness. I'm a Weather Channel junkie, and just this morning they were talking about how within the past some years, the nation has been experiencing more hurricanes with increasing severities. Climate change is making for warmer ocean waters which yield increased hurricane potentials. I maintain that it was the failure of the levee system in New Orleans that was a major contributor to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Katrina. Had the levees been maintained, it is likely less damage would have occurred. Sorry to say, but climate change is down on the list for may until something major happens, like when a Polar Vortex cause a deep freeze in Chicago and electric power went out. NO HEAT and no power to power home oxygen equip. Just some random thoughts.
  16. amoLucia

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    CreamCheese - I apologize in that I did stretch the analogy re contracts. But my point was meant to reflect that a contract is just that --- a BINDING contract. Expectations that you BELIEVE to be inherent but not specified, are just that. Nonexistent. It's only what's in the contract that matters.