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  1. Rose1210

    New RN in Southfield, MI

    yes i tried Henry Ford to. and i'm even applying to VA hospital in Detroit and ann arbor. hopefully theyll call. im looking for any hiring actually mental health, dialysis so on and so fort....haha haha im so desperate...
  2. Rose1210

    New RN in Southfield, MI

    yes i passed my board already. i tried DMC, Providence, U of M, Botsford. i just started applying online last week hope i can get a job. can you give me some where can i apply such as mental health, or clinics? im new here in Michigan so i have no idea where to start thank you so much...
  3. Rose1210

    New RN in Southfield, MI

    Hello there I'm a graduate of BS Nursing from outside state. I just passed my boards and currently job hunting. Any tips what hospital are hiring nurses without experience...thank you so much...
  4. Rose1210

    MI License Number

    hello anyone know how many days or weeks does Michigan post a license number and send the paper license after passing the NCLEX? thank you
  5. Hello there sorry for the late reply i was busy reviewing...i just took my Exam....i got a good pop up...but still waiting for the official result....Here is my story I am a out of state graduate i didnt have a local board because of my citiizenship.... I applied in Louisiana but i was denied by CGFNS for the Certification Program because i lack hours on my psych....after that i applied again California because they dont have any CGFNS requirement which is also a BIG mistake....And lastly i applied in Michigan state CGFNS CES took 6 weeks to be done... After another 6weeks i receive my ATT....so that is my story....
  6. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT for foreign graduate

    i got my att today so MI is still safe...yey
  7. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT for foreign graduate

    I hope so too...
  8. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT for foreign graduate

    I called them about that they just told me that its a computer error...so i haved to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for my att to be approved its already my 6th week this monday so im kinda frustrated....and im worried ill got denies cause it happened to me before in Louisiana BON...ill inform you once im approved...good luck on you nevada application
  9. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT for foreign graduate

    Im not sure though...i dont have a licensed from the country I graduated from...did you also applied in michigan?
  10. Rose1210

    13 states with same CA BON concurrency issues

    So michigan is still safe...? Hope that i am not the first to get denied...*fingerssupercross*
  11. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT for foreign graduate

    Apparently they told me they had an error in there system so my att before was void so right now i am still waiting...are you from Michigan?
  12. Hello any outside state graduate who applied in Michigab out here?? How many weeks before you received your att? And any issues with foreign graduate in Michigan? Thank you
  13. Rose1210

    Michigan ATT

    Hi anyone know how long before MI issue your ATT? Thanka
  14. Rose1210

    CGFNS: CES "In QA review"

    Hello does anyone know what QA review means? My status just change today from ready to review to QA review....and anyone who has any idea if how long before they send the report....thanks
  15. Rose1210


    hello my status in CES is ready for review to all my requirements were sent already anyone out there who has any idea how many weeks more i have to wait before they issued the report?thanks
  16. Rose1210

    Ces ready for review status

    hello my status is ready for review to...is CES done already? how many weeks before they completed the report?thank you