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over 40 years young, 3 daughters, 7 grandchildren, one great dog (my baby)

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  1. Kacy, I PM you so talk at you later Thanks, Barb:p
  2. barb926

    Indiana Scholarship for Nurses

    sorry you are having trouble but it happens all the time. i went throught alot to get a loan for lpn. i went to ivy tech in sellersburg and was a waiting list and you had to have the highest grades :angryfire but :angryfire (fact) if you were on welfare (no income) and she didn't even score high to be put on waiting list, you were in the program! this is true i know the girl, and she dropped out after 2 months, pregnant with #3 baby. ivy tech still gets their money from our goverment (our tax money) even though she didn't finish or is in school now. i know this didn't help you with your problem but you up against the money game of goverment. i do hope you find help, barb
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of a good LTC (nursing home) facility to work in New Albany,Jeffersonville,Clarksville areas ?? I want to work where people pull togerher and work for the clients, each staff member tries to get along with each other. The DON works with the nurses not against them so that employees will want to stay at facility. I want fair pay but I want a good place to work for first then fair pay. I am not looking for a job to see who will pay the most because that doesn't last long if you don't like the place. Thanks for any information, Barb