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bedside nurse on hospice inpatient unit

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  1. heron

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    You first. What are your thoughts on the subject?
  2. heron

    Would you File a Complaint?

    And the board of nursing would promptly circular file it. The issues you list are customer service failures, best addressed to the institution.
  3. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Curious take on the subject when "anti-PC" sentiment is just another way of refusing to take any responsibility for what comes out of your mouth.
  4. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Google "Christian Nationalism"
  5. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Are we too PC? Nope. In my opinion, the whole anti-PC schtick is just an excuse to be as offensive and intellectually lazy as you want. Thinking begins and ends with language.
  6. heron

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Actually, unions are a safe space for incompetent managers who can't figure out how to comply with contractually defined work rules and need someone to blame it on.
  7. heron

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Seriously? That's your whole argument?
  8. heron

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    Every union I've ever been in has had provision in their contract for discipline for poor performance. If management is too lazy to do the documentation required, how is that the union's fault? Or do you believe that management should be able to discipline or fire workers without documentation of wrongdoing? Protecting workers from draconian management decisions is the union's job.
  9. OP, your notion of "serious practice" is quite pharisaical. It doesn't seem to me that you've understood much of what posters are attempting to tell you, so I'll be blunt: It doesn't matter what you say. What matters is the intent with which you say it. Honest good wishes for a happy holiday come through regardless of the name of the holiday used. I'm done.
  10. As a pagan, I simply return the same greeting I was given. I don't believe in poking my finger in anyone's eye just because I can. To quote something that turned up on my Facebook page: "From 1 November to 15 January there are approximately 29 holidays observed by 7 of the world's major religions. And I don't think mine are the only ones that count. Happy Holiday!" ETA: To answer the OPs question, any expression of goodwill related to your own midwinter holiday is fine with me. "Pagan" is derived from the Latin "pagani" meaning country people ... people of the earth. At their heart, all pagan traditions - even the relatively recent neo-pagan ones like Wicca and Gardnerian witchcraft (for instance) - are rooted in actual physical places. Since no two places on earth are exactly alike, yet all are beautiful and powerful, pagans respect and even celebrate our differences. Our altar is, literally, the whole world.
  11. 68 - Kussmaul's resps in an acididotic pt. actively dying of ESRD.
  12. heron

    Opiates Are Not for All Pain

    Having practiced at the bedside for 40+ years, I'd be an idiot to claim that diversion, drug-seeking and scamming the system to support a habit don't exist. I'd be worse than an idiot to assert that practitioners shouldn't keep a weather eye out for such scams. On the other hand, getting distracted by preconceptions and unconscious "hierarchies of pain" (IOW, some patients are innocent victims while others did it to themselves or aren't in "real" pain) can blind us to what's really going on with this confused elderly lady. It would be a shame for her to die in unnecessary pain because her caregiver's report was dismissed as drug-seeking.
  13. heron

    Opiates Are Not for All Pain

    Not necessarily - it certainly wasn't evident from the OP. If you're correct, then the OP seems to have been edited to encourage the care-giver-is-a-junkie scenario. I agree that it's certainly possible by it's not the only possibility. (BTW, was high-dose topical capsaicin considered for the post-hermetic neuralgia?)
  14. heron

    Opiates Are Not for All Pain

    I just re-read the OP and see no mention of having done an actual pain assessment of the patient. Nor does it mention what clues are used by the caregiver that the patient is in pain as opposed to hungry, constipated or needing to pee ... all frequent causes of agitation in demented patients. The automatic assumptions expressed in this thread are a large part of why many people don't even bother with medical practitioners unless/until it's unavoidable.
  15. heron

    Trans Patient

    I agree, get an empty room. Meanwhile, do I understand you to be saying that the trauma experienced by cis-gendered women is legitimate, whereas the experience of trans women is "trauma" that is merely "accommodated"?