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  1. Cococure

    What made your first year of NP difficult?

    Hello all, Yes can we please revive this thread and get some more input I know there are lots of experienced and new NP's out there. I am in my last semester and I feel like I know nothing and I am still super nervous at clinical and my MD aks great questions but I just don't know the answers...ugh. When did you start to feel some assembleance of confidence? Did you feel confident in your last semester? I am all shambles...any advice...
  2. Yes you are correct I have quite a ways to go and i hear many complaints from students that are much farther along and those that have recently graduated and most went to their local universities. I couldn't agree more it is very disheartening when a student has to find their own clinical sites. When I interviewed at this particular school that was one of my my questions and they stated that they assisted students in securing sites. Well, I now know that they meant I found the site and they do the contract. In my opinion all schools should have preceptors that meet the schools standards. One school in my area that had established clinicals is Emory and I could not afford the $80k for their NP program. Thanks I do hope it get better and this is just another bump in the road. It is what it is I guess
  3. BostonFNP I am in my 4th semester of my part time program and I start clinicals in the spring and I hated the fact that I had to find my own sites ..that is a whole other debate unto it self. I am sure my view will evolve as it has over my nursing career. As a student I am aware that I am an adult learner and much of my education and experience will be up to me but I am paying for an education. No system is perfect and I am sure PA's education design has their flaw but the education for us needs to be more streamlined.
  4. As usual a very good discussion goes sideways ...I too am enjoying a glass of wine. I have been on this board since I was a CNA and this always happens ...good points and then drama. Well I am glad this discussion is back on track. As a NP student I chose to go to hybrid program from a State university...cost was of concern to me. I was advised by fellow NP friends to not attend for profit programs, no need to name we all know the programs I am referring to. This advise was given because some practices and hiring bodies are growing concerned with the lack of performance by some of the graduates. Most primary care practices don't give extensive training and they expect the new NP to be able to manage the basics seen in that setting. But although I am in a somewhat traditional program I find it lacking. So I am doing what I need to do...cut back my working hours to focus on school, read additional texts and I found a great primary care doc to precept me. I know I have to bring my A game so I gotta study my butt off. Overall I do feel that NP education does need to be changed...it has positives and negatives but I do feel that adding more clinical hours and science classes would help. The PA's are more prepared to hit the ground running because of the way their program is designed. I am not getting into a PA vs NP discussion cause we essentially perform the same job t they have a better starting point in my opinion. I think we can all agree that changes need to be made but how do we go about it? I got eaten up and chewed out by professors for asking why are we doing theory and research again? Or why don't we have a skills class that teaches procedures we may do in primary or urgent care. So guess what I am going to do a skills class outside of my school. Should I have so do this? In my opinion no but it what it is until the education is improved you will continue to see a variety of new NP's. FYI please excuse any typos ...having hand issues
  5. From a post partum nurse mgmt has A LOT to down the this ....they check charting to see who is giving bottles to moms, the watch and question the patients about what we tell them about breastfeeding. So many of us want moms to feel safe happy and enjoy baby. But the hospitals agenda is shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Again I am for Breastfeeding until it's not the best choice for mom or the family. Don't get me started on the LCs that criticize us for giving the mom a bottle to help her over that hump at 3am ...when she is about to breakdown ...I would love to know the stats newborn readmisions for weight loss and jaundice
  6. Amen and hallelujah for this article!!! I am a post partum nurse and 100% support breastfeeding BUT I think it has gone a bit too far! I have see so many more babies with weight loss and jaundice issues than I have ever seen in the past. I can only say that I have heard the comments from other nurses, lactation consultants and friends of the patients. At one point I was questioning are we doing best for the patient or promoting the hospital agenda of "Breastfeeding friendly hospital". I have sat with many moms that are not producing enough for their 9lb baby and watch them cry because they are exhausted, frustrated and baby screaming with no end in sight. And you know what I offer different options ...continue to breastfeed, donor milk or bottle? And the look of relief in the parents eyes is like "yes there is hope" whatever their choice I support it. I have seen the trend of what some of us nurses refer to as "mom shaming" you didn't give birth naturally...shame on you. Or ...you have a C-section oh no ...shame on you! And the best one ...of course the Breastfeeding...oh no you want to give a bottle oh no baby will not be an Einstein. It's time we stop being doing damn judgemental or stop promoting the hospital agendas and go back to supporting the patients and help her adjust to being a new mom. And don't get me started on the looks some nurses or lactation nurses give the mom that decides to only bottle feed her baby....they make those moms feel terrible and it angers me so! Well I gave more than my 2 cents ...
  7. Hey almcco3,Did you end up working for parrish med? I am a new RN graduated in May 2010 and I want to apply but I just wanted to know what there training was like? In general what is the hospital like?Also Mr Corcoran does your unit hire new graduates? I have done clinical rotations in the CICU, PICU and NICU...any help would be great...thanksCocoRN
  8. Cococure

    Parrish Medical

    Hey all, I have not posted in awhile but I did graduate nursing school and I also passed my board...YEAH!!! But I am having a hard time landing a job as a RN ...I am still working as a tech at WPH in Orlando. I live in clermont fl and I am willing to work anywhere within 1hr of my home. So my question is has anyone worked for Parrish Medical in Titusville, fl.? I am not opposed to working hard, been in healthcare for 5yrs so I am use to working long shifts and being on my feet for long periods. What my concern is what is the culture at the hospital? Teamwork is everything to me so I need to somewhere that has that, basically any input on Parrish Med Ctr would be great.thanksCocoRN
  9. Cococure

    Hesi Exit Exam Help!

    Hey, I am in my last semester of school and I too have to take the HESI exit. At my school we do HESI every semester sometime twice... I have always passed with a very good score...MY secret...do the HESI questions on the CD and review the HESI book. It is an excellent review....just know that the questions on the CD are harder than the actual HESI. Again do the questions on the CD I am am sure you will pass!! Good luck CoCo :)