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  1. Prize Candle | Facebook I saw a cute video with a an Alzheimer's patient and her daughter today.. Thought of this thread from yesterday and decided to post because it was really light hearted and fun.
  2. ebrooks1013

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    They can't just keep a dead body on support forever can they? This is just wrong. After this round of court appearances somebody should be able to do SOMETHING
  3. ebrooks1013

    The Story of Jahi Continues

    Her mother shared an update this week. Eyes covered... Family of Jahi McMath, teen declared brain dead, shares update | New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
  4. ebrooks1013

    A coworker made me so mad!

    I get it. You feel that you could have at minimum got the bloodwork that she agreed to and he went in there and got her all worked up and she just said forget it. Did he know she had agreed to the bloodwork? Maybe he thought you guys were still trying to convince her and he thought by getting an IV and labs at the same time and saving her a stick he was helping. I doubt his intentions were to undermine you. I don't think this is something worth being upset about.
  5. ebrooks1013

    Accidently took home a patients' insulin!

    Guilty! I fussed about someone losing my labs and having to withdraw them, got home and in my lower leg pocket....smh. Guess it was a busy ED night.
  6. ebrooks1013

    GA Teen Contracted HIV from a hair weave? Really?!?!

    This girl is clearly lying and she has someone very angry doing her hair if she thinks a bloody head is normal. It is not normal to have scabs and puncture wounds. The needle used isn't even sharp. So unless the person is deliberately stabbing her head and applying pressure to draw blood I don't even see how hepatitis possible. That means you are drawing blood on multiple clients...scary
  7. ebrooks1013

    GA Teen Contracted HIV from a hair weave? Really?!?!

    The braids aren't sewn in. The actual extensions are sewn onto the braids (which are in a corn row style) with a curved needle and thread.
  8. ebrooks1013

    My I'm going to medical school

    Is this a joke?
  9. ebrooks1013

    Nurse wife Cop hubby

    Well my husband works four days a week and I work three. I work on the days he has off most of the time so someone is watching my son and we spend the mornings together and the evenings when he gets off on his days. It is working so far. It keeps from asking the in laws to watch our son so much but on the days we want to have the day off together I just arrange my schedule to have that day off and ask my in law to baby sit but that's only once or twice a month.
  10. ebrooks1013

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    Many people don't understand the difference until they go to school and work for it. I know I truly didn't when I was a EMT. Now I do.
  11. ebrooks1013

    Can a doctor "order" a nurse to not assess something?

    Thank you for your input
  12. ebrooks1013

    Can a doctor "order" a nurse to not assess something?

    So I'm not sure if this fits but often in the ED patients have vital signs that fluctuate between ones that the physician can discharge and ones that they probably can't such as high bp or temp. Often if a patient has been trending high every 15 min or 30 minutes and I get ONE within limits they will tell me to stop the automatic machine and they will go ahead and discharge them. To me if they feel this is necessary other measures need to be taken especially if we have already attempted to treat it and we aren't having much success but most times they rush them out the door. I'm still under a year in the ED. Do you guys feel this is normal?
  13. ebrooks1013

    Have you literally prayed over your workplace?

    This was quite rude
  14. ebrooks1013

    Confused... am I an RN or not??

    I don't understand why this would be confusing. If your quick results say fail, you failed the NCLEX. That would mean you are not an RN.
  15. ebrooks1013

    Now what

    Did they suspect you were diverting narcotics? I didn't know you could lose your license for poor documentation. Honestly just asking.
  16. ebrooks1013

    Trouble with nursing

    I am not really understanding what you need help with. Did you fail out of school and you need to get back in? Originally it seems as if you were put out and your teachers were discouraging you. It says later on in your passage that you need help with the TEAS entrance exam for nursing and and nursing classes once you got in. Is this a different program? Were you ever in a nursing program or just the prerequisites?