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  1. asaka6

    Gallen College of Nursing?

    I graduated from galen-adn last year and got accepted to rn to bsn at USF for 2015 summer class. So they definately transferred my galen's credit. :) good luck
  2. asaka6

    Any RN to BSN programs in FL?

    You have to talk to each school you are interested in. Usually, private schools will accept your credits. I dont think state school will. Good luck!
  3. asaka6

    USF RN to BSN questions and help needed!!!

    I also applied for rn to bsn 2015 summer and got accepted. The program is fully online but there are clinical hours you need to do. You can do it where u work so if you are working now, that would be no problem. For the first week, i doubt we will have to do clinical hours. definately, make an appointment with advisor and talk to them. Did you get an acceptance email yet? If you did, are you accepting the offer? :-)
  4. asaka6

    NG tube insertion question

    alright, new med surg nurse here. so when inserting ng tube for aspiration precaution patient,, I dont want to give sip of water cause I dont want them aspirate, what are the other ways to simulate swallowing so that it doesnt go into lung other than chin to chest position.
  5. asaka6

    New grad RN salary in Florida 2014

    I got offered 23 .. Med surg floor
  6. asaka6

    Next step after job offer

    Last Friday, I had my first rn interview . It was residency program that starts on 9/29. I got a call from recruiter that day that I got the position. Today, after three days (excluding weekends) I haven't got any call from hospital. I called the recruiter and left a voice message but haven't got a call back yet. Is this normal? How long does background check usually take? I'm just waiting and don't know what the next step is...
  7. asaka6

    NEW Pearson Vue Trick

    I passed! new pvt works..
  8. asaka6

    Took the NCLEX-PN & Freaking out!

    I passed! new pvt trick works. u actually need to put cc info and hit submit ! then, it will not let you pay and show the good pop up.
  9. I passed!! New pvt trick works
  10. asaka6

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    I passed!!! New pvt trick works!!
  11. asaka6

    Took the NCLEX-PN & Freaking out!

    I took today 8am and got the same popup. !! Hope we all pass...
  12. asaka6

    NEW Pearson Vue Trick

    I took mine todat and did new trick and I got the good popup..I put my cc info and clicked submit and it didn't let me pay saying "our record indicate that..." ill keep posted when my real result comes out.
  13. asaka6

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    Did you pass??
  14. asaka6

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    I just took mine and my status says " Results not available" instead of "delivery successful". and they let me go through credit card.
  15. asaka6

    2014 Pearson Vue Trick (PVT) Poll

    I just took nclex-rn in florida. got out and checked for PVT... My status says "Results not available" instead of "delivery successful".. I am hoping that PVT doesn't work any more cause I am now getting to credit card screen.... does any one get the same status? I am freaking out. I had 75Q with 12 SATA.. one drag drop... nervous !
  16. asaka6

    Galen tampa bay hopefuls?!

    dear. futureprice Im sorry i saw your post really late... yes.. i got accepted to galen and so far I love being a student here. I took my last final today and just found out that i got 4.0 for 1st quarter.... i was wondering, if you took A&P2 online, how was it? Do you recommend it? or should i take onsite...?