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  1. Not only did you do a wonderful thing for the family, especially the husband, who knows if you really "lied"? Hearing is the last sense to go when we die. When it's my time to leave I sure hope I have a nurse like you there!
  2. ruthalittle


    I'm temporarily on hold with moving forward on this. This weather has my arms & back so sore from shoveling (snow blower wouldn't start) & I'm so frazzled from trying to drive to & from Chicago in this mess that I mainly just want to go lay down by the time I get home. Please keep posting here though! For some reason the comments are giving me hope :)
  3. ruthalittle


    Christina, You ARE lucky!! My sister lives 2 hours from Vegas & has been trying to convince us for years to move by her. The problem has been worrying about income (she lives in a rural area where there don't seem to be ANY jobs for LPN's). But we may be able to relocate before I find work. I saw the temp in Vegas a couple of days ago & told my husband a couple more years here isn't worth dying over. Every year people literally drop dead while shoveling snow here.
  4. ruthalittle


    Yes, I remember the summer from the year I lived in Vegas as a young teen! My classmates at school had to train me to not stay in the sun for longer than a few minutes at a time. Honestly though, not making light of the brutal summers you guys have, but even last year when my sister dropped us at the airport (she lives in Arizona but the closest airport was in Vegas) the temp was 115 in the shade.. my husband & I felt just fine. When we got off our flight in Chicago the temp was in the mid 70's & we were DYING to get in somewhere that had AC! It really is true what's said about the humidity. 2 days ago I was out shoveling the driveway from 2 AM to 6 AM. I've lost track of how many times I've done that so far just this winter. I'm in my 50's so can't keep this up indefinitely. I don't LIKE these "polar vortex" periods, but can stand them. (Right now the actual temp is -5) It's shoveling for hours before my work day even starts that's killing me!
  5. ruthalittle


    Thanks for the input. If we were able to leave Illinois NEXT year, then I'd only need to work full time for 2 years until my hubby can get his pension. But I'm really feeling self pity at the idea of having to spend even 1 more winter here!
  6. I can't get the link to post, but try to look up this article in Nursing 2000 March issue;" Better time management: A matter of perspective" by Sharon Cox, RN, MSN. It is not at all what the title led me to believe! I call it my "Just Say No" article, & have had it posted by my desk at home since I first read it. Sure wish I could get the link to post!
  7. ruthalittle

    I'm a real nurse!!! Thank you!

    Good luck to you :) ..but please don't think as I did (& was told by many, many people) after completing over half of an RN program & dropping out due to my sons illness; The Practical Nursing Program will be "a breeze" for you." On day one we were welcomed to the program with a statement "You will learn over 90% of what the RN students learn, in half of the time." I saw grown men cry. I cried myself. Most of the time I feel as though it was worth it. I loved the Flight RN's comment on bed side nursing. If everyone went on to management, who on earth would provide hands on care?
  8. ruthalittle

    Wound Care Certificate... WHERE???

    NAWC (National Alliance of Wound Care) offers courses for WCC certification. Some employers will pay for the course if you agree to continue to work for them for a specified period of time. I chose to pay for it myself. You do need to have 2 years of wound care experience. If you pay for it yourself the cost is tax deductable.
  9. ruthalittle

    suture left in?

    We once had a pt in a correctional facility who had a suture migrate to the surface. The poor guy was frantic that we come immediately & remove it while it was still visible, because it kept going back under the skin & no one would believe him. Thankfully there was no infection. I also once had a home health pt who had sutures migrate to the surface. At first I thought I was seeing things. I knew I hadn't seen any sutures previously.
  10. ruthalittle

    HIPAA question - The Neighbor

    I actually had this happen to me, almost word for word, not 2 weeks ago! I said something similar to "Why don't you stop in & ask her?" These people (a couple) just repeated the question. So I repeated the suggestion to stop in & ask her.
  11. ruthalittle

    visiting nursing

    Hi there. Do you have any hospital of SNF experience? I'm not sure if things are different in Ontario, but here home care has something called a 485. It has the plan of care on it, & we follow that. Also, if you've had experience in a hospital or SNF, head to toe assessment as usual. I'd recommend posting this question on the home health area/ forum as well. It'll be fine, I think. I've been doing home health visits for some years now & it's my favorite area of nursing. (Not yesterday or today though! Too many ppl I don't know to see, I'm helping overloaded RN's) Good luck!
  12. ruthalittle

    Closed face book account with photos of patient & comments

    Thanks so much for the excellent links. You guys are great. This site and feed back from other nurses makes it easier to deal with troubling things like this. I'm grateful you are here.
  13. ruthalittle

    Closed face book account with photos of patient & comments

    Thanks for the replies (& the correction too!). I didn't post the links because, well, I guess I was afraid of being accused of trying to "politicize" the situation. I know that this happened in 2006, but the man's brother was just recently speaking out on it. The Native site (Yankton Sioux; Lake Andes South Dakota..on face book) posted that they "wished that there were more nurses like me". That just felt like a punch to the midsection. I wonder if anyone had a license suspension, or at least, disciplinary action taken. I wish there was a way to find out. It's really disturbing me so much to have people think that these people aren't in the minority, and in any way to be associated with them. The family & supporters are saying it's racism, & I certainly thought it was pretty blatant. But it's the nursing connection that's just killing me here. Has anyone heard if there were any disciplinary actions taken?
  14. I don't even know the best way to begin this. It is without a doubt the most bizarre nursing related thing I've ever heard. I have a "liked" face book page to a Native American page. The page generally consists of updates on the tribe that my father & grandparents were members of. Well, yesterday there was quite a bit more. Initially I thought it must be a hoax. I couldn't imagine any nurse creating a face book page titled "Did You Know This Alcoholic Indian?" I spent hours looking up more information on it, & it appears to be true. The page has since been deleted by face book, but pages were copied by by an activist group, & the city of Chicago fire department was contacted & responded. (It appears that most of the nurses, EMT's & Paramedics commenting on the page were not employed by the city of Chicago). The nurse who created the page posted photos of the patient, some while he was apparently in the hospital. Also, questions were asked (the page was public) including "What was the strangest place you saw him?" So, nurses who've been employed in just about any area of nursing for longer than a year must have been through a state survey, where HIPPA is a big part of the survey. Every time with only 1 exception, was, well, "RED ALERT! ALL SHIELDS UP!" With all of the managers freaking out & getting underfoot.. If you've been through it you know what I'm talking about. This man has since passed away. Apparently the nurse who created the page responded to one of the activists that she lived in a country where her freedom of speech was protected. That, I haven't been able to verify. I'm absolutely flummoxed by this. Any thoughts on ramifications for doing this?
  15. ruthalittle

    White and grey wound

    Can you get orders for NP (WCC or WCON) to eval & Tx wound in his home? The one I often use bills under Medicare part B so there's no conflict with home care. They can usually perform sharp debridement if indicated. I once had an UNBELIEVABLY non compliant patient with mixed venous- arterial wounds, Medi honey/ foam/ rolled gauze/ tubi grip ordered. She just kept taking the dressings off ( "The air needs to get to it!") & they just kept getting worse & worse. She refused to let her family take her to the wound care center, or anywhere at all. We asked the PCP for orders for NP to eval & Tx, & that helped quite a bit. Now that Accuzyme is no longer available, I think Medi honey & foam is the next best thing (besides sharp debridement). Wish I knew how to make the little "huggies" here. (RE your "I'm done" comment). Are you full time salaried? Maybe your company will allow you to go to per Diem? Then you can give some of your patients to other nurses? As an RN in home care you'll still have to deal with all of that paperwork, but maybe it would be doable with fewer pt's. (I'm an LPN, & have enough paperwork do deal with. I don't know how you guys manage it!) You are still doing paper charting? I thought everyone was computerized now. Good luck!
  16. ruthalittle

    A New Nursing Grad Witnesses a Death

    It really is very sad how few people do this. Sadder still, I think, were the number of nurses & CNA's who mocked me when I did it. Several made statements in the room, with the patient, such as "Why do you always tell him what you're going to do? He can't hear you." Some laughed in front of the patient. Although it's been many years since I've experienced this, it still makes me sad to think of it.