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  1. Beautifulmirror

    Levophed works better in D5 vs. NS

    Well honestly I just wanted to opinions on the D5 in neuro patients. Didn't realize it wasn't common knowledge that if worked better.
  2. Beautifulmirror

    Levophed works better in D5 vs. NS

    Levo can be mixed in either, correct? In my experience it works better in D5. I need to give you a study? Okay I guess I'll move on to another reference.
  3. Beautifulmirror

    Levophed works better in D5 vs. NS

    Levophed mixed in D5 brings the BP up further than when mixed in NS. Not sure why, but it does...I've removed second pressers by just switching the fluid the Levophed was mixed in from NS to D5.
  4. Beautifulmirror

    Levophed works better in D5 vs. NS

    Okay, through experience I know Levo works better in D5 vs NS AND I know D5 is a no-no in neuro pts but we use it all the time without issues. What are your opinions and experiences?
  5. Beautifulmirror

    HH agencies in New Orleans/Metairie

    Hello all, I used to do home health about 15 years ago as an LPN and worked for Girling...lots of life changes and I am now a RN (not yet a year out) and work in critical care (ICU). I would like to get back into home health nursing to supplement my income. I miss the one-on-one and autonomy that comes with being in the patient's home. My love is geriatric patients, but any clientele is fine. Any info is helpful, but looking for pay rates these days and good agencies. I was thinking about possibly leaning towards Hospice. I am very good with comforting families which I'm assuming is the reality of Hospice. Like I said any info is helpful. Thanks.
  6. Beautifulmirror


    Does an anyone know what the shift diffs are at WJMC in ICU and CCU? Starting salary for RN? Any info would be helpful, thanks.
  7. Beautifulmirror

    Charity school of nursing fall 2014(I got accepted, Now what?)

    1. LSU parking for sure...used to not be an issue, but with all the new hospital construction it's impossible. 2. Stay ahead of the game...do not cram it doesn't work and you want the retention. 3. Stay away from negative people...all the time you spend complaining is less time you have to study. Not to say you won't need to blow off steam with your fellow classmates, just don't get stuck. 4. Comfortable shoes for clinicals. 5. Bring your lunch whenever you can...they only serve stadium food on 7. 6. Getting a study group together now is pointless...you may not be on the same team. 7. Stockpile patience, you'll need it. 8. Take care of yourself...relax when it's time to relax and study when it's time to study. Exercise if you can. Don't work if you can afford not to do so. Graduating in 2 days and I had a great CSON experience, but I'm pretty easy going and studied my butt off. Met friends for life!
  8. Beautifulmirror

    essential oils

    Pharmaceutical companies are unable to get a patent on nature which is why they have to adulterate it and slap a new name on it for ownership; but if you look at the chemical constitutes what they are trying to duplicate is nature...from ASA to Bengay. I have been using essential oils since 2003 and the results continue to blow my mind...btw I thought it was all hogwash. There are PLENTY of evidenced based research on essential oils, unfortunately it is not mainstream. I use the Essential Oil Desk Reference because it includes the evidenced based studies under the disease process you look up. I use it on my patients and am in the process of hanging out my shingle. Too many people are in need of what I know to be true and they are looking for "alternative" medicine...mainly because the drugs used to heal them cause more damage (just listen to the commercials) I prefer complementary because I believe there are many instances where Western and Eastern medicine needs to work together. The thing about using essential oils is they are made up of hundreds of natural chemical constitutes that these "superbugs" cannot mutate and avoid the antimicrobial and antiviral effects. Not to mention the emotional benefits because they work on the limbic system. BTW...EO are used in hospitals throughout Europe and plenty in the US.
  9. Beautifulmirror


    LPN 20 years and just got my RN this May. I want to open a private CAM business. My skills are in aromatherapy, but I've used Bach flower remedies and done emotional cleansing and was very successful, but divorce blah blah blah now I no longer own it. I was just wondering if any of you practicing RN's see a need for this type of service. Ideally I would like to be a consultant to patients who choose the medical route w. their illness, but want to incorporate complementary medicine. Any ideas/direction?
  10. Beautifulmirror

    Charity SON Fall 2012

    Okay so tomorrow is registration and since I have taken prereqs at another school I am going in to register. I looked over the classes available and the only thing open is Pharm I...no Nursing I. What's up w. that? Also, I am assuming R='s Thursday...is this correct?
  11. Beautifulmirror

    Charity SON Fall 2012

    Faxed in what they needed and finally my hold is off. So I have a question...when do we register and do we do it in person or online? I think she told me the 13th but I can't remember and I was so ticked off the day she told me is that the day?
  12. Beautifulmirror

    Charity SON Fall 2012

    I just checked and I have a hold too...so upset. So what I am gathering is clear up hold and register on June 4th...is this correct? Frustrated to the max!
  13. Beautifulmirror

    Charity school of Nursing 2012 fall class jitters/ need advice

    Does anyone here live in New Orleans? I live down the street from City Park...just wondering.
  14. Beautifulmirror

    Charity SON Fall 2012

  15. Beautifulmirror

    Charity SON Fall 2012 Classmates

    Phi823 Yes, I got a sheet with my advisor's name, but it wasn't something to be returned. I guess that was just a mistake on the acceptance letter to turn in a general advisor signature sheet...anyway can't wait!