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  1. OhioRN1234

    NP school post RN discipline

    I am so sorry to hear that.. Will the insurance companies give you any clues to how insurance would work for you when you complete the program? Even though your discipline is private they always ask those questions. So frustrating!
  2. OhioRN1234

    Finished in OHIO!!

    I am officially done with monitoring. Some of you have read my story before, I am sorry I have been a cynical and negative participant. Six years ago I got into trouble, inactived my license (per lawyer advice), and sat and waited three years for the BON. I found work using my degree which turned out to be a real blessing while I waited. I finally received my consent agreement three years ago, took a year to find a job (Ohio is not an easy place to find work.) I added a year to my agreement as time not working as nurse doesn't count, although you better believe I paid for drug tests. I worked off my two year agreement with a few hiccups. All I can say is that if you agree to this cover your butt, to the point off annoyance. Verify every fax, every test, all the paperwork. The BON doesn't want to hear excuses, they don't care, they are black and white and you better figure out the rules before you break one. This is their job. They will not make things clear for you or go out of the way to tell you anything. I had to sleuth out every single bit of information with the help of a lawyer and this forum. I took screen shots of every login for three years, called testing places before I went on vacation, hovered over lab staff, held off on having another child, and suffered through illnesses rather than get prescriptions for anything. I have learned more about patience, humility, and organization than I ever thought possible. For those wondering how completion works in Ohio, here is how mine went down. I asked to be put on the agenda for the September meeting a month early. They met four days after my consent agreement was set to finish. I was certain they would make me wait to ask for release until after the date had passed like they did with my narcotic restriction but no! I was placed on the agenda and told I could email my monitoring agent after they met that day. No way it would be that fast right?! WRONG! She emailed me back "You have been released from the terms of your probation. You will receive an official notice in the mail." OK.... so do I log in still? Do you need anything? I emailed her about three more times clarifying this. I was told I did not need to login to First source ever again. DONE. That day. It was like a miracle! I deleted everything and went and cried in the corner for a while. After the humiliation of the last five tests being observed (during a pandemic, expensive, and hard to find places willing to do them.) How could I be just done? My life is my own again. Ohio has an 'alternative to discipline program' which a nurse can go through this and have a clean license at the end. Ohio has had less than 40 people allowed into it every year for the past three years. They wonder why? People are terrified to reach out for help and rejected for this program when they do. There will always be a black mark on my license. Six years ago I wanted to walk away. Knowing what I do now and having gone through the 'monitoring process' for the state of Ohio. I would still walk away and am considering it. I could have another career by now outside of healthcare. One that doesn't take people when they are down and absolutely railroad them into worse disease, financial distress, and make a public mockery of them for the rest of their career. I believe these programs help some people when separated from the BON. However I absolutely believe this was set up for people to fail, they don't want nurses like me making it through. Had I been a single parent, not financially able to cope, or unable to find work I would have failed. The board of nursing is there for a very important reason but this punishment I was forced to endure was punitive, expensive, humiliating, overbearing, anxiety riddled, and archaic at best. I really hope to see change soon. I wish you all the very best and will check back often. Keeping humble at the very least.
  3. OhioRN1234

    Drug Test...paranoid so did my own before for proof.

    Because its too good to be true. After giving up so many basic freedoms for our mistakes we cant believe we are able to live like regular people. Take NyQuil. WHA?? Actually get things treated correctly. WHA?? I get walking pneumonia annually and only take the antibiotics if prescribed. I suffer with cough, congestion, and misery every year after that first year. The relief I would have felt wasn't worth the witch hunt. You're so close!
  4. OhioRN1234

    PNAP Ending

    I am wondering this as well. I am due to be released 9/17. When the narcotic restrictions were lifted I got an email from the monitor that basically said. Go pass meds, I was able to show that email to my boss (with confirming emails from the monitor to be able to pass meds). They submitted the signed updated contract a few days later but I didn't have to wait. I am sooo hoping this is the same.
  5. OhioRN1234

    Drug Test...paranoid so did my own before for proof.

    I would have counted it as a negative. Any faint line means negative. Thats how we read it. Seems backwards, but that's how they are read. If you have orders you should be fine. I had orders for a decongestant when I first started, got a positive. My monitor accused me of using (wouldn't tell me or what of course.) She never bothered to look at my meds that had been ordered. I sobbed for two weeks straight. The MRO threw it out before he even called me. First source actually refunded me. LOL! This has been the most horrible, embarrassing, humiliating experience of my life. I am due to be released in six days and just sick over it. Two year agreement has spanned three years because no one wanted to hire me. I have had five observed tests in the past two months. During a pandemic. When no one wants to do them. They don't care, they wanted me to fail. They wanted me to walk away and quit this impossible nightmare. You got this, hold your head high. You are so close. Even if we walk away after this, we made it through their bs.
  6. OhioRN1234

    Drug Test...paranoid so did my own before for proof.

    When we did drug tests on our rehab pts any line was considered a negative. Sort of like a reverse pregnancy test!
  7. OhioRN1234

    Positive 40 days from the end WOW!

    Yeah!! They have no idea what this feels like or what it does to us. You are SOOO close!!
  8. OhioRN1234

    Positive 40 days from the end WOW!

    Something like this happened to me the first month I started testing. I was sick with pneumonia and on a cough med (non narcotic). Tested positive, they refused to tell me what it was for. She insisted she had my med list... Got rude immediately when I questioned her on it a second time. Escalated to the MRO after two weeks of sobbing torture. I mean hysterical kitchen table sobbing. He didn't even complete the call during the scheduled time, they called me to let me know she didn't bother to look and I was fine. I can only assume it was the D in the sudafed. I get pneumonia annually. I don't go to the doctor for pneumonia anymore. When I emailed her to confirm everything was fine she responded. "Nothing further is needed." You will become human again when this is over, or at least thats what people keep telling me. Deep breath. Escalate to the mro. Stay calm and stick to the facts.
  9. OhioRN1234

    Increased testing

    I wonder how doubling my testing has helped my "recovery." Six years into this nightmare, three months left.. We didn't get tested for two months during the pandemic (of course no one told me this, so I logged in every day with a sick feeling in my stomach.) Now its doubled... I suppose they have to make that money back they missed out on. During a pandemic. When money is even more tight. They don't know that we have lost our child care and I am leaving two grade school aged kids home alone because my husband also has to go back into work sometimes. They don't care that all labcorps that are actually open are now 45 minutes away. They don't care that I will have got go sit in an urgent care and pay an extra 25$ after working a job that I cant wait to quit. I made a mistake six years ago and have paid so much more than they will ever know. I cannot wait for this nightmare to end. Thanks for listening guys.
  10. OhioRN1234

    19 months for order!

    If my understanding is correct its because you weren't under contract then. They dont give a hoot about how 'good' you were. I had a two year agreement but it took me a year to find work. None of that first year counts. Neither does the THREE yeas it took for them to get to my case. I am so sorry you will have more time than you thought. However, it did give you clean time. Be proud of that!
  11. OhioRN1234

    Flawed test?

    I have a flawed hair test result as well, waiting for fss to contact me or the monitor. Im pretty sure the girl doing the cutting was super nervous and hated cutting my hair. Concentras policy is to cut the hair and put the whole length in the foil, no trimming to 1.5 inches like I have read elsewhere. I think that's what happened. This is two weeks after a PETH test (no alcohol restrictions- was able to get cancelled.) Im waiting to see how this is my fault and how much money it will cost me. So far its been many days and tears. I have 2.5 months left and am just devastated at the loss of my privacy, confidence, and love of nursing.
  12. OhioRN1234

    BON investigation in Missouri (new here/scared)

    Listen to your lawyer. Do not speak to anyone from the board, let them know you have representation if they reach out to you. They must communicate with your lawyer if they know that. This will help you avoid implicating yourself. Do you need help, of course. Don't fall on your sword though! There is a way to get the help you need and go though the boards punishment. Even though your lawyer may be on the other side of the state they will help you! I waited three years to hear from the board and got a two year 'agreement.' Took a year to find a job, so I am six years in. I swear this is just business to them. You are only a number, they don't care about your circumstances or your heart. Try to make it cold, clinical, and organized. Eventually this all becomes background noise with the occasional panic attack. (for example, I was selected for a peth test two weeks ago- I don't have alcohol restrictions, so why throw 180$ away. Got that fixed after an anxious day of waiting to see if I should just go and test- which would be positive or actually hear from my monitor. Got that fixed, nailed with a hair test a week later. No results yet and now I'm panicking about a positive from dental work a year ago. Which I do have documentation for but they dont care... UGH!) You must get used to feeling/being treated as guilty until proven innocent. If you cross your T's and dot your I's you can make it through this!!
  13. OhioRN1234

    Ohio - completing monitoring

    I don't have permanent restrictions and are in Ohio for good. I dont have any insight into moving. It's so frustrating, the lack of information. It's like they enjoy giving us non answers and watching us fumble. All I would suggest is apply to the state your thinking about moving to when your done with monitoring and see what they say. CONGRATS on being almost done!!
  14. OhioRN1234

    Test question

    I think they are trying to recoup lost revenue. I have been selected for two 'special' tests in one week. One I was able to get taken off as I do not have an alcohol restriction. Im on hold about the next one right now. They will get their money from us. It has nothing to do. with 'recovery.' Oh yeah... a hair test for me. Fantastic.
  15. OhioRN1234

    Exception to a board order

    All you can do is try. I have requested an early release four times since I spent an entire year desperately looking for a job while being 'monitored.' I took additional courses, a refresher course, and have been in complete compliance. Nada.. Not even three months early during a pandemic. I asked my monitor if these requests are actually reviewed, she assured me they are. Good luck.
  16. OhioRN1234

    Specialty test? FSS ohio

    Woke up to the same selection.. 142$ Only I dont have an alcohol restriction... Cue me freaking out about this at work all day and the loss of 142 dollars we really need for a test I shouldn't have to take. My monitor looked into it and actually let me know before I took it anyway that I didn't have to. I am waiting now to see if I will be told to take another or do nothing. Oh and our car was broken into and all our credit cards stolen (left them in his wallet.) So I have to hurry up and link the new one to the fss account or ill be out of compliance. Guys 2020 stinks