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michlynn has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

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  1. michlynn

    Peds Cath Lab

    Does anyone work in a children's hospital cath lab? If so, how much call do you take and how often do you actually get called in? What types of procedures do you see most often? Thanks!
  2. michlynn

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    TEDS for sure. Transporting immobile patients down to CT/Xray/MRI in the middle of the nights with multiple lines. And filling out the white board, I don't know why it annoys me so much! Probably because it's so menial and you get written up if it's not done. So dumb.
  3. michlynn

    Giving report on med/surg floor

    If you google "handoff reports" or "nursing assessment sheets" you can usually find a good one to go off of. I always include a brief h&p, current vitals/lab work and then I go through every system - neuro, heent, cardio/vascular, respiratory, GI/GU, skin, IV access, current running fluids/medications and then what the plan is for future care.
  4. michlynn

    Do you still have to do dosages math by hand as an RN now?

    I almost never have to do any math, most electronic med administering programs will do it for you when you scan the med (always good to double check the dose of course!). I've never had to figure out a drip rate EVER, even if you don't have a pump for basic IV fluids they make tubing now with a gtt factor dial. The only basic formula I ever still use is the "what you need divided by what you have multiplied by the volume." Most IV pumps have meds pre-programmed with dosages so you type in the pt's wt and it calculates for you. Drugs like heparin come with a dosage chart based off of wt and lab work but it's just adding and subtracting, sometimes bolusing, nothing too crazy. Clearly this is going to be different depending on where you work, some places still paper chart - including med administration, but most hospitals are converting to computer administration.
  5. michlynn

    I harmed my first patient today.

    Causing harm and causing some pain are 2 totally different things. There could've been trauma during the insertion of the foley which can cause a painful removal and possibly some blood. Just wait until you rip all of the tele leads off of a hairy man's chest
  6. michlynn

    Mobile IV infusions... for hangovers

    Oh, gotcha. Read it wrong.
  7. michlynn

    Mobile IV infusions... for hangovers

    HH patients have already been evaluated and are already in a "system" per say. I don't think there's much of a screening process for the mobile infusions. And I wasn't aware the infusion centers were by appointment, thought you could just walk in! Guess an appointment would make more sense LOL.
  8. michlynn

    Mobile IV infusions... for hangovers

    They have stuff like this in Cali, not mobile, but infusion centers for people wanting a little extra hydration or vitamins or whatever. I don't really think I'd ever pay $650 for a bag of fluids no matter how hungover I was And I don't think I would ever be willing to show up at some random person's house and start an IV on them. Lord only knows the things that could happen... yikes!
  9. michlynn

    Switching to peds while traveling?

    I agree, I think it was kind of an odd suggestion.
  10. michlynn

    Switching to peds while traveling?

    Has anyone ever transitioned to peds from caring for adults while traveling? Is this even possible? My recruiter asked me about doing peds the other day and I never really thought about it because I didn't think you could. Any thoughts?
  11. michlynn

    Bedside report - hate it? Like it? Love it?

    I hate it and I feel very strongly that it's a violation of HIPAA when pt's share a room. It's not appropriate to be going over one pt's entire medical history/current admission when the neighbor can hear everything. I do however think it's appropriate to first get report and then go eyeball everyone with the previous shift just to make sure everything is in order.
  12. michlynn

    12 hr shift makeup routine

    I like Estee Lauder double wear foundation for 12 hour shifts with bare minerals bronzer to finish. I used to use Smashbox mattifying BB cream but it barely lasted me 6 hours. I don't wear mascara to work, sometimes it can irritate my eyes so I just don't bother. I also like to keep clean n clear oil blotting sheets on hand, those are my fav!
  13. michlynn

    POTS and Psych

    Omg! That's terrifying!
  14. michlynn

    POTS and Psych

    I should have worded it better... I blame it on asking this at the end of a 12 hour night shift. "psych diagnoses" is what I was going for, I realize how ignorant it sounded. Thanks for your response.
  15. michlynn

    POTS and Psych

    Thank you for sharing! I was really just curious because there seemed to be a correlation but I haven't seen enough of it to know enough about it. I didn't mean for this post to be offensive in any way. I've done a little research on it but have never spoken to another individual who has it or experienced what it's like other than what I've seen from a patient's perspective.
  16. michlynn

    POTS and Psych

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever taken care of POTS patients (postural othorstatic tachycardia syndrome) and notice a trend in psych issues as well? All POTS pts have been young, female, new moms and have multiple psych problems. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this?