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    KSjo88, BSN got a reaction from LoriFLA, BSN, RN in Low unemployment   
    Where do I go to be a spokes person? Ugh. Didn't help that every hospital and facility was for profit corporation owned in the area that I was in. It's all about "productivity" in a nonproductive profession. We are in the business of healing. What has happened to safe patient care. I'm sure it costs less then having to pay out fines, lawsuits, and treat conditions caused by unsatisfactory care. My biggest issue with my last job was the work load. We all know there are going to be days that are hard, days when we are going to be running like crazy and busy busy busy. But we shouldn't have to come to work to be run to the ground every shift that it makes you dread coming to work! When I started getting anxiety and overwhelmed with the thought of just going to work, I knew it was time to go....
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    KSjo88, BSN got a reaction from SqrB3ar in Leaving Nursing   
    Lately, I have been terribly disappointed in the nursing profession. I have been nursing since 2014. I feel as of late we have really been taken advantage of. So much so that I have actually made the decision to leave the profession by applying to grad school for an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. The consistent short staffing and unreasonable expectations have just completely turned me off. Seems to be a thing at both of my nursing jobs. Not to mention my one job which is PRN is consistently short, so we are already above the 1:4 expected patient ratios. Nearly every time I work I get dumped on (i.e. surgicals or admits) right at shift change, sometimes 5-10 minutes after my shift has ended and that 30 minutes we are given for report and change of shift. Now here is where my frustration is....every time I have worked I receive a complaint from the oncoming nurse in which my manager texts me about and I need to come in a discuss with her. Usually how things are not completed or something of this nature. Well the first time it happened I thought well maybe I did forget something because I was in a hurry to get out of there. The second time I got dumped on at change of shift I stayed late by 2.5 hours, set up IV fluids, vital signs, charted, passed meds, initiated care plans, made sure all ordered equipment was in the room, labeled all tubing. I was sure I didn't miss anything even checked with the nurse before leaving to make sure there was nothing else I could help her with. I mean I was already there late. Well low and behold I find out today that nurse filed a complaint against me. This was kind of my breaking point. I don't want to be part of a profession where I busy my butt only to receive complaints of how I'm not doing good enough. Feel defeated. My plan is to put my application in to some other job opportunities outside of nursing just to get out while I finish this masters program. Thanks for listening.
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    KSjo88, BSN got a reaction from ahunter29, MSN, RN in WGU vs Aspen University   
    I was looking at Aspen's MSN Nurse Leadership Program....and wanted some feedback too! Aspen looks super affordable, but is not regionally accredited but is CCNE approved. So does that matter? I mean I already have my BSN,RN.