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  1. KSjo88

    Calling Out for EXCEPTIONAL Snow Conditions

    How do we start a topic on allnurses now? I’m so lost....
  2. KSjo88

    MSN Programs

    I am looking at some online programs for MSN Nurse Leadership. There are several schools that offer this online. I see that all are CCNE accredited but some are regionally accredited while others are nationally accredited. Does this matter as long as they are CCNE accredited? Thanks for the info in advance. Some of the programs I have looked at are University of Mary Bismarck(online), Grand Canyon University, Aspen University, Maryville University online.
  3. KSjo88

    Job offer

    My mom or grandma is in the area. But this is somewhat a setback to me...both jobs are offering nearly the same hourly rate. Not sure how much overtime there is in IR... med/surg is wide open and I usually pick up an additional shift or two a pay period and still have days off. I don't know if intermediate will be similar. With IR Monday-Friday I feel will get to be really long... getting my daughter up and ready for school pick her up and get home adds additional time to my day...
  4. KSjo88

    Job offer

    Med/surg, but I have worked inpatient mental health and post acute rehab. The bulk of my career has been med/surg. Goals...pick up more skills so I can be more marketable. 1-2 year goal prn or per diem this way I can still make the bills and as a single mom all my daughters events... Both appeal to me....a regular normal people schedule almost scares me though. I haven't done that since I was in the military- 7 years!
  5. KSjo88

    Job offer

    I've gone on a few interviews and now I have a dilemma.... interventional radiology with cross train to cath lab which is mon-fri and call rotation. The other is cardiac intermediate with eventual cross train to ICU. This is three 12's rotating day/night and every third weekend. I can't decide! Anyone work in IR??? Do you love it? Do you like your schedule?
  6. KSjo88

    Low salary same work

    I wanna know where you have been working? I've been nursing for 6 years.... worked in crap holes all the way to 5 star facilities to trauma center and have never received more then a 50 cent raise.... couple with a slash to the night differential or some crazy thing that pretty much evens you out to what you were making before. Hell I've even worked in places that took money out of your check for "health insurance" only to find out when you go to use it the company didn't actually have insurance for their employees! Straight up fraud!
  7. KSjo88

    DON Education

    I could just cry.... I feel so defeated. I work a lot 36-72 hours a week and my low...well, decreased due to slashes in differential I'm struggling financially. Pretty bad. Mostly due to my student loans. I wonder what the heck I got myself into. Why did I spend so much money to go into a career where I can hardly afford to pay my bills and at the same time get treated like cattle. Ugh. I hope it gets better
  8. KSjo88

    Low unemployment

    Yeah, I'm not happy. But seems like everywhere I have been is all about cutting or decreasing benefits as much as possible. Why is this a thing in nursing.
  9. KSjo88

    DON Education

    I'm working at a nursing home that's struggling with staffing issues, low morale, and what have you. I think in part to our administrator who makes all the decisions from my understanding. One of those decisions is to leave an entire unit unstaffed at night besides 1-2 cna's. Our old don was fed up and left and now the new don is a 2 year rn with like 2 years of experience in the nursing home... one of them as a nurse manager which was filled by a new grad Rn! How does this happen? These are positions that should require a minimum set of years of experience! It's like having a baby drive a car! Anyways, apparently the question was asked what can be done to boost morale and fix staffing without costing money and I can't think of anything! Literally every reasonable idea would cost some sort of money. Nursing seems to have taken a very odd turn in the past two years. Looking to kind of fall back into my old career as a public affairs specialist. Becoming frustrated with nurse staffing, budget constraints, low morale, low or decreasing compensation. Unrealistic expectations. Now I know why My clinical instructor for my bsn worked fulltime as a bartender and taught clinicals on the side lol.
  10. KSjo88


    Morale is low where I'm at too. Thank goodness I'm prn and have laid off of picking up as much as I used to.... now down to minimum required. How about high patient turn over coupled with high nurse to patient ratios doesn't lead to good outcomes...complaints and what have you. Cutting of the differentials or any incentive compensation coupled with already below average compensation. Add in the new way of cost saving by always reducing or putting staff "on call" add in the fact that you love an hour away and if called in you have to be on the unit within 30 minutes.... so essentially have to still pay for daycare and gas to drive to the city and putz around until they decide to call you in or reduce you. Just in my area alone the nursing homes, home health, hospice, virtually anywhere but the hospital pays nearly $10 more per hour and have a more regular schedule well you get the idea. So it's no wonder hospitals can't keep staff...unless of course you are single with no kids or life and like to live your life around the hospital.
  11. KSjo88

    Burnt out

    This is correct. To be exact it is a $9.95 cent difference to work same exact hours at the nursing home. Starting pay at the hospital is $26/hr with average 50 cent raises per year.... first year was 3% second year was 1% third year was 2%.....they are same across the board for the department. It's the shift differentials that make the biggest difference. $5 for nights at nursing home and $1.25/hr at hospital. Base pay at the nursing home is 4.62 more.
  12. KSjo88

    Burnt out

    In the same time I have worked my way up from Lpn to RN-BSN....but have worked Med/surg all these years as Lpn and Rn. So "fresh" as Rn. But I don't see a huge difference in patient assignment or meds that can be given via rn.... since the bon for the state I am in allows Lpns to administer if medications as long as we had been checked off by the education department of our facility. The real difference is the closed units. I have applied to several of the closed units within mysame hospital and not getting anywhere....I.e L&D(I did a 200 hour internship in this department at another facility for my BSN) NICU, picu....I just don't want to stay on med/surg... and since the hospital pays far less then the nursing homes in the area(approx. $10) I'd like to build my skills, because I really do enjoy the hospital setting.
  13. KSjo88

    Burnt out

    I'm feeling pretty burnt out. I continued my education and got my BSN. However, I'm having a hard time finding anything outside of floor nursing...med/surg to be exact. I am starting to get that crappy anxiety feeling about working. Add to all that my mounting debt. Even with working 4-6 12 hour shifts a week I'm just getting by. I can't help but feel like I could find something that has more attractive working hours, less responsibility and comparable salary. Fairly fresh to the profession.... 2013....but kinda want to leave it. The unrealistic expectations, high patient to nurse ratios and turnover, along with just not feeling "worth it" in the profession.
  14. KSjo88

    Low unemployment

    So is anyone noticing the low unemployment in their work place? I've always worked nights, which has been chronically short staffed to the point they had sometimes only one nurse scheduled and had to fill in ALOT with agency....so they increased the night differential $3 for a total of $5 for nights. Now about a month into it we have this huge flop. Now a ton of open day shifts... anyways I just recently discovered another facility in the area is hiring at nearly $5 more per hour and offering signing bonus of $8000. Debating whether to bring this up to HR or go apply to the other company.
  15. KSjo88

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: Fargo, ND Base rate: $25.50 new grad Rn I believe night is $1.25 and weekends is $1.50 1% raises per year, this past year was an additional 1% No on call pay. Compensation is low compared to other jobs in the area. But most RNs come for the experience 1-2 years so they can go back to where they came from and get a job.