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sarahc331 has 11 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. sarahc331

    Pantoprazole suspension

    Thank You! Can you by chance provide me with the link where you found that? I've been thinking about this...if the granules are activated by a neutral pH, how does it ever become activated once reaching the gut where the pH is even lower than that of the apple juice? And if it does indeed still break down in the gut (which we presume it does, otherwise what's the point), wouldn't adding it to the apple juice initiate that process, rather than delay it? Forgive me if I'm just being dense, but I'm not getting it.
  2. sarahc331

    Pantoprazole suspension

    Has anyone used the Pantoprazole granules (extended release suspension)? The packet says to mix with apple juice or applesauce only. I've asked a couple other nurses I work with, and the pharmacist, and none of them know. I tried doing a quick google search and the only thing I can find says to mix with one of those items & do NOT mix with water or other liquids. But I can't find out why. What's the reason? Thanks!
  3. sarahc331

    Travel Nursing

    Minimum requirements are one year in the specialty in which you are looking to travel in and usually two years of experience as a nurse. Some hospitals will have higher requirements. My FIRST suggestion to you, do not even consider traveling until you are extremely comfortable with your nursing skills & the specialty you are in. As a traveler you will be scrutinized by every person you meet and will be expected to be able to hold your own and hit the ground running. It's a huge challenge jumping in at a new facility, learning your co-workers, how the system runs, who the doctors are and how to contact them, where supplies are, etc that you do not want to have to worry about your own skills & nursing knowledge on top of it. Most core staff don't take kindly to a traveler who doesn't know their stuff.
  4. sarahc331

    Henry Mayo in Valencia, CA

    I'm looking into taking an assignment at the Henry Mayo hospital in Valencia, CA. Anyone heard anything about it, or traveled there before? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. sarahc331


    Freemont Rideout in Yuba City is the facility they tried MULTIPLE times to push me into, each time coming back with a better offer after I'd turn them down, always saying "the hospital has just authorized us to offer 'xyz...'". It sounds like the hospital itself isn't a terrible place to work based on your story. I would never take the contract thru Trustaff but if it was ever available thru my agency I may reconsider. At the time, it would have been my first travel experience and I was looking for something that sounded a little more similar to my staff facility. You said "I probably wouldn't have taken the trouble to write all this down but I saw you mention 'Chuck' ". I just want to let you know that this is exactly the type of information people are looking for (me atleast) when they come to allnurses.com and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.
  6. sarahc331

    San Ramon Regional Medical Center, CA

    Thanks for the reponse, any positive feed back is still positive! I've since learned that it's a 12 bed ICU in a 123 bed hospital, so fairly small. I would be taking the contract with Total Med. And I don't mind you asking cause I'm very happy with my recruiter and love to pass on a referral any chance I get. Andrew Wuebben is his name.
  7. sarahc331

    San Ramon Regional Medical Center, CA

    I'm trying to find information San Ramon Regional Medical Center, in San Ramon, CA but can't even find how many beds they have in their ICU. I'm considering a contract but would like more details first. Does anyone have some? Thank you!
  8. sarahc331

    How to pick a travel nursing company for first time travelers?? Help!

    I also carry my own insurance and have worked with four different agencies. Up until just recently flexibility in location and pay was my top priority and it didn't really matter to me who provided the contract as long as the details fit my needs. That is until I finally connected with a recruiter who is amazing. It's true what they say...the recruiter is the person who will make all the difference. It doesn't really matter what the name of the company is. For the first time I have a recruiter who I have developed a sense of loyalty to because I know he will do everything he can to work FOR ME.
  9. sarahc331

    Assess This Offer...

    There are two major points you need to consider. The first is your desire to work overtime. I've had contracts that provide for a separate OT rate and others that go based on the standard time & a half rate. The lower your base rate is the lower your OT rate will be (if based on 1.5x). If you like to work OT then I would recommend taking a higher hourly rate or requesting a separate OT rate. The second issue is retirement. Keep in mind that social security is based on your 3 highest earning years. Your "tax free" money doesn't get reported to the IRS and therefore does not get factored into those calculations. So yes it means more money in your pocket NOW, but will potentially influence your later years. My recommendation: there is a calculator on pantravelers.org that will allow you to compare the different offers and help you decide which is better for you. Oh, and having the right recruiter helps too. There is more room for negotiation than they will lead you to believe.
  10. sarahc331

    Santa Clara or San Jose CA

    I've done 3 month contracts at both Stanford & Good Samaritan in San Jose. Neither one of them were terrible by any means but they weren't my favorite either. There were multiple things about Stanford that I didn't like, and therefore didn't extend. My main complaint about Good Sam is lack of physician availability. If you want more details email me at sarahc331@gmail.com
  11. sarahc331

    Good and bad in CA, NM, and WA

    I am currently on contract at Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver WA and am enjoying it quite a lot. I also just finished a contract at Mercy Medical in Redding CA which I MOSTLY liked as well (had some floating issues related to poor communication but overall experience was good). I've done assignments also at Stanford and Good Samaritan in San Jose (neither were my favorite). I don't know what your specialty is but I'm sure it could affect the experience. I can only speak to ICU but let me know if you want more details on any of the facilities.
  12. sarahc331


    I've not worked for them but I've received calls from them DOZENS of times. I spoke in depth with a recruitment manager, Mike, who was trying to sell me on a specific facility in CA where they have loads of travelers. After researching the details I told him it did not seem like a good fit for me and turned it down. I received at least 3 follow up offers for more money. I've been contacted I would guess by no less than 10 different recruiters. I told one of them that I felt like they were fighting amongst themselves to try to recruit me and was told, "we work as a team, that means you have multiple people working for you". A couple months later I received an email from a recruiter who said, "if anyone else from Trustaff calls you, tell them you're working with Chuck". To me that doesn't sound like team work. I feel like they are kind of underhanded. I've had an amazing experience with a recruiter at Totalmed and would be happy to provide additional details if you email me. sarahc331@gmail.com
  13. sarahc331


    Fastaff just staffed the hospital I work per diem at during a strike. I spoke with several of the nurses and not one of them had any complaints about Fastaff and the pay is amazing. I finish my current contract Feb 9th and will be looking to start a short contract with Fastaff then. The pay rates you see in the charts they give with openings DO NOT include housing. Housing is over and above that which is HUGE. Most of the rates you see are $1500-$2200+ / week and then housing is still free. Right now I'm taking home about $1300/week which includes my housing stipend. That's with AMN who I do not recommend if you're looking to earn a decent paycheck (though they are one of the largest travel agencies and therefore have the most locations available if you're particular about where you go which is why I'm with them currently...I wanted one specific hospital and they got me there).
  14. sarahc331

    Simultaneous Electrolyte Administration

    I understand that I am temporary and fully intend on doing it the way they ask but still would like to know the rationale. I just don't understand doing something for no reason, particularly if it just delays patient care, as this does. How often do you have someone with a low K, Mg & Phos? All the time! Why delay supplementation of one of those electrolytes without a good reason? Especially since they aren't even able to tell me the reason they do it other than "we just do". That's not a good enough reason to do anything, in my book.
  15. sarahc331

    Simultaneous Electrolyte Administration

    Just to clarify, I was intending to run the supplements thru two separate IVs, so it wasn't just a compatibility issue.
  16. sarahc331

    Stanford travel / Level I teaching facility in CA

    I just started my contract at Stanford last week thru AMN. There were a couple dozen travelers starting the same day as me and I think pretty much everyone was there thru AMN. The people leading the orientation even referred to American Mobile by name so I don't think there are really any other options. And from what I've learned, I think everyone essentially makes the same amount with the only difference coming from whether you took housing or the stipend. I can confirm that the pay does suck but you can't really look at an hourly rate, you have to look at the net weekly pay because your pay can be broken down so many ways with the taxable/non-taxable portions that just looking at hourly rate would be comparing apples to oranges. My take home, with the housing stipend, is a little over $1400/week. Compared to my last assignment, also in the bay area, it's $600 less per WEEK! However, if you are specifically interested in the Stanford name you'll have to make sacrifices. There are a ton of travelers there and many of them extend so they must be happy. And as NedRN said, a lot of the permanent staff were first travelers. Here are the rumors I've heard...Stanford likes to hire travelers because they don't have to pay for the extended orientation period and because they have an agreement w/ AMN they can get away with the crappy pay because people just want to work there. If you want to take a permanent position you have to complete 2 contracts otherwise they have to pay AMN a "finders fee" which they won't do. My understanding is that once you hire on into a permanent position the pay is upwards of $60/hr plus huge night & weekend differentials and great benefits.