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    Luckyyou reacted to Night__Owl, BSN, RN in Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours   
    I've got a wild idea. Maybe, considering this man had just hours of time left, the MD did not want to delay his visit whatever amount of time it would have taken for him to physically arrive there. If youve got three hours left, and it takes the specialist just 45 minutes to get to the hospital, well, that's a quarter of the man's remaining life. 
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    Luckyyou reacted to FolksBtrippin in Vaccination for clinical   
    What does it mean to "not believe" in vaccines?
    Vaccines aren't a thing that you believe in or don't believe in. You believe or don't  in God, Santa Clause, angels.
    You know vaccines exist.
    With regard to vaccines you either accept the evidence that they work very well (with some exceptions) and that they are safe (also with some exceptions) and that they protect us from death, disability and serious illness or you don't accept the evidence.
    If you don't accept evidence, then you don't belong in nursing because nursing is all about evidence. 
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    Luckyyou reacted to Wuzzie in Why is it "legal" for patient to decline male nurses?   
    Yes they can and unless you've been sexually assaulted/abused you really aren't qualified to challenge the logic. Again, when it comes to these kind of issues, whether you like it or not it, we defer to the patient because it's not about us.  
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    Luckyyou reacted to Night__Owl, BSN, RN in Trigger Warning!   
    The point of a trigger warning is not to protect people from hurt feelings. It's to be polite to those with PTSD, and physical reactions to certain things which they may not fully have control of. 
    An appropriate use of a trigger warning would be ,"hey, this book we are about to read has a somewhat graphic rape scene in it on page 72. If that's something personal to you, be prepared when you read it or skip that page." 
    Or ,"This movie has a scene that involves loud sounds like gunfire. If this is a trigger to anyone, let me know and I will mute the audio at that point." 
    It is NOT intended for people to avoid hearing opposing viewpoints or generally being exposed to unpleasant things. That's what the misuse of it usually looks like, and that's why it's become so meaningless. We need to go back to the old-reliable term we used to use "Viewer discretion is advised."
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    Luckyyou reacted to Bonstemps in Trigger Warning!   
    I don't, that's true. But ya'll love to talk about snowflakes all the time and seem to me like kind of hateful towards those who may have additional needs. Its consistent here and a bit old.
    Its always those complaining who make the 'you should've used a trigger warning" joke. Ya'll ain't funny and ya'll kind of sensitive.
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    Luckyyou reacted to Bonstemps in Trigger Warning!   
    Spoken like a bunch of folks who don't really seem to understand trauma. 
    I understand your being upset and mystified, but when it does no harm to say a single sentence, why complain about it? It's for those who truly struggle, not for you who sits there and rolls your eyes.
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    Luckyyou reacted to WanderingWilder, ASN in Trigger Warning!   
    I think the idea of giving a warning is stupid. On the other hand the idea of political correctness just used to be considered being polite and having manners. People should know their audience and know a person well enough to decide if this is a conversation you should be having in the environment you are in. The constitution protects you from government intrusion into your free speech. It doesn't prevent one person from telling another how they feel about their opinion. Most people who hate "political correctness" otherwise known as "being considerate of others", just want to be able to tell everyone what they think but don't actually want to hear what others think about the given subject and when they get push back, cry about their free speech being violated. 
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    Luckyyou reacted to SaggieRN87, BSN in Trigger Warning!   
    In my opinion, it is one thing to have an opinion that differs from others. However, speech that disempowers or leads to the discrimination of others is inappropriate and shouldn’t be given a platform in any arena. 
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    Luckyyou reacted to Wuzzie in Nurses with Attitude   
    Couldn’t we find a happy medium between complete a-hole and company suck-up? 😉
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    Luckyyou got a reaction from carls23 in Special Care Nursery vs L&D vs NICU vs Postpartum   
    I lasted a little less than three years in a level 4 NICU before I was bored to tears and added a different role to my job. 
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    Luckyyou reacted to Been there,done that in Destined to Be a Flight Nurse   
    You need to put that dream on hold. You have to prove yourself in critical care first. Your current employer is bending over backwards to provide the experience and education you need.
     Best wishes.
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    Luckyyou got a reaction from fltopp1 in Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed   
    I'm sure that the nurse was rushed or distracted and many factors lined up to cause this error but...
    Every dose of every paralytic I've ever given came out of a vial with very large "PARALYZING AGENT" on the top, side, and lid of the vial, as well as a distinct neon yellow color on the labels.
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    Luckyyou reacted to JKL33 in Is it wrong to ask   
    Well, it's all really tacky. Soliciting customer feedback is one thing; basing every other thing on it (including judgment of employees other than those who are truly outliers) is empty-headed.
    Calling someone out during huddle for trying to play these exceedingly tacky games is...tactless and beyond mean-spirited.
    What a joke. All of it. But, once again, when you're the one in control, bear in mind you will get mostly what you yourself asked for.