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    New grad orient possibly going to get fired...Plz help!

    Hello, I am a new nurse myself. Graduated last year, and I have been in working in ICU since August. I am now on night shift and out of orientation. ICU is very intimidating. I can say my fellow coworkers are awesome. They are very supportive and try to help, but they definitely like to see what you're made of. I have struggled with time management myself, and I feel that its a struggle for all new nurses and it comes with time and experience. In ICU I tend to see, sometimes time management is a struggle for even the best and most experienced nurse. I love my job, but I do get frustrated as I to am constantly learning and figuring things out. I am here not to tell you what you should do differently because I myself still have much to learn, but I am writing to encourage you to tough it out. All you can do is your best, sometimes think of it as the nurses are finding out what you're made of. Be confident in what you do know 100%, and if you have the slightest doubt on an issue ASK, ASK, ASK!!!! I would not give up if this is what you really want, but only try that much harder. Maybe ask what skills you need to improve on, and I myself asked my preceptor how she would time manage in specific situations or how she would have prioritized in comparison to how I managed my care. I hope that things get better for you and I wish you the best!!!! Stay positive, and no matter what know remember each one of your coworkers have been in your shoes as well, they all started somewhere!!!! P.S.~ Inexperienced we may be, Dumb we are not!!!!