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    Do you have a side hustle?

    Not really. I've gone part-time and I make as much now as I did as a new nurse working full time. I don't work that many extra hours. Most weeks, my hours are less than 30, but my organization really rewards you if you try to better your unit/workforce, and my manager has a keen eye at plugging us in where we're needed. Most side-hustles, including photography (which I had done professionally prior to nursing) couldn't afford me. If I want extra hours, I'll ask for an extra shift at work and make more than I'd ever make at photography or multi-level-marketing. I had a family member who wanted to hire me for a wedding photography gig. I almost said yes, because I felt bad, but truth is.. I'm not qualified anymore. My equipment and skills are outdated. I would have had to take two days of 12 hour shifts off to shoot the wedding, and that would have been way more than they could have paid me. Not to mention the time (and stress) that it would have taken to edit the photos. I'd have rather picked up an extra shift and given them the money to hire a real wedding photographer. I mentioned that it was just not feasible for me to do so, they understood. We're distant cousins. They found someone else who did a wonderful job.
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    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    This one is truly awful. I was in a patients room, as a new preceptee/versant nurse giving medication to a patient that I had temporarily forgotten was a cancer patient with a hat to cover her hairless head. She and her guest were watching a TV show that was going over a recent news story where a "chupacabra" washed up on a beach of Mexico. It turned out to be a hairless something-or-another. I commented "Wow, animals almost look like aliens without their hair. After I walked out of the room, it hit me that I had just made that comment to a hairless patient. I felt like a jerk, and went back in and apologized to the patient, who might have been feeling a bit like an alien without her hair already and didn't need that. She said she didn't notice a thing... which was nice. I've always tried to be more careful of my comments since.
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    Mini Rant

    I'm sorry OP Sounds frustrating. You know what they say... hindsight's 20/20. I think the ladder approach, when done CORRECTLY for your area can be a great idea, and save a LOT of money. While, I went straight for BSN, and don't regret my decision at all, because I wouldn't be where I am, on the unit that I am very happy at without it, I counsil others to do differently. In our area, I'd be a pay to be a PCT first, get a job at a hospital and let them pay for a BSN. Or, if you want to make it a LITTLE more quickly, go for an RN and let them pay for the BSN. I'll be paying for my BSN for quite awhile.
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    What's your favorite nursing task?

    This is a fun topic! I love starting sono IV's on hard stick patients. My favorites are larger patients that actually HAVE veins, just deep ones. I do get a bit anxious when I have a patient that doesn't seem to have any good veins and I'm searching both arms while my patients are getting backed up and needing things.
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    Safe staffing vent

    Maybe with they could get rid of the genius that thinks up the expensive frou frou and use the extra money from his salary and the nonsense aesthetics to hire another nurse. That would be cool. Will never happen though until safe staffing ratios are mandated by law.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/30/health/ohio-fentanyl-death-employees-on-leave/ A quick summary: Several employees are on leave for giving lethal and potentially lethal doses of medication to dying patients. Just curious what hospice nurses think of this! I thought that large doses and morphine drips were fairly common for dying patients. It's not something that I feel comfortable with, I'm med-surg and not hospice, so a bit out of my familiarity and have to seek advice when I get a hospice patient... but thought that it happens fairly frequently. What do you guys think?
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    Med-Surg Certification

    I waltzed in there thinking that I had already ran into it all, and should know it by now. I passed... but not with an amazing grade. Kind of barely. I had a few questions each on erectile disfunction and insulin drips. We deal with neither of those things.
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    Why do you love being a nurse?

    I enjoy getting to know different people, and as much as I hate seeing them back in the hospital, it's nice to take care of someone I've met before. I'd rather see them out and about at Walmart! I have met some of the most interesting and amazing people while taking care of them! If/when I go back for a masters, I will probably be a Clinical Nurse Leader so that I can continue working directly with patients.
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    Religion & ectopic abortion

    I am very pro-life, and a conservative Christian, but as others have echoed, the pregnancy is not viable if it is truly ectopic. Baby and mom will both die if it continues and it is only currently possible to save one of the two lives.
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    No one to talk to about nursing... Am I crazy?

    You might ask your supervisor/boss if there are any committees that you can get involved with. There are lots of committee's within my hospitals system and I learn so much by working with them! One of my favorite is our EBP committee, we are informed here of any studies that are going on within the hospital and their progress.
  11. I had a poor GPA from two previous colleges when I decided to go to nursing school. The university that I wanted to get my BSN from just didn't transfer any credits with C's, so that raised my GPA substantially. I did well on my pre-reqs there, not the best... but I made it into the program. Can you get your lower grades dropper in a transfer maybe?
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    Vaccine controversy

    As a mom myself, and a nurse... I've admittedly been late on some of my son's and daughters vaccinations. I think that reminders via text would be awesome! Or maybe at the office, they could set your next appointment when your kids next vaccination is due when you check out.
  13. Same here! Haha! I think they call themselves spoonies cuz they all clearly have the Munchies... Munchhausens, I mean. I'm sure that some have some legit illnesses, but this is just whackadoodle!
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    Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

    I read the first page of posts, so.. I'm sure someone else echoed this. Who have you committed to live with and stay beside through life with? Your wife, or your co-workers? You ALWAYS side with the spouse, unless they're doing something illegal or immoral. That's just my opinion though... But really, would you jeopardize your marriage over a barbecue with your former co-workers? So not worth it! I'll be honest... I'm pretty understanding, but if my husband worked with a largely female co-worker group and wanted to have a bunch of women to our house, I'd be a bit (more likely, a lot!) weirded out too. Again... side with your spouse. Politely call it off if you both can't come to an agreement. Your co-workers will be just fine.
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    nurses eat their young

    Maybe they're oblivious to it? I don't know them personally, and can't judge. But I never would have believed that some of my co-workers could behave in the way that they do if I didn't start charging. I was in an evidence based practice class and heard one of the former students during a panel describe the reaction to her EBP project on lateral violence. She said the ones that gave the most pushback and that denied that there was a problem were usually the biggest bullies. In fact, one of the instigators went on to apply for a masters and did a paper on lateral violence, and consulted the EBP fellow. After doing some research herself, and reading, she was surprised that she did a lot of the things that were classified as bullying. So, basically; to those that deny that lateral violence happens... your actions may be considered as bullying by others. Chances are, you probably don't care about the others anyways though.
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    nurses eat their young

    I had one nurse who I got the feeling did not like me when I was a new nurse. Nothing specific, until she obviously rolled her eyes at me when I came up to the desk to ask her a question one night when she was charge. Granted, I was very anxious and had a lot of questions... I don't know that she was a bully, but that was not nice though. Also, when my mother began nursing 17 years ago, she worked with a nurse who was very cliquish and one day, mom overheard her brag to a co-worker about the other nurses that she had gotten fired. She painted a target on moms back, and she didn't last long there. It absolutely happens.
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    Grossed out for the first time this year

    Try not to judge the parents too hard... my siblings and I all have terrible teeth and are very cavity prone, and we brushed twice a day. One brother kept breaking his teeth before being old enough to get cavities. The dentist said that it could be acidic saliva? Regardless, most of my teeth were filled young. Now, my dentist said I can expect a root canal a year as the fillings need to be replaced. Oh goody.
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    7 Questions About Near Death Awareness

    My great grandmother, sick with brain cancer, got up and got dressed to the nines one Sunday morning and told her daughter, when she was asked what she was doing "My honey is coming to pick me up for church today" (speaking of her husband who passed a few years prior). She went to be with the Lord that day. They got to worship at the feet of Jesus, together.
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    Bsn no experience parkland hospital dallas tx

    I'm nearby. I know that our hospital is on a hiring freeze system wide right now. Maybe other systems are the same now? I wish you success in finding a job! It's hard out there right now.
  20. I was fortunate to work as a float PCT during nursing school on a variety of units, Med-Surg, PCU, ICU, Post-Partem, Med-Surg, psych, CSU, NICU. I will admit... NICU was one of my favorites. However, I ultimately determined that it didn't matter where I ended up, just wanted to have a good manager and team. I only had one interview, and that was after the NCLEX. I jumped at the chance. It was Med-Surg. It had to be God ordained thing. No other way to explain how I didn't get all of the jobs that I thought I wanted and the job that I needed called me, out of the blue and asked if I could interview. My manager has helped shape me for the better both as a nurse and as a person. She has some serious leadership skills and has done amazing things with our unit in the few short years that I have been there. I'm super glad that I didn't get what I THOUGHT I wanted. Keep an open mind throughout, and during your interviews, consider the person interviewing you, Ask them questions... This COULD be your future manager. Would they be a good leader, mentor? If not, then keep looking. If so, consider it even if it isn't your "dream job".
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    Where are the nursing discounts?

    I think it's because they're public sector and notoriously underpaid for the most part. We can't say the same about nursing, for now (at least it pays well in my neck of the woods). When universal healthcare is in place in the USA, I think we'll have wages worthy of discounts, I might complain about not getting discounts then.
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    Nursing video game?

    I really like this idea! Very creative! At work, we do our BLS and ACLS modules online and have to renew quarterly by doing compressions and breaths on a mannequin. I just finished the ACLS modules for the first time (it took FOREVER!) and luckily, passed the last two megacodes on the first try. They both died, but I did everything I could. There are multiple scenarios written in to the megacode simulation and I REALLY want to go back into them and try several of them, but unfortunately, once you do the modules, it doesn't show up again until time to renew the yearly aspect of it I would totally buy your game! Make sure and include some code scenarios as well!
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    MO Hospital offering $5,000 sign-on bonus to new grads

    I like Springfield. I'm from the area and WOULD consider working there, but my husband couldn't do what he does there. Not enough of an economy. It's great if you're single or your partner is a nurse. Really awesome cost of living! I can't afford to retire where I live now, but it's great for making money!
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    Nurses help me

    Not everyone reacts to sleeping medication the way that you do. I'm sure you've seen massive doses of seroquel and trazodone prescribed because people ARE different and have different tolerance levels. Surprised that's not something that you've had experience with or seem to understand. One person can take a benadryl and be drowsy the next morning, the next can have no effect. Sure, if pills look the same, it might not be wise to take one if they're loose and you're not sure. However, I see NO issue with taking a medication at 1PM or AM if you have to go in at 7 if you've taken it before on an off day and know how you react. When I worked night shift, I had to take a second sleeping pill (per my MD's advice) sometimes at or before 1 PM if I couldn't sleep. Working under no sleep is very dangerous as well.
  25. Ummm...No. This is ridiculous. I usually set myself up to take my break at the same time every day. Right before I hand my patients off, I check with each of them to see if they need ANYTHING! I also make sure there are no medications due within 30 minutes and know those due within an hour so I can tackle that when I get back. I do what it takes to not set my break buddy with a mess . 90% of the time, they don't even have to answer a call. Same with those that I relieve for lunch. I would rather break when I am comfortable that my patients don't have major issues that don't need taking care of, not when a break nurse is available to relieve me as one of 8 of the nurses on the floor. She doesn't know my patients or their needs, and if she's relieving a new nurse every 30-40 minutes, it's impossible to keep up. This is a ridiculously stupid idea to implement on a med-surg floor.