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  1. Mockingjay

    Malpractice insurance?

    Thank you everyone, super helpful!
  2. Mockingjay

    Malpractice insurance?

    Hey everyone, I'm a new nurse (2months in) on a cardiac floor. I love it so far! I was talking with a nurse the other day who stated she has malpractice insurance. Of course I try my best to not make mistakes as a nurse but I cherish my license so much I would be devistated to lose it over a mistake. How many of you nurses out there have this? Do you think it is something all nurses should have? How do you go about getting insurance? Thanks!
  3. Mockingjay

    Nursing school gossip

    Yeah I commute too and have always just focused on school instead of making friends! But it just upset me and was distracting to think about. I'm just going to brush it off!
  4. Mockingjay

    Nursing school gossip

    Has anyone else had to deal with gossip or other students talking behind their back during nursing school? I'm in my last semester and have found that a few of my fellow classmates who I thought were genuine are talking about me to other students and perhaps faculty. I have not made many close friends throughout my program because I am busy with work and am focused on graduating which I guess makes me a "loner" and an easy target. It is just hurtful to think that people would gossip and try to bring me down when I have done nothing to them. Any advice on how to deal with this?
  5. Mockingjay

    St. Vincents school of nursing

    Hello! I just got accepted into St. Vincents nursing program but was wondering if anyone else had experience with this school. I have a BA in psychology and have already taken science classes such as micro bio, A&P 1 and 2, etc. at a community college and noticed in my acceptance letter that I need to take competency exams for these courses. Has anyone else taken these exams before for these subjects? Also, has anyone graduated from this school before? What did you think of the program? How long did it take you? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all :)
  6. Mockingjay

    Help!! Which path should I take?

    I graduated from UCONN with a BA in psychology in 2010 but have decided to pursue nursing. I was initially planning on taking pre-reqs at a community college then applying to accelerated programs like the UCONN MEIN program and others at SCSU. Unfortunately I do not have time to take the 6 pre-reqs needed before either of these programs begin in 2013 and therefore would need to wait until 2014 to begin. Since this is quite a ways away I am considering doing an ADN program instead to save time and money but am reluctant because I heard it is harder to find a job. So my question is should I just do the slow route to get a BSN or just go forward with the ADN? I am find with going back to school for another 2-3 years but would rather not go for another 4 years since I already have some major student loans!Thank you all so much for your advice!Holly
  7. Mockingjay

    What is the job market like?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how hard it is for recent grads to find jobs in CT. I've heard that it is impossible to find a job unless you have experience, yet I know people who were given jobs right after graduation with zero experience. I have yet to start my nursing classes but was wondering what it is going to be like when I finish. Thanks for all your help! :redbeathe
  8. Mockingjay

    Already have BA..which nursing school is best for me?

    Thank you so much this was such a help! I just found out about the MEIN program today actually and I'm glad I have options. I think the best bet for me is to take community college pre-reqs then transfer. Thanks for your time!
  9. Hey all, I graduated from UCONN with a BA in psychology a little over a year ago and recently decided I want to go back to school for nursing. I am currently looking into Goodwin college but am having some doubts because I read in some other forums that Goodwin does not give students enough "hands on" clinical experience. I have some pre-req's done already but still need to take classes such as anatomy, micro bio and some math classes. I was wondering if anyone has taken nursing pre-req's at a community college then transferred to a state school. I would like to go back to UCONN to get a nursing degree but do not know how possible this is to do. Also, I know SCSU has an accelerated nursing program as well that is difficult to get into. My main concern is being able to get the best education as possible, without being in school for another 4 years! Sooo my main question is, would anyone reccommend taking pre-reqs at a community college then transferring? Or would it be best to stick it out at a community college? Also, do state schools such as CCSU, UCONN or SCSU take transfer credits from community colleges for nursing programs? I am also only interested in an RN progam! Please help~thank you!! :)