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  1. DTWriter

    Leaving nursing

    Suggestion: Try a different nursing field AND shadow the place (i.e. the actual place where you will be working AND during the time(s) you plan to work) before accepting the job offer. From personal experience, the workplaces that I did not shadow prior to accepting the job ended up being downright bad, but still experience. Not everyone finds that job that they can "just stick it out" for 1 year, on the first try. Try again if you need to - you have 6 months of working experience to do so; take advantage of it.
  2. DTWriter

    For new or prospective Psych NPs

    I think this post's purpose is to warn against nurses becoming psych NPs without extensive inpatient experience. If so - OP, you did not connect this NP experience to something that happened during your inpatient experience that helped guide your decision making with this NP experience. Though, don't get me wrong - totally agree that a nurse should get patient experience prior to becoming a NP.
  3. Got to protect my PTO!
  4. DTWriter

    Clinic inside the hospital Job or Nursing home?

    Shadow both places (during the shift(s) you plan to work) before making your decision. No two nursing homes are same; the same can be said about clinics.
  5. DTWriter

    February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100!

    Smells like C. Diff...Let's get the new nurse to do it!
  6. DTWriter

    4 tines with nclex no success, don't want no part of it anymore

    OP, you should not give up until you have exhausted your options. Based on your posts, it does not seem you have exhausted your options. Use the strategies and materials (i.e. such as, UWorld) mentioned so far on this thread. Plus, research other strategies for studying for the NCLEX. IMO, day shift = daytime drama, but, if you need to, consider working days as you prepare for the test again.
  7. DTWriter

    I failed out of nursing school midway, now what?

    Appealing => going against the dean and teacher => burning bridges OP, being delayed a year sucks but see it at an advantage. Hint: You know the people who are now ahead of you, right? They would see what you may see a year from now, right...?
  8. DTWriter

    New Career

    Yeah...you need to start a new thread for your own problem. OP, if you are being for real - What do you not like about patient care?
  9. DTWriter

    I Thought I Had My Dream Job, but My Past Took It Away...

    The thing is, (imo) termination is not something one should want in terms of nursing. Suppose you were to get terminated - If a job application were to ask along the line "Have you ever been terminated?," you would have to answer "yes" and may have to explain. Though illegal in some states, a potential employer may ask the previous employer what happened.
  10. DTWriter

    I Thought I Had My Dream Job, but My Past Took It Away...

    Honestly, I do not think the agency will give you any more jobs. Imo...it may be best to resign from the agency before they get the chance to terminate you. As far as unemployment goes...they could defend the termination by saying "well, she omitted "x" job on her application..."
  11. DTWriter

    I Thought I Had My Dream Job, but My Past Took It Away...

    OrganizedChaos, Monday is almost here. Rest up until then. Consider having someone (your husband, mother, etc.) nearby when you talk to HR again. Record the conversation if you can.
  12. DTWriter

    I Thought I Had My Dream Job, but My Past Took It Away...

    Damn...Sorry you are going through this, OrganizedChaos. Honestly, you should consider your mother's advice and go back to school for your RN. RN = more job opportunities. Plus, -with nursing schools adding classes to their curriculum every year or so, while increasing the tuition... -and the so called politicians in charge of student loans... I say get that RN license whenever possible. Worried about taking out student loans...? There are nursing loan repayment programs, and there are programs that can pay for you while you are in school. True that is no guarantee that you will get into these programs, but it does not hurt to apply them. ______ Now, as to which RN route to go for...(Disclaimer: My 2 cents. Take it with a grain of salt.) RN-Associate degree program: This program tend to be the cheaper RN route. Their students tend to do better clinical-wise compared to BSN or higher students, but these programs tend to have abysmal pass rates. RN-BSN program: This is what hospitals want nowadays - thanks in part to "Magnet Status." There are some hospitals that are willing to pay for their Associate RNs' BSN education, but there are some that rather hire a RN-BSN from the jump. RN-MSN (graduate entry) program: I would not advise this route, unless you do not have the money to go for the RN-BSN. Through this route, one can get enough Fedloan to pay for the program.
  13. 2 Cents here - Honestly, chances are they will fire you or force you to resign the moment they find a replacement. Do you watch Game of Thrones? If so, remember the scene where Queen Cersei ripped up a will? Don't bother asking the DON how to resign. Read your employee's handbook; it should explain how to do it. You are not obligated to stay at any job; read the contract, pay the penalty, and bounce. Ideally, you should not quit until you have another job secured BUT you are at a breaking point and you revealed to DON that you want to resign, so... The sooner, the better, before they do something to mess with your license. Also - are you willing to relocate? There are hospitals that will take nurses with even a month of experience, though, they (at least the ones I have come across) prefer 6 months - and you got that.
  14. Now, the following is...sort of on topic: Suppose this patient were to return and end up on the OP's unit, again...Can the OP refuse to be his nurse, especially since he assaulted her during a previous admission? Or, even if he did not assault her but was verbally abusive while A&Ox4?
  15. DTWriter

    Husband is not ready for me to go to nursing school!!

    OP, Have you ever threaten to leave him? Otherwise, he may be paranoid - something that not even marriage counseling can fix...more like a psych issue, especially if he has a history of trust issues (Was abused as a child? Coming from a broken home? Has a history of failed relationships?) Perhaps he comes from a conservative upbringing - where the woman stays at home and the man works?