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  1. Boxer Mama

    UC Health

    I sent you a pm.
  2. Boxer Mama

    UC Health

    I would love to talk to people (pm) that have worked for UCHealth, particularly L&D. Thanks!!
  3. Boxer Mama

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I sent you a PM
  4. Boxer Mama

    How to get an ED job after school?

    HCA has an ER residency program you could apply to (since I saw in previous post you are in Denver). It is a highly competitive program, but it opens up the door for a nurse without experience.
  5. Boxer Mama

    Are For Profit Schools really BAD?

    I went to DSN (I guess now DCN), graduated with my BSN. I did not have a problem finding jobs because of the school. I was accepted into a highly competitive residency program. Like you, I went there due to being able to a quicker start date. Please feel free to PM me if you have any further questions!
  6. Boxer Mama

    Advice for new nurse moving to CO

    This is from their website, where there is more information listed. You just have to have passed your NCLEX by the start of the program, not to apply. We invite new graduate registered nurses to apply for a unique opportunity to be given didactic and clinical training in either ICU, Progressive Care Units, Telemetry, or Medical/Surgical. This program will allow new graduates to obtain specific experience through an intensive residency program and then transition to staff roles within the nursing departments of HCA/HealthONE Hospitals. They also run new grad (or new nurse to these areas) programs for the ER, periop, and L&D.
  7. Boxer Mama

    Advice for new nurse moving to CO

    HCA is currently accepting applications for their StaRN program if that is something that might interest you.
  8. Boxer Mama

    Nursing Job Outlook

    You could look into Highlands Behavioral Health.
  9. Boxer Mama

    Homemaker to RN @ 40

    I graduated with my BSN when I was 38, and it took my about 4 months to find a hospital job. I was then accepted into a very competitive residency program in my dream unit at 39. Anything is possible!
  10. Boxer Mama

    Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    We use PowerPorts and only use heparin when deaccessing. We flush with 10 ml saline every 8 hours, 20 ml saline after blood draws.
  11. Boxer Mama

    Denver Nurses, Advice about DSN?

    I am a former student of DSN and a recent new grad. Any school is going to have good and bad points, and I really think it is what you put into it. It is true the NCLEX pass rate for 2015 is not good as reported on the DORA website. Since I can only speak for myself, here it goes. I did have an OB rotation at Denver Health and other clinicals at other hospitals. The majority of my cohort passed their board exams on the first try and now have hospital positions throughout Denver and in other states - UCH, Children's, Swedish, Denver Health, Medical Center of Aurora, Porter, Rose, Lutheran, SJH just to name a few. In addition, I was selected, along with other DSN new grads, for a competitive SCL new grad residency program. There are no perfect programs. I would recommend getting information about all the programs you are interested in and seeing which one works for you. Good luck!
  12. Boxer Mama

    Is clinic nursing a dirty job?

    Some hospitals have new graduate residency programs, and the competition is fierce for these positions. There may be only one new grad position per unit, and you literally have to be the best to get these jobs. I think that is why it is important that you want to embrace nursing in all its forms because it can become very frustrating when your resume is rejected by the screening computer program. The drive to keep applying comes from having a passion for nursing.
  13. Boxer Mama

    LPN Market in Colorado does it exist?

    To be honest, due to a lot nursing schools in this state, the market is flooded for nurses, particularly new grads. The only places that I saw LPNs working were LTC and short-term rehab facilities. There also might be jobs in doctor's offices, but I do not have first-hand knowledge about those locations. As for hospital jobs (if that is what you are looking for), many hospitals are now requiring BSN for new applicants. Good luck!
  14. Boxer Mama

    Yet another DSN thread

    I sent you a PM.
  15. Boxer Mama

    Post your graduation countdown :)

    88 days!!!