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  1. beeker

    Bad Interview - Should I withdraw?

    Do not withdraw. Ride it out and see how it goes. If they do offer, you may feel differently. If not you can always decline the offer.
  2. beeker

    Best hospitals to work in Los Angeles

    Really depends on where you live. Traffic is brutal, so live close to where you work. UCLA & Kaiser have the best pay and benefits, you can look up the pay online via the union contract. I think Kaiser's benefits are better. Cedar Sinai & Providence are the other 2 major hospital systems. Tons of smaller hospital systems. If you are interested in peds, CHLA has a good transition program.
  3. beeker

    Do Other Professionals Skip Restroom Breaks And Meals?

    We have to bring our spec phone to break, so you never actually get a break. You are constantly called to go do something every 5 minutes. If I turn it off, I get written up. The come hunt me down and drag me away. I never get more than a few bites unless I eat while moving toward my next task. It is absurd. Perhaps if they staffed us properly so we didn't have 8 patients each we would get to pee or take a break. Nursing is not about patient care it is about making money. And I am not the one making the money. The insurance company, the hospital administration, the ceos, they are all profiting from my lack of judgement. Staying at the bedside in the environment I work in is poor judgement. I am ready to crack after the week I had so maybe just take my opinion with a grain of salt.