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  1. brotherbear

    Rates for Agency LPN in Texas

    Hi all, Does anybody know the market hourly rates for LPNs in Texas working for agencies especially in the metro areas like Dallas, Houston, etc?
  2. brotherbear

    Incorporating as a nurse

    ...rumor has it that incorporating yourself as a nurse (ie. getting paid on a 1099 vs W2) has major advantages. Just a quick poll on how many of y'all know people who have done this. What the advantages are, e.t.c.
  3. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    to correct my position on this for sake of providing accurate info the ration of females ot males in the CRNA field is 6 to 4. Source is beckersasc.com (Beckers ASC Review). So remifentanil you are absolutely on point :-)
  4. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    you saying this 'cos it's high paying? those I've talked to who had been put under said most of their CRNAs where women, and that women dominate that field because they are "preferred" to be best in consoling and calming anxious patients about to go through invasive surgeries, diagnostics, e.t.c.
  5. brotherbear

    Name Tags

    They are cute for real but some hospital units see them as unprofessional. Sometimes it goes to personality. Not that it should.
  6. brotherbear

    Anyone studied Nursing Informatics?

    This is an interesting field especially for those coming from the IT sectors. Haven't come across any colleges offering it as a major but that's probably because IT and nursing is still "merging". Hope it grows to a fully stand-alone field.
  7. brotherbear

    Is nursing shortage a myth?

    ...from what I hear there was once a legitimate shortage. However there was also a huge exodus of people leaving other professions (in the tech field for instance) to take on nursing jobs. Basic economics dictates of course that at some point in the world of supply/demand their will be an "equilibrium". Perhaps that's what's happening now.
  8. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    Its short for 50 calories. I like to stay fit by creating a 50 calorie deficit for myself for my daily intake.
  9. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    lol@ "shoved off for work in the corner office"
  10. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    Gender has nothing to do with it. This is true in most professions. However, since guys by default have different personalities than women their choices (and thinking patterns) are often different. In this case I'm just asking for personal opinion versus the politically correct answer. No pun intended here.
  11. brotherbear

    career advancement...what to do? help

    If you're about to get into a position that will take a lot of your time (ie. pregnancy) then I would suggest taking the Staff Dev Coordinator because it's flexible hours mostly and the responsibilities are not as much. The Unit Manager position will definitely demand more of your time and is much more stressful. 2 cents.
  12. brotherbear

    Expectations of new graduate nurse

    Hi. well most facilities will expect you to know the standard nursing rules/steps for procedures that are thought in schools. By that I mean standard precautions, handwashing, charting, passing medications, e.t.c. Now they know that you are a brand new nurse so they'll be pretty lenient with your mistakes. The facility will then teach you their internal policies/customs as far as nursing/patient care is concerned. During this time it's best that you listen and ask a lot of questions (smart ones, lol). Also, make friends there so you have people to watch your back and give you information. Good luck!
  13. brotherbear

    future nursing student looking for guidance

    ...for most things it's best to "ease" your way into it. For nursing especially, since the LPN program demands less prerequisites you should do that. Take the LPN program with the least prerequisites then after you graduate and get a job as an LPN you'll have the flexibility and $$ to go through a LPN-RN bridge. If you need help finding the best ones close to you IM your zip code I can probably give you a list and their prerequisites!
  14. brotherbear

    What Do You Expect of A Preceptor?

    not necessarily a new graduate here but preceptors at the very least should be able to completely show you the "system" used in the hospital/nursing facility. By that I mean the system for med passes, patient care, e.t.c. They should in addition show you the system that works best. Of course this could be theirs or a method that one of the seasoned nurses uses. they should be responsible for a lot more but those two are critical.
  15. brotherbear

    best nursing positions for men.

    Just out of curiousity, for those who are guys, or have friends in nursing that are males what are the most ideal positions (or those guys enjoy most) for male nurses...thoughts, ideas, experiences.. thanks.
  16. brotherbear

    Developing Speed

    Ok, to pull from the knowledge base of the nurse veterans... What is the best way to develop speed in the nursing practice, especially for rookie nurses? Please list any training manuals, drills, books, personal experiences (what worked for me, e.t.c), or any other source that helps rookie nurses develop speed (when charting, passing meds, e.t.c), a critical tool in the nursing arena. Thanks guys.

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