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Transition nursing and couplet care
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Emmasmom03 has 3 years experience and specializes in Transition nursing and couplet care.

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  1. Nothing HCA does would surprise me.
  2. Emmasmom03

    8 Work From Home Jobs

    I work from home as well. No worries about being late as I have to punch in and have to be on to take calls during my hours. I love it. I don't have to get dressed, but I usually do unless I am working overtime for a couple of hours. We have chats wi...
  3. Emmasmom03

    Average call time

    I think my call time is pretty low. I am at about five minutes for the actual call, not including documentation time. I know I go fast, but so many of the calls are about strep or ear infections. There is really only so many questions you can ask. I ...
  4. Emmasmom03

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    Exactly. None of us wanted to be at the hospital for 96 hours during Harvey and most were not scheduled to work, but sometimes we have to change our plans.
  5. Emmasmom03

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    They most certainly can let you go. We just went through this in Houston and we had to work - either during the storm or after. We were locked in for 96 hours. Everyone is expected to work.
  6. Emmasmom03

    San Jac Central ADN Fall 2017

    I would just like to say that San Jac was a great school for me. I learned a lot and got a job right away. Getting in is not easy, but staying in is even harder. I went to Central as I graduated three years ago and it was the only ADN program at San ...
  7. Emmasmom03

    Night shift exhaustion

    I have been working the night shift for 3 years now. I have no problems at work with being tired, I get sleepy occasionally when I have a good group of patients, but usually am fine at work. It us my days off that are the problem. Not just the first...
  8. Emmasmom03

    Park Plaza -Houston

    Yes, I had a clinical rotation there.
  9. Emmasmom03

    Park Plaza -Houston

    It is an interesting hospital. Personally I would not want to work there, but you will learn a lot. There are a lot of dialysis patients along with HIV and hepatitis.
  10. Emmasmom03

    Newly licensed RN

    Tomball Regional.
  11. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    The vendor will be there. You have to buy from them. Bring your checkbook, I think it was about $500.
  12. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    You will cover the math and the med terms on your own. You can get help through the school if you have issues though.
  13. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    There are no pop quizzes. Not to worry about that. I would read all the chapters prior to class.
  14. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    That is probably the Board of Nursing Handbook. You technically don't have to have it as it is all online.
  15. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    You have to wear black or white. Just where what you got for clinicals.
  16. Emmasmom03

    San Jacinto College ADN Fall 2012

    Don't worry about the dosage and calculation quizzes. They will teach you that in Foundations. You will always have to pass a math quiz with a 90 before every clinical after Foundations.