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erinberrin CNA

Just starting out in a Nursing Home.
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erinberrin is a CNA and specializes in Just starting out in a Nursing Home..

Just starting out as a CNA. RN student at community college.

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  1. erinberrin

    Need to resign ASAP

    agh..sounds awful awful awful..good luck.
  2. erinberrin

    Need to resign ASAP

    This is why..in that big field of healthcare, I like per diem work. They only kind of contract I will sign in homecare is, " I will not work for myself and take your clients"..That is understandable..anything else, I wont sign.
  3. erinberrin

    work experience

    A basic Nursing Program is a ADNU or a BSRN..? I mean wouldn't your experience pretty much dictate what your specialty is going to be after you graduate. Other than that it would be furthering your studies..to somthing more specific..??..hmm...
  4. erinberrin

    Planning before nursing school starts...

    I haven't started my Nursing classes yet. I'm still getting a few of my core classes done and taking pre reqs. Is it like super hard?
  5. erinberrin

    Honesty is NOT the best policy...

    Aren't most hospitals or facilities for profit though? Hospitals, Nursing homes, etc..
  6. erinberrin

    Honesty is NOT the best policy...

    I recognise some of the places that you say will hire right off the bat and have funky ratio's. I will say this..when the employee turn over is rediculously high..you say to yoursef is it newbee's who said.."this stinks" or is it the place or..hmmm..anyways..I myself am sticking out facility work because I would like to be a traveling nurse someday and the agency I work for in my second job said they want you to have a years worth of facility work before they will send you a traveling and most of the good assignments are in facilities if you want to travel nurse...hmmm..so I suck it upppp...
  7. erinberrin

    Honesty is NOT the best policy...

    Well than I say just erase the bad experience from your cranium, learn from it. Good luck to you, I know it is not always easy to find a good fit in the healthcare field and ya just have to go thru the motions until you come upon a place and it feels right for you;) Best Wishes..
  8. erinberrin

    Honesty is NOT the best policy...

    Uhm..if I can venture the question..and it is none of my business, is the reason terribly bad? I mean if you still hold your licence it could not of been horrifying..hmm..I would if I where you and trying to get a new job, be honest with the interviewer, tell them what happened or don't use that job as a ref. There are always two sides to a story.
  9. erinberrin

    Best appointment planner?

    I find that you kind of have to go with the flow of homecare nursing. Sometimes they cancel, Sometimes they go into the hospital, sometimes they simply don't want you to drive in really nasty weather. It depends on alot of things. On a normal day things go well and everyone is home and it's work as ususual..but sometimes it gets a little fung shwayed..and ya just got to roll with it..
  10. erinberrin

    Nurses, do you exercise?

    I try to exercise at least 2x's a week..I don't always get to do my 3 mile walk/run depending if I am going to the gym(run on treadmill) or outside track (walk). I think it depends on your schedual..exericise does help if you can fit it into work/ school scheduel. I also find chatting with other health care providers in a support group setting or getting rid of any negative energy is also very helpful.
  11. erinberrin

    RN in US moving to Australia

    This is kind of cool. If upon gradution, I am a nursing student, I decided I wanted to work in another country how would I go about doing that? Also, would I have to work in the United States for a year first?
  12. erinberrin

    How old is too old?

    It is so true about acute care..age doesn't necessarilly matter..it's stamina..there is alot of heavy lifting..and you really must love the work because I tell you, I work 3 ..8 hour shifts in acute/ long term care setting and I break up the rest of the week with homecare clients..because after 24 hours in an acute care setting..I'm physically exhausted. And it is funny you mention that young folks are a majority in quick care..your right..they are..and in my 2 years of experience I have noticed the turn over in acute care is very high..they don't last they pull doubles and triples..and burn themselves out. Turnover is very high..You can't take care of others if your that physically spent. I also think that time and a half should be applied...to anyone who opts to work more than 8 hours in a day..large corporations..well..they abuse that factor..why kill yourself..unless it's an emergency..in healthcare you really do have to care for yourself also..when hauling the load..
  13. erinberrin

    How old is too old?

    Go for it. It can't hurt anything. I think whenever returning back to college for something there are things to consider..like upon completion ..how many years are you going to have to offer that field. I mean if your in your 50's well..it would depend financially what you can afford and why you would want to spend the money on college..I mean if you can at a real older ripe age and you can afford the expense simply because you want to..More power to you..it all depends I think.
  14. I make 11.85 on weekdays and 12.48 on weekends..after loosing a 1.00 an hour after going on with an injury for 10 weeks. Here is how I feel about Healthcare. You have to have a genuine desire and love of the business otherwise you will never ever make it thru a day. Don't go into for the money, there isn't much..
  15. erinberrin

    People confusing and mixing titles

    The conversation is rather silly. If you don't have a licence to do it than your not it. So it goes..."whatever makes you feel better dear" just don't try to give any one medicine, a shot, etc etc..lol
  16. erinberrin

    Lets play the drug of choice game

    lol..that was a guesse..thanxs..