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  1. hollykate

    Phone calls from relatives

    Naturally, we have all had to deal with phone calls from alleged relatives. If the patient is in the department, I generally have them or whomever is with them call the caller back to avoid any Hippa violation. Last night I had a strange situation. ...
  2. hollykate

    Did I Fail With 112 Questions?

    Priority questions are the higher level type questions. The CA BON guy probably told you not to bother today, and in your anxiety you interpreted it as something else! As suzanne says the number doesn't matter. I've known people to fail at 75, and...
  3. hollykate

    TNCC instructor

    Thanks! When I learned about the job (our level one trauma coordinator was sort in the shadows for some time, then we got a new one and she got really involved with the nurses), I knew it was a neat way to combine research/nursing/education and tra...
  4. hollykate

    TNCC instructor

    Thanks. I emailed my instructor we will see if he recommends me... I was aware that other things are required beyond just being a TNCC instructor. I'm already a BLS instructor and I am taking the CEN in about a month. and I have a BSN and pre-hosp...
  5. hollykate

    TNCC instructor

    Hi Everyone! My future big goal is to beome an Emergency Departments Trauma Coordinator...or coordinator/educator. So, I've been talking to some coordinators and asking what was required of them for the job. someone said that becoming a TNCC educat...
  6. hollykate

    Improper Triaging

    It is hard to reduce improper triaging. I think it is a problem occasionally everywhere. We recently triaged a guy who felt sick and was vomiting. Classified as non urgent- turned out he was in new onset rapid a.fib- the triage nurse did not palpa...
  7. hollykate

    Pediatric or Adult Nursing for New Grad

    I am only an occasional Pediatric nurse (when assigned to Peds ER :imbar and it makes me nervous). If you really like and want to work with kiddies, and enjoyed your clinical pediatric rotations, I'd say go for it. Best wishes with your future c...
  8. hollykate

    I've got a career dilemma. Please help.

    Did you call the hospitals you put applications in at? Maybe there is a missing part to your application- believe me it is not your lack of a state license. I agree with many here- if you are an RN- no one will hire you as a tech. And I can not beli...
  9. hollykate

    2 Questions about Travel Nursing (Fact or Myth)

    I wanted to echo everyone saying at least 2 years of solid experience. In all the advertisements- they show these 20 something girls running off to have the time of their lives. I think most travel nurses are 30 somethings or older. I am doing an...
  10. hollykate

    need help

    That would be your states web site, for RNs or Person Vue website. I think for you Pearson Vue is the one in 2 days. SOme states do not participate in Pearson Vue, so you may have to wait until it shows up onthe Board of Nursings web site....
  11. hollykate

    Jay Leno slams nurses!

    OH NO, he didn't. I still remember watching with a lot of pride when Letterman introduced his Cardiac Team after his Surgery, and included nurses from the day AND night shift, as well as his surgeon...
  12. hollykate

    Is this new grad a nut or what? Opinions please !

    I'm in agreement with Sunstreak. Nothing really funny about this new orientee...just sad.
  13. hollykate

    Rude Family Members: Just Venting!

    Sometimes the idea of visiting hours rather than the open visiting that seems to be common in most places, seems like a way to go....though I am sure it would never fly.
  14. hollykate

    Gifts for clinical instructors?

    I'd agree. I've often served as a preceptor for an entire class of Paramedics (one future Paramedic at a time). They usually give me some small thing- sometimes a tshirt from the school saying "Paramedic program" on it... I'd be uncomfortable with ...
  15. hollykate

    First Contract...

    Of course, but i was referring to Katiebell, who is the OP....she seems to be having a good time.