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Wave Watcher has 7 years experience and specializes in Community Health/School Nursing.

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  1. Wave Watcher

    Misconceptions about Nurses.

    I am a school nurse and closest MD is approximately 10 miles down the road at the Minute Clinic located inside CVS. Take a left by Big Larry's house and then a right beside the Piggly Wiggly. CVS is in that shopping plaza. ;-) Tell Thelma over there that I said, "Hey girl, Hey!"
  2. Wave Watcher

    Urine Assessment

    And asparagus. Always asparagus. lol
  3. Wave Watcher

    going back to school

    Finished my BSN online with Cumberland University. Wonderful program! They are starting their MSN program up and I have already spoken to the director and I will be a candidate. I plan to specialize in Nursing Education. I do not want bedside care or to be a Nurse Practitioner. No Spank You!
  4. Wave Watcher

    Ethical dilemma

    My thoughts also. People gave their opinions/advise and the OP is defending her reasons for staying. So stay. Good luck.
  5. Wave Watcher

    Family and studying!

    I gave up a lot of sleep and weekends. I also gave up my excuses. Make it happen. You can do it. The longer you wait....the more unfamiliar and distant the information is going to become. The old saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it" stays true. Wanted to add: You have the strength to get up every day and go to work, take care of 2 kids (one being a toddler), you take care of your family and you passed nursing school.....no reason why you can't pass the NCLEX....you are a strong woman/mother and soon to be nurse. Finish what you started 2 years ago and don't let anyone get in your way...not even yourself.
  6. Wave Watcher

    Insulin administration

    Our district has a policy that staff can be trained to give insulin if nurse is not in building. (I don't agree with policy)
  7. Wave Watcher

    "Will You Call This Parent?"

    What most people (that includes staff/my family and friends) don't understand is just because I am a nurse does not make me qualified to assess/judge/observe/call about/talk about/advise about/treat/medicate every ailment, behavioral health issue, hygiene issue,nutritional issue and pest control issue! For the love of all that's holy, please stop asking me to expand my skills/knowledge/license to cover your present issue at this time! I'm over it. lol
  8. Wave Watcher


    No problem. :-) Also meant to add....there are no clinicals/labs involved for the RN-BSN online.
  9. Wave Watcher


    Cumberland University. Graduated with my BSN (part time) in 5 semesters. They also have a very doable 3 semester program online. I am waiting for their online MSN program to open up for next year!
  10. Wave Watcher

    Nursing diagnosis inadequate nutrition

    Did you give nausea meds or pain meds? If so, that can help with appetite. No one wants to eat while nauseated or in pain. Also, positioning patient where comfortable to eat and maybe even sitting with patient while he/she eats may help encourage eating. All these things you may have done on shift.
  11. Wave Watcher

    What are doctors thinking?

    I work at a magnet school and many of our parents are "crunchy granola" types. Not a bad thing really but they tend to use therapeutic oils, natural remedies and diets to control health issues. Not too sure if that works either. Smells like lavender walking down the hallway. lol
  12. Wave Watcher

    Elevated blood sugar

    Good job. I have a diabetic I have taken care of for 4 yrs. I am close to the mother and student. I will keep her here if she is non-symptomatic and manage her BS closely. Otherwise, I would send home a student with a persistent +500 BS that won't come down.
  13. Wave Watcher

    Make the call to CPS

    I don't have anything to add. Everyone gave great advice. :-) The only thing I thought at first was, "Did you have wire cutters in case the kid choked?" lol I worked on an ortho unit and we had a lot of jaw procedures sent to us and many were wired shut. Made me nervous. lol Just be an advocate for the kid. That's all you can do and calling CPS is one of the ways we can do that. Hang in there.
  14. Wave Watcher


    Cafe serves slushy's off/on and the boys decided to stick their finger in the frozen slushy for over 15 minutes. This kid ended up with frostbite. Painful lesson to learn.
  15. Wave Watcher

    Athlete with a mild communicable disease

    Awesome info, thanks!
  16. Wave Watcher


    This week has felt like the longest month ever. Ugh. I have dealt with broken bones and frostbite. Over it.