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  1. Kkcna2011

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    why on earth would you not check on your dying pt for 5 hours? thanks for all you do you are an amazing nurse and role model why are you such a witch i understand you are the charge nurse, but i am doing activities work not nursing so back off i dont care what you think of me but really stop talking behind my back i do hear things and it will back fire my business is my business not all of our coworkers and what i do and who i talk to does not need to be broadcasted to the whole place i love working nights with you you keep me happy positive and motivated to do my work you are an awesome coworker
  2. Kkcna2011

    sex in the work place...really?

    I'M not a nurse atleast not yet but I am a cna and an activities assistant so I wanted to share my story. I've worked in a ltc facility for 2 years. Theres always people gossiping & I have heard alot about coworkers sleeping together at work. Mostly this housekeeper who ironically has me under his spell, we never had sex while at work but we often madeout in various place up until my friend found out & reported him because he's no good for me. This guy goes after every female in my work, he truely is a pig & I recently found out he is married with children. Ive heard about him being with people from other housekeepers to nursing staff & how he would go to empty rooms or anywhere quiet to have sex with him. I've finally decided he's no good though I know I do miss out talks & his hugs & kisses but as he told me I don't want what he wants (sex) atleast not from him. But it was kind of hard to even talk to him anymore because of his reputation, our ages (18 & 34), and the fact that my mom can't stand him and she is my charge nurse

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