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mkb0521 has 2 years experience and specializes in Critical care, Research.

2 years Trauma/Burn, 5 months CRC RN diploma, RN-BSN, currently working towards MSN

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  1. Just got the chills... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :w00t::w00t: I hope that is me go a few months!!!! Enjoy your holiday my friend!!!!!
  2. Because that is when the next board meets. We/ I didn't make this thread r/t November boards. It is all for beginning of next year. Still don't have all paper work in but will for next year
  3. We won't know until February!!! I hope you make it JJTRN! especially to make your Thanksgiving even more memorable!!!
  4. WOW! What a decrease!! How many do they accept with each board meeting? I didn't realize how nerve-wrecking this process was going to be. Are you going in for ED?
  5. Good luck JJTRN!! I hope that you get to hear back before the holiday, and that come spring you are an officer. Where do we find out about numbers?? - Who knows that information?
  6. It seems as though recruiters go through the same training: get the applying person all ampted up with a million questions... and then leave office for 2 weeks. haha! We will get THERE! :) :)
  7. Woohoo!! I'm glad it is starting to roll a little bit more for you!! Brit... I hope that it all goes through for you too? What field of nursing are you applying to go to? I put in for critical care. You still have to do meps And cno? I still have cno to go through... want all the rare work in ASAP though! I think it's mostly coming through. When did you start your application process??
  8. Did you take the job there? i was there for school and while getting my BSN my friend worked there with the Prader Willi children. She liked it a lot, but however does not work there any more. I believe she was there for 3 years. I was there before and worked with autistic children and had a tour of the facility, it is a nice place and it seems easy enough to get to from the parkway. The teachers and staff seemed very helpful and patient and CARED about the children. It is an unbelievable place!
  9. mkb0521

    curious and need input

    google and find a good agency! They will help you out from there. Most of the time their websites are very helpful! Just beware that if you submit your information they have a habit of contacting you continuously ...
  10. mkb0521

    Your favorite, most comfortable scrub brands?

    Tafford and Cherokee or NRG... I wear ceil blue and I find that bleach stains everything, so I don't buy expensive!!! :)
  11. mkb0521

    Moving to Pittsburgh

    cindz007... You are always able to look on the UPMC and West Penn health systems website for job openings, I suppose google those to see the direct HR websites? There should be openings... it is always a revolving door anymore! I am unsure what agency is best. I heard Maxim is good though. home health is always readily available. @oneLoneNurse... WPIC is not bad, Did about 12 weeks there during school on three different units: dual diagnosis, geriatric/adult, and pediatric. They have multiple units to choose from. The nurse seems to be very involved in the patients care. As far as relocation, check out the UPMC website to see what is there, or call! Pittsburgh isn't bad... born and raised... just be prepared for it to be 70* in January and 30* in April! haha! Hope this is helpful!
  12. He said by Christmas. I am not sure if that was including the interview and stuff, but I want all stuff on my end done by end of the month! And PLEASE do not feel behind! It just happens that the MEPS place is 20 mins from my house and I was able to get it over with. However, they needed more paper work than I expected (DUH OF COURSE! !) and I am waiting to hear if it all clears. I am stalking the crap out of my recruiter and everyone who I gave my evals to just to make sure everything is filling in. Is there another recruiter at your site to work with you, too? Not fair to get behind because she isn't helpful right now!
  13. Yes, we should hear something in February. The CNO is all I have left... just waiting to make sure that my recruiter has all of the paper work he needs, which should be the end of the month. CNO and MEPS are what you have left to do?? I was researching last night and I found the Air Force Officer's Guide to buy.. it looks really awesome, and it is cheap through Amazon, in case you are interested in that stuff!!! :) I hope that we are able to choose our COT for 2012 WHEN we are accepted in February! Would be relief....
  14. Do you like the AF as an officer? I read through your past thread from COT, and you recommend to get the uniform and boots prior to COT? I feel as though I have so many questions and have some homework to do. I already requested a few books from the library and want to get the AF Officer Manual! Will help out a lot... :) Thank you for posting to our thread.. Any last words/suggestions to help ease the COT transition?? What ARE you allowed to wear at/bring to COT... I read printer paper and random office supplies. Coffee maker? && is it OK and better to drive and have a car there, or is flying OK? I haven't even been selected yet...!! I just need to know! haha
  15. Hey JJTRN..! How was the CNO meeting?? What is there to expect? Typical nurse interview questions, mostly? I am hoping for good news in February!!!! I hope that you make it in! This is so stressful, and I feel the more I talk about it the slower time is going.. haha! ** I asked this on the other board for AF FY2012 or something, and are the COT schedules the same no matter when you are picked to come into the AF?? I don't want to wait til FY13 to go to COT!!! Yiiiiiiikes!!!!! I really hope that everyone for October boards hears back soon! I am excited to hear the responses from everyone.
  16. mkb0521

    AF Nov 2011 Boards

    Even if I am applying for the, I think/believe, it is the february board selection, will I pick from those dates for FY12?? I am confused! As long as there is an opening, I suppose??