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  1. spitfire

    Insulin protocol---Q 1 hour accu checks

    We also use a insulin drip protocol, if the pt has a cell saver -vamp- I'll use that. if not I often use the ear lobe for a drop of blood - almost all say it is less painful.
  2. spitfire

    Lovenox Questions

    My experience is that the abd skin varies between patients, some pts have very tough skin and it seems you almost have to really push to get the needle in, I feel bad for the pt. but there is nothing that can be done about the density of the skin, ...
  3. spitfire

    patients smoking

    I am interested in hearing if the hospital or you the nurse were held responsible for this patients outcome. Are we held responsible if our patient has an OK from the docs to smoke and then falls?Or would we not be responsible if the patients does go...
  4. spitfire

    Doctor's handwriting

    Soon we will be going to all computer generated orders-that will be interesting to see some of the older docs manage a computer- so the docs will all be entering their orders. You know it's bad when the doc can't read his own handwriting! Ask them to...
  5. spitfire

    patients smoking

    The NM just wanted the patient to stay and be TX or he was going to lose his arm. Personally I don't thing patients should smoke while in the hospital ( I am not going to stop them) but they always seem to let some and then not others.I do not have t...
  6. spitfire

    patients smoking

    What is the legal aspect of a pt going out to smoke and falling- or using drugs - this pt had IV access and was not asking staff to go out with him, he is a know IV drug user and is being treated for a raging infection. I feel set up by the nursing m...
  7. spitfire

    patients smoking

    We had an issue tonight and was interested in how others deal with patients being allowed to go out to smoke cigarettes, usually patients are offered a nicotine patch and are told our hospital is a non- smoking facility,I believe here it is a state l...
  8. spitfire

    Nurses Tooooo!

    Please I must defend some of the docs where I work,they often give credit to the nurses, I have had a few experiences where the doc has said to the pt, " thanks to your nurse for alerting me to a problem" or the doc leaving a patients room ( new admi...
  9. spitfire

    opinion on legalization of marijuana in Canada

    Habits formed, alcohol or pot, all self medicating,why not chose something healthy to do?
  10. spitfire

    Experiences with ablation for SVT

    I am looking for advice or personal experiences related to a procedure, I have been dx with SVT,my last rate was 230, this has been going on for the past few years and now is a regular occurance. I have been to a cardiologist about this and she wants...
  11. spitfire

    Question for those working on med-surg with post op patients

    I also work med-surg 3-11 and often a patient is ready to come to the floor at change of shift- we have a policy that PACU waits until we are done getting/giving report before we accept the patient.No patiet is ever brought to the floor and dropped o...
  12. spitfire

    Rude nursing comments

    This is funny, but so typical... yesterday one of my patients said he had a doctor waiting on him all day,come to find out it was one of our male nurses :roll
  13. spitfire

    Low census days (whine)

    We are experiencing a decrease in patients this summer, but this happens yearly,we make up for it in the winter. We are offered low census but do not have to take it one weekend we had only 3 patients per nurse(med - surg) they offer staff low census...
  14. spitfire

    Clep Tests

    The school I attended did not include any clep tests in our GPA, it was added toward credits required only.Check with your school to see how the clep scores/credits are counted into your GPA. spitfire
  15. spitfire

    Clep Tests

    Hi nurse2be, I clepped out of this,what I did to study was borrowed one of the clep books and kept taking the tests in the back until my score was good, about 3 weeks of casual study. I left thinking I didn't pass but I did I wish I had clepped m...