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  1. cljonesfuturenurse

    Hesi test results

    Thanks guys. I'm so nervous. And congrats to you 94%, that's awesome!
  2. cljonesfuturenurse

    Hesi test results

    Is a calculator provided for the entire math section or just certain parts?
  3. cljonesfuturenurse

    Hesi test results

    How long does it take to get results from Hesi exam?
  4. cljonesfuturenurse

    Working as student nurse in ADN program

    I have narrowed my choices down to two programs. It becomes very expensive paying for classes to meet requirements for all of these different programs. So, I have plan A (ADN program) which I have already met the requirements for then plan B (LPN-bridge-RN) just in case I don't get accepted. I am still weighing my options. I would be able to work as LPN while in RN program. But has anyone worked as a student nurse or nurse tech while in an ADN program? If so, after how long? I am a certified CNA, will that help me get a student nurse job? I am trying to plan my finances for the next few years. Do student nurses do different work from CNAs? Oh, and I have yet to work as a CNA because I am still working my day job and I am not sure I want to quit my full time to do CNA work. I also don't want to take a pay cut and quit my job until I know that I am accepted.
  5. cljonesfuturenurse

    Not so sure anymore, does it get better?

    I wouldn't give up so fast if I were you. You have the passion and trust me you don't want to walk away from your dream and then later regret it. Find you another job and see if you feel the same way. It may just be that particular job.
  6. cljonesfuturenurse

    No jobs for new nursing grads?! Please helppp!

    I'm sorry but this applies to pretty much any field you go into now. So please don't let that discourage you. I have a Bachelors degree in another field from two years ago and I still hadn't found a job in that field. Thank God I had a decent job already. Needless to say I am still employed there. I definitely didn't let if discourage me. I have an interview for a job tomorrow that could change everything for me. I am glad that I have that education because if I never had it, I wouldn't even be considered for this job. I will still pursue nursing because of my passion for healthcare. If you are truly passionate about something, keep pushing forward. Everything will eventually fall into place. There is no nursing shortage in my city!
  7. cljonesfuturenurse

    Anyone waiting to hear from Baptist College in memphis

    Did they send an email or letter?
  8. cljonesfuturenurse

    Anyone waiting to hear from Baptist College in memphis

    Me too, nothing yet. They have two of my transcripts and I'm waiting on my final grades to post so that they can get my other. They said that they could determines acceptance from those two though. I know of four people who have all gotten acceptance letters. Maybe I was rejected.
  9. cljonesfuturenurse

    Could use some advice please!!

    Oops, I was going to say I understand your dilemma. It's easy for others to say don't choose option 3. But considering the 2.0 GPA, it IS going to be difficult. Many look down on option 3 because the opportunities are limited. For instance, would you want to work in LTC? That is where most LPNs work. Also keep in mind that although opportunities are limited, there are opportunities. In my state, it may be difficult to get into an RN program but it is much easier to get into a LPN-RN bridge program. How well you do in your LPN and nursing pre-reqs will determine your acceptance. I have a bachelors degree with a low GPA and since graduating I have not been able to find a job. So here I am years later going after my passion. I am applying to at least 5 programs and also 1 LPN program (already accepted). If I don't get accepted into either of the ADN and BSN programs I am applying to, I will definitely be going to LPN school and bridging to RN. At that point, that would be my only way in. I have made a 4.0 on all my nursing pre reqs and that is
  10. cljonesfuturenurse

    Could use some advice please!!

    I understand your dilemma.
  11. cljonesfuturenurse

    Almost done with a degree in film, want to be a nurse; advice?

    Question? So if my GPA is a 2.5, But i have repeated several classes for better grades, will my GPA actually be lower once they have factored in the other attempts? My transcript shows excluded from GPA on the classes that I have retaken. I hope this is not the case. My undergrad mistake is ruining my future. But I am applying to several schools, one of the schools, a BSN program, takes the last 60 hrs. Another school, a ADN program, looks at the pre-req GPA and the minimum is a 2.0 although it must be much higher to be competitive. I have also applied to an LPN program, just in case I don't get accepted at any of the five schools I am applying to then I can bridge. I would take as many classes as I can before I petition to graduate. You want be eligible for financial aid anymore and your low undergrad GPA will follow you forever. It was tough finding a decent Grad school to accept me. My grad GPA is 3.5 and many of the programs wont even look at my grad school GPA. Now that I am applying to nursing school I have to research other options because of my undergrad.
  12. cljonesfuturenurse

    GPA calculation

    I have taken classes at 4 different colleges off and on over the past 11 years (a lot of classes). I am just curious, how will the nursing school calculate my GPA?. Classes that I have repeated for a better grade at another college, will they include both attempts? I have 160 hrs of college credits. Will 2 year colleges include my Masters GPA?
  13. cljonesfuturenurse

    Job hunting

    Hello all, I am currently a pre-nursing student who just finished a CNA program. I am currently employed in another field (11 years). I am thinking about trying to get a position as a CNA. I know that I don't want to work in LTC. What other areas hire new CNAs? I am hoping that being comfortable with patient care will be a benefit in nursing school. What areas pay the most? What areas are the best to start in?
  14. cljonesfuturenurse

    Anyone going to ASU

    I am hoping to attend ASU's ASN program. Has anyone here attended care to share info on admissions, GPA, etc.?
  15. cljonesfuturenurse

    Anyone waiting to hear from Baptist College in memphis

    I haven't heard anything yet either. I am so nervous. I heard they don't start clinicals until 2014 though. I will have my pre-reqs completed this summer. What would I do until then if I'm accepted? I already have Bachelors so I have all my generals too.
  16. cljonesfuturenurse

    Driving distance to nursing program

    I opened up more options for myself when I started looking at schools a little further away. I think they may be a little less competitive too since they are all in very small counties.