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  1. Go glad to be done too! This is Sierra. Who is this? It's crazy how many of us actually talked to each other through this website before we actually knew each other.
  2. It is confusing about which building to go to our first time. The annex building is always locked and you only go there for clinical skills lab the 1st 6 weeks, before you go to the hospital. You should of received a paper with a order form for the uniforms from flagstaff. You only really need to buy the polo from Flagstaff since it is embroidered with a Southwest logo. You can buy a white lab coat from anywhere and buy the $3 patch from Flagstaff and have it sown on the jacket. It just has to be sown on to the the outside upper left arm. The pants form Flagstaff have an elastic waistband and fit horrible. You can buy the white scrub pants from anywhere too, but they are strict about them not being real see through since they are white so make sure you get ones that are a little thicker. You won't need your uniform until 6 wks into the semester when you officially go to the hospital, so don't stress over that. If you want to look at the uniform stuff, you can go to https://www.flagstaffuniforms.com/html/schools_SWTN.htm If it asks you for a username and password, southwest is username and tennessee is the password. You will only need a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff), and a pen light right away. You can buy these from anywhere as well. They will mention a blue skills bag that has all of that but a lot more. Don't buy it!! It's a waste of money and you be provided everything else that's in the bag during clinical skills lab. Mrs. V***s, the head of nursing department, will talk to you at orientation and will explain everything about emailing her to get your permits for registering. It is first come, first serve, so I went to the nursing computer lab right down the hall and emailed her immediately after orientation. So did everyone else, but I managed to get the classes I wanted.
  3. when you go to sign your acceptance letter, that's all you do. you will be given a packet that tells you everything you need to have done. your orientation won't be until a week before school starts. some of those books on that link are study guides, which you won't really need. the only book you will need for the 1st test is the " berman, a., snyder, s., kozier, b., & erb, g. (2008). fundamentals of nursing: concepts, process, and practice. (8th ed.).upper saddle river, nj: pearson education inc. (isbn 0135045541)". you don't really use the pharmacology book at all. i opened it maybe 2-3 times. you will just use your drug guide book from clinical. it is a lot of books but you will use all of these books throughout the entire program. you will only have to buy 1 or 2 extra each semester.
  4. Yes. Click on any of the classes on the front page. Then click on content and you will have a long list of stuff on the left hand side. Scroll down and find it. It's normally right below the syllabus.
  5. My clinical is Saturdays at Methodist Germantown. Anyone else have the same? Or what other hospitals did you get?
  6. I also received the classes I wanted...MT 5-7, R 5-7 for dosages, and Saturday Clinical. They said at orientation that all classes will start next week on Tuesday since we're off Monday for the holiday. So no dosages or clinical until next week.
  7. I emailed her through my phone immediately after we left orientation, because I already knew the CRNs I wanted to register for before hand. I received an email from her Friday afternoon, but when I tried to register it kept saying "registration add error." I emailed her immediately but never received a response over the weekend. I called yesterday morning and she said that she had over a 100 emails to go through due to the permits, so she had not seen mine yet. She called me late in the afternoon and said she had fixed the problem. Has everyone taken their CPR class yet? I took mine yesterday from a lady out in Collierville for $50. She was very thorough and makes sure you know what you need to know to pass the test. Plus, I was only there 2 hrs! If anyone is interested, just message me and I can give you her information.
  8. Insurance will over cover one physical a year. Luckily, it's around that time for me to get my annual physical.
  9. I'm very confused as well. They didn't explain anything. They do appear to be doing things differently then what I have been told from previous semester. For example, they used to let you register when you pick up your acceptance packet but that's not how they're doing it now. I hate we have to wait until a week before school starts to know what our schedule will be. I need to know to let my work know what my new schedule will be. @Maddie's Mommy Orientation is on the 5th, not 6th.
  10. They didn't tell us anything about a nursing kit at the bookstore. They just gave us our packets that had an order form from flagstaff for the uniforms on the front and on the back where we order BP cuff, scissors, forceps, stethoscope, etc, etc. Do they tell you about the nursing kit at orientation? How much did yours cost and what all did it come with?
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I found the same exact nurse kit and other items for cheaper somewhere else. I want to know if we can have a colored stethoscope or do they want us to all be "uniform" and have a basic black one. I saw in the picture of the kit that comes with the BP cuff, bag, and stethoscope, that the stethoscope was a blue color.
  12. If you look up older forums on here like "Southwest Tennessee Community College Spring 2011" & the Spring 2010, current students gave some advice and tips.
  13. It's next Friday, December 2nd anytime between 9am-2pm. It's not orientation, that'll be right before school starts. We're getting our acceptance package.
  14. @dbowen Congrats!! The lady said to come to the Nursing building. Do you know where that is exactly?
  15. I JUST GOT THE CALL!! Good luck to everyone! It's been a long road for me to get here, so don't give up or get discouraged. Your hard work will pay off!!