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  1. Nursingstudent Tammy

    NCP Help Please

    I am asking help with formulating goals for my nursing diagnosis of deficient fluid volume related to blood loss during cesarean section. The assessment data I listed was what I had to support my diagnosis. I understand ABC's, I was just having trouble with a goal.
  2. Nursingstudent Tammy

    NCP Help Please

    I am working on a NCP for Deficient fluid volume related to blood loss during cesarsean birth. I am having trouble coming up with goals. Her assessment info is 35 year old Female with NKDA Admitted for cesarean section Hx of previous cesarean section x 2 VS: T 98.5 (O) P 78 BP 81/48 RR 18 02 Sat 99% on RA Hypotensive BP of 81/48** Blood loss of 1000cc during cesarean section I & O Ø Intake 4400 cc Ø Output 7000cc Ø Negative Imbalance 2600cc Hemoglobin 8.6mg/dL Hematocrit 26.6% Dry mucous membranes Patient verbalizes she is very thirsty Patient reports feeling very tired and weak NPO diet for pre and post cesarean section Indwelling urinary catheter present with 20cc of amber colored urine. Patient was given 600cc Bolus LR prior to leaving the OR (Operating Room) 18 G PIV L. Wrist infusing D5LR at 125mls/hr Her VS were hypotensive prior to c-section upon admission. Her mucous membranes were still dry because she was still on an NPO status. Her new lab values were drawn while I was there but the results were not available in my remainding time that we were allowed to stay. Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.

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