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  1. SkylerW

    Supervising Respiratory Therapists

    Sometimes the facility will allow you to add FTE hours to your budget if you have just cause.
  2. SkylerW

    Supervising Respiratory Therapists

    Yes, and no. There payroll can come out of your budget, but only a licensed registry eligible respiratory therapist can supervise another RT. RTs must also have a medical director in whatever department they work, and the medical director must be either pulmonary or anesthesia.
  3. I say go for it! CNA its mostly on the job anyways. Where I am from (Alabama) 90% of everyone is not certified. I went to CNA school just to show that I had Hands on experience ( I am a pre med major), and I found it to be pointless. Other than how to take vitals there isnt much to learn.
  4. SkylerW


  5. Florida Does not have medication aides that I know of
  6. SkylerW

    Abrupt A-fib causes?

    The cause of A-fib is most of the time unknown.
  7. SkylerW

    serving alcohol to patients

    The hospital pharmacy that I volunteer as a tech at keeps all kinds of liquor to send to the patients if a doc orders it.
  8. SkylerW

    NP with no experience?

    Do you have to work as a nurse before entering a NP program?
  9. SkylerW

    Not my day

    Maybe its just me, but just because you have a good grade does not give you the right to be arrogant. What is five extra min. of your time to get to class on time?
  10. SkylerW

    volunteering at a free clinic,,,,,1st step?

    Maybe you should stop by there?
  11. SkylerW

    How would you respond to this??

    Maybe you should take the nice approach, and talk about some of the things that you do as a nurse to her.
  12. SkylerW

    Telemetry course

    If you work at a hospital then I am sure they have a course. Call you training and development department, or the director of telemetry.
  13. SkylerW

    Should I become a CNA at 19 (pre-nursing student)?

    Hi I am 17, and I also dual enrolled while I was being home schooled. I am now finished with high school. I am now currently in a CNA program, even though I have no intention of working as a CNA my college adviser insures me that it will look very good on my application when I apply to the actual BSN program.
  14. SkylerW

    Why did you pick your username?

    Because it is my name lol
  15. SkylerW

    Pharmacy CEU's KY

    freece.com J.S. Webb, Registered Pharmacy Technician
  16. SkylerW

    Checking visitor's vitals

    Your supposed to take vitals on a non PT due to liability issues PLUS an employee is never supposed to escort a non PT, but a volunteer can.

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