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    EITC LPN to RN Program

    I realize this post I am responding to is somewhat old, but it is not my intention to tell the poster (Practicalone) they are wrong personally, but to set the record straight in case someone, other than myself, stumbles upon this post and gets incorrect information. EITC has set up their LPN to ADN program so that you can complete your degree and have the ability to go to ANY college in the US and receive credit to continue on for your Bachelor's Degree. ISU, a local university, accepts all of EITCS credits and requires you to only take 4 or 5 classes in addition to complete your Bachelor's Degree. EITC's ADN program is accredited and accepts 20 students at a time, since it's inception. Nothing has changed from the first class, up to their current 4th class they are getting ready to graduate. A few changes to look forward to in the future are; the college is going to start to decrease the amount of students they will accept for their LPN program, and they will start to increase the amount of RN students they will accept. I really hope this clears things up. This is a wonderful college that is quite inexpensive compared to others in the community, which provides more people the opportunity to further their education and their career, or even to start a career.

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