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  1. TanishaW

    Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord!

    Congrats to you....keep the faith
  2. TanishaW

    LPN schools in Jacksonville, FL

    It's an ok program... You will get what you put in to it.... Some teachers are there to help and some are there for a check.... We have mandatory ATIs that you must pass but you do get 3 chances BUT the ATI comes with books that you have to teach your self...because the teachers aren't able to teach from it..but if you study like you should you should do just fine... Im getting ready to enter my last semester
  3. TanishaW

    Did you lose any students?

    im in a lpn program... we started out with 27 and now we are at 19 at the end of our first semester
  4. I am starting Keiser Career College in Jan wondering if there are any other people that are starting there as well??:nurse:

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