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    Any word-- Hampton University??

    Take it from somebody who went to Hampton, and transfered after two semesters because of how terrible their nursing program is. I was soo happy i got into HAmpton university " the school of excellence" well not in Medical majors! on top of tution being 30.000 plus, the nurising program is horrible. All the teachers are over the age of 50, and dont really know the new nursing knowledge, the program is actually about to be placed on probation if the class of 2012 doesnt pass the exam this year, they just arent passing. i transferred to Bowie State and that has been the best decision of my life. not only am i saving about $22,000 in student loans, but im going to a school were the students are actually passing. dont get me wrong, hampton is good for computer science, business majors, marketing. But for science purposes, i would avoid it. Expensive isnt always better!

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