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  1. afropuff

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Does the PVT apply to states that do not use quick results. If so I guess I fail cause it took me straight to credit card details. I am also foreign candidate. Happy for all who pass and good luck to people like me waiting...
  2. afropuff

    NCLEX quickresults

    I did California Boards, I am a foreign candidate. Is there any way of finding my results before the 4 weeks? Does the pearsonvue trick apply to candidate outside of US or to states that dont participate in quick results?
  3. afropuff


    Is the pop up for real. Does it just apply for states with quick results? Does it apply to foreign candidates? I dont even want to try. I dont want to see that I fail.
  4. afropuff

    FRUSTRATED with the California BRN!

    I feel your pain. I took my exam on Sept 1st and still waiting. I am out of country candidate so I have to wait for snail mail to get to me.Its been 3 weeks for me. I hope they sort that transcript thingy out so your result can be processed

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