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  1. vpg09

    Wichita Falls LVN schools

    Not for LVN. I didn't even have my basics done. I started the program right after graduation. Now if you go for your RN then yes you will have to have your prereqs done.
  2. vpg09

    Wichita Falls LVN schools

    Vernon opens up to 60 open slots for their program. Once you apply to Vernon as I recall you apply for the Nursing program. You would have to go there and apply in person because the program is seperate from the college. You would have to take a entrance exam which is your basic math, science, reading stuff and they base your entrance on your score. The highest scores make it into the program. I don't believe it was that difficult to get into. But I never applied any where else so I don't know how other Texas Nursing programs are like. I hope that is of some help. I applied to the program while I was still in high school so I can't really remember what I did step by step. But I know that you do go to there office and apply there. They will tell you what you need to do to get in.
  3. vpg09

    Wichita Falls LVN schools

    I'm from Wichita Falls. I graduated last August from their LVN program. It is accredited and it is a really good program with great instructors. They also have a transition program to get your RN. There is also Midwestern State University but that's RN-BSN. And it's more expensive. I believe over all at Vernon it cost me about $5000. I hope that helps. :)

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