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  1. ysanchez0216

    LSU BSN program Spring 2013

    Got my call today! It is for 10/20 at 1pm!
  2. ysanchez0216

    LSU BSN program Spring 2013

    So I still havent received a call and Im really starting to get nervous! Im starting to think that maybe I should give them a call to see whats going on. Is anyone else still waiting to hear from them?
  3. ysanchez0216

    LSU BSN program Spring 2013

    I just spoke with them as well, and my check was not cashed either but they said that does not mean anything because they are not going in a certain order. She also said they are about to start arranging the interviews and we should get a call within the next couple of weeks, which is killing me I thought she was going to say next week!

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