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  1. Thank you so so much! I feel much more confident now to apply for nursing! :)
  2. Hi, I've been reading lots of threads in this forum. Some with good things about both nursing school and being a RN, and some not so good. I have never imagine being a a nurse, well, that's mostly cause when I was young my parents and others will say being a nurse is a dirty job. I have considered many other career choices, but I am most fond to is being in the medical field. I love and adore biology, and I really want to help people. Doctor is a definitely no for me, I don't think I am that smart and it's too long. So, I thought why not go for nursing? I am okay with cleaning up poop or blood. I'm not local and straight out of high school. I plan on studying nursing in Houston, Texas. My brother is there, and he will be the one supporting me financially. I don't want to make the wrong choice by choosing nursing And cause money trouble or any trouble for my brother. So my questions about nursing school would be, is getting into nursing school hard for a foreign student? Is there a wait list in getting into nursing for a BSN in any Houston U? Will nursing school be very strict? Like you have to get really good grades and all? If I succeed in becoming a RN, will I get a job here in US? Will it be even more difficult cause I'm not a citizen? Will being a nurse as bad and depressing as what other nurse wrote on or it's just for like that for some? Will I be getting any sickness easily if I be a nurse? I haven't really fully decided on nursing school. I have been in dilemma for a very long time about what I want to study. This post will really help me out. Thank you for reading and for helping out. Sorry for asking so many questions and anything wrong.

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