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    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    Take what you can use and ignore the rest. If you were looking for sympathy you did receive some sympathetic posts. These threads can run a lot longer than you bargained for and can even completely derail. We've all been new grads and we've all learned some lessons the hard way. There's probably nothing more you can learn from this one. Dust yourself off and move on. Most of us are wishing you all the best.
  2. TriciaJ

    Older grad nurse/can't fit in

    I graduated at 22 and didn't have trouble making friends at work. (Although if there were cliques, I wasn't typically included.) I was in my 50s when I started my last job, and the other nurses were mostly of the same vintage. I really enjoyed working with them. Then they all started retiring. They were replaced by a much younger set. Really great people. Top notch conscientious nurses, fun and friendly. However, they seemed to gravitate to one another much more than they did to me. No one ever actually snubbed me, and always treated me with friendliness. But they clearly related better to one another. I started to feel excluded though I am positive no one meant for me to feel that way. So, yes, I think it's an age thing. I always thought that becoming a nurse later in life would bring its own special challenges. I always believed that if I hadn't become a nurse by my late thirties or forties, I probably wouldn't have bothered. Not telling anyone else they shouldn't have; we all have our own lives to live. I think for those who are currently in that boat, enjoy that you are doing what you want to do, find meaning in it and enjoy your paycheque. Look elsewhere for camaraderie. And do not tolerate mean girl behaviour. You have the wisdom and maturity to nip that crap in the bud.
  3. TriciaJ

    Weekend package

    I've not done this and my misgivings would be related to working three 12s in a row and working every single weekend. How energetic are you and how active is your child? Because on Mondays you will likely crash and burn. That gives you three quality days at home, before you have to start over. Will that work for you? Twelve hour shifts look good on paper but I never worked them willingly. Other people thrive on the compressed work week. Is your partner willing to sacrifice every single weekend to your work schedule? You will not be available for weddings and other important events which are typically held on Saturdays. If weekends are your regular work week, how easy would it be to trade away a Saturday if you occasionally needed one? I get that you're feeling very stagnant where you are and desperate for a change of scene. Maybe this job works for a couple of years before you start wanting more normal hours, or maybe this lasts until your child is in school. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  4. TriciaJ

    Admin/Clerical Staff in Scrubs, Observing Procedures

    That's what I was thinking. I'd probably make an anonymous call to the HIPAA hotline. Didn't you have to sign something agreeing to report possible violations?
  5. TriciaJ

    Do I have what it takes to succeed in Nursing?

    What traits will help you? 1. Willingness to keep learning after graduation 2. Sense of humour, particularly the ability to laugh at yourself 3. Ability to take criticism even when it is not delivered very diplomatically. What will sink you? 1. Being self absorbed and unwilling to put your own feelings aside. 2. Being flaky and unreliable 3. Being unable to handle feedback 4. Thinking you already know everything and refusing to ask appropriate questions. The fact that you're already pondering this is a positive sign. Good luck.
  6. Wait - your door has a keypad? Time for the code to be changed and for way fewer people to have access.
  7. Is it the same person who keeps doing this?! Write. Her. Up. Maybe your office should be off limits to her. Along with the cow picture on the door there should be a picture of her with a red circle and line drawn through it.
  8. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    NurseBlaq has a point. Clark might well have had his come-to-Jesus talk in HR. You might be undermining that process by poking sticks at him at this point.
  9. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Well, if your employer doesn't have an issue with that, who else matters? Are you and Clark going to grab a beer after work?
  10. How did you and this attorney find each other? Did you contact her or vice versa? I think I would ask her a few more questions about how exactly this is supposed to work. If all the BON needs is a letter explaining it was all a misunderstanding, why wouldn't a letter from you accomplish the same result? I would want to be very clear about what she has access to that would be worth your $1200.
  11. TriciaJ

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    This post gives us more information. Emergent was being blunt. Bluntness is not always pleasant to receive but often useful if one is receptive. Responding in a retaliatory way speaks volumes. Your unreliability might not have been their only concern, just the one they used to terminate you.
  12. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I once worked with a fantastic CNA from the Philippines. Everyone loved her and I was surprised when a patient expressed dissatisfaction. This was a somewhat large African American lady who did not appreciate being called "Big Mama". I spoke to the charge nurse who buried her face in her hands for a minute before going off to do damage control.
  13. TriciaJ

    Help!! I made a medication error!!

    You said you didn't check identifiers such as the wrist band? When I worked in med-surg my patients often told me I was the only nurse who checked their wrist band when administering meds. I thought they must just not have been noticing when it was done. I mentioned this to a coworker who told me she never checked the wrist band. I was shocked. I suspect that this is a common corner to cut and you may have witnessed nurses giving meds without checking the wrist band. My advice to you: NEVER skip this step. There are plenty of ways to still make errors but don't let this be one of them. The time you're really swamped and just too busy to check: that's the time you check twice. I know with no MAR you had nothing to check it against. That's when you pull out your brain sheet and write the name of the patient you are to give the meds to. No wrist band? Ask the patient for his full name and date of birth. In other words, if there is no system for checking, make your own system to make sure the pills are going down the right hatch. I'm sorry this happened to you. Hang in there.
  14. TriciaJ

    Are you friends with coworkers? Maybe you should be...

    I've had jobs that ate my life to the extent that if I didn't have work friends I'd have no friends at all. The bummer is that those friendships generally do not hold up when one of you leaves the job. The intentions are good but the whole thing generally dies a natural death. My permanent solid friends are people I went to school with. And they're geographically far away. Another benefit to retirement: finally getting to develop lasting local friendships, because it's a numbers game and also dependent on repeated contact over time.
  15. TriciaJ

    Travel Bans?

    I think a great marketing plan for airlines would be to meticulously clean their cabins between flights and advertise the fact. I, for one, would pay more to fly in a plane that isn't disgusting when I board.
  16. TriciaJ

    Travel Bans?

    They're probably gaining it back as we speak. The markets have already started rebounding.
  17. TriciaJ

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    Especially since you have to remove your mask to consume anything. So you should Just. Stay. Home.
  18. TriciaJ

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    Yes, apparently the masks do not prevent people from getting sick, especially since they are rather uncomfortable to wear and just cause people to touch their faces more. A sick person can avoid infecting others by wearing a mask, but healthy people will see no benefit. Just create shortages which will put communities at risk.
  19. TriciaJ

    Call Off Criteria

    When they need you more than you need them, life is just better.
  20. TriciaJ

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    These preceptees are already licensed professionals. They should not have to be spoken to like teenagers getting their first job. With as difficult as it apparently is to find preceptors, why on earth would anyone think they could show up late, cut out early, or run their own program altogether?
  21. TriciaJ

    Suspended imprisonment order

    Your questions are legal ones and even if we were in Australia we'd not be qualified to give you legal advice. I have no idea what your chances are for completing school and becoming licensed in Australia. I think your first step would be to see a lawyer. Perhaps the lawyer who represented you in your criminal matters could refer you to someone who could help you get your career on track. From what you described, it might take a few years to work your way out of your current situation. Wishing you all the best.
  22. My guts aren't happy with the whole scenario. Doing postoperative assessments with no doctor on site? No. Wants a brand new nurse "with no bad habits"? How about a seasoned nurse with no bad habits? Writing his notes that he signs? And he bills for a doctor visit when no doctor is even in the building? I smell fraud. I would respectfully decline this position. What to do about the current position that you hate? Tough it out or keep searching. Don't jump from the frying pan to the fire.
  23. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I'm pretty sure the HIPAA statutes (statutes, right?) prohibit anyone being around a nursing unit or protected information without a legitimate reason. That includes hospital employees. So if Clark is going to be on your unit, and you're charge, then you need to know what he is doing there and to whom he reports. Minimum. So definitely play the HIPAA card. Filing your complaint to HR is cartoon form would also be a nice touch. Because some people do need to have a picture drawn for them. By the way, you do know that Clark is somebody's brother-in-law, right? He has to be given employment because he wouldn't last five minutes anywhere else and no one wants him for a couch-surfer. You may very well be wanting him to be fired by the person whose couch he would end up on. Just something to keep in mind.
  24. TriciaJ

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    Apparently China is a source country for medications and medical supplies. Their productivity is currently severely hampered by the outbreak, contributing to shortages.
  25. I would be so livid. I would probably have fired out a poison pen memo about reading signs, knocking first, not unlocking locked doors, 10th graders are not preschoolers, if they need snacks they need to pack their own, yada yada. Do these people take special classes in how to be clueless? Apologetic? She would be mowing my lawn for the next year.

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