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    Manager Woes

    And the ones who work the hardest to advocate for their staff will be shown the door that much sooner.
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    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Do you remember where that perception of glamour came from, Davey? Was it television or did your instructors convey it? I ask because I'm not aware of having any such perception in my younger days but it seems to be quite the thing now. There's some sort of a nursing hierarchy thing going on. The most shocking example was on this site a couple years back. Rembember the new grad who was dismissed from her hospital orientation and proceeded to apply for 30 different nursing positions in that same hospital, some of them highly specialized? She eventually took our advice to give her LTC opportunity a shot, but she did voice a belief that she was slumming it. I really do hope she was able to let go of silly notions and get some career traction.
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    Shameless request for good vibes

    I've been in similar circumstances a couple of times. Both times caused by managers with whom I had a previous good relationship, due to my work ethic and being agreeable. Maybe that is why they became incensed when I refused to participate in the BS du jour, and was vocal to my colleagues about my principles. Receiving false accusations is always a life-disruptor. One time I was on paid admin leave for 5 weeks before being able to make short work of things in a tribunal. The other time I was investigated by the BON who kept saying "This could just be someone's vendetta". Meaning they had already pegged it as such and nothing came of it. Both situations were stressful while they were occuring. The best revenge is landing on your feet. The bonus is when they make themselves look bad for their pettiness and dishonesty. I'm pulling for you. Do keep us updated.
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    Hernia Repair Patient Dignity

    A colonoscopy doesn't involve a shave prep or postop checks. It doesn't even involve that many nurses. This is an apples and oranges comparison.
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    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    I've had hospital jobs and non-hospital jobs. None of my patients knew where else I had worked unless I told them. The marvelous thing about nursing is that we're needed in all kinds of places. Nursing experience is nursing experience. What's so magical about hospitals?
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    Hernia Repair Patient Dignity

    OK so be very clear about this when you have your meeting. He had several diifferent people check on him to where he started to feel uncomfortable. No one took the time to explain what they were doing and why. I really hope this results in positive change. However I suspect a lot of busy nurses will be thrown under the bus while the status quo is maintained. Good luck.
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    Hernia Repair Patient Dignity

    That is true. The people in charge do need to hear it from you because it falls on deaf ears coming from us. If you receive a Press-Ganey survey you might want to tell them that your husband had a succession of caregivers. Due to the intimate nature of his procedure it would have been helpful to have one nurse consistently. Also that they seemed rushed and he didn't feel able to ask questions. Maybe the powers-that-be will abandon the assembly line policies. Patients and nurses would both be happier but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Hernia Repair Patient Dignity

    Actually you don't know what was done because you weren't there. The drugs used in surgery affect memory and can take a few days to clear the system. Patients often need to have the same information repeated. That's where families come in but not during a pandemic. You're keeping yourself worked up over your husband's account of things. Why don't you suspend judgement until you've spoken to someone else who was there?
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    Hernia Repair Patient Dignity

    It might be a really good idea to make an appointment with the nurse manager of the unit your husband was on. S/he can explain the appropriate nursing procedures for your husband's care. If you had been able to be at his bedside, the nurses would have been able to explain at the time what they were doing. You would have been able to ask questions. Your husband was clearly anxious and uncomfortable and may have misperceived things. I am a female nurse who worked on a urology floor. I can't imagine any of my colleagues not wanting to help every patient feel safe, comfortable and respected. I was fortunate not to have to deal with covid restrictions and answering families' questions was an important part of my job. I hope you can speak with someone who can help put your mind at rest. That doesn't seem to be us.
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    How do you guys do it for so long?

    When I worked med-surg I used to flop on the couch straight in from the door after work. I'd lay there thinking about going to the gym if only I could move my body. Sometimes it would be 2 hours before I could get up and change out of my scrubs.
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    How do you guys do it for so long?

    OP, did you indicate that you are working 12 hr rotating shifts? Before you make a whole career change, get off that hamster wheel. It's eating your life. I second the advice to live well within your means. That will give you the freedom to make more sustainable job choices. If you can score a better gig and still hate nursing, well at least then you'll know. Right now it's probably impossible to think clearly. Start scoping out the job listings. It doesn't have to be this way. Good luck.
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    How do you guys do it for so long?

    Going for walks with friends? What friends? The only walks I got to do with friends was running up and down the halls with coworkers. Is that what they mean? Can't say it relieved a lot of stress. 😵
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    Please don't feed the trolls

    I had no idea there were so many subtypes. I do know they get a lot of support from people who have no idea what they are supporting.
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    Kicked out of Nursing program

    Nope. No one made any negative comment. Just that there is more to the story. Your friend is either skipping some details, or she doesn't know them herself so she needs to talk with someone in her school. No one here judged her. Here's what I've told many people: don't work harder on someone's behalf than they're willing to work for themselves. Your coming on here and asking for advice on your friend's behalf shows that you are a really good friend, but you may need better boundaries. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I have spent many sleepless nights fretting over someone's situation that I was powerless to help with. In practically every case it turned out the person made decisions I would not have in those circumstances. In the end, everyone has to live their life and fix their own errors and omissions. So my original advice stands: be there to support your friend while she navigates her own way through this. That's it.
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    Kicked out of Nursing program

    And that's pretty much what I said, too. You want to be supportive but there may be more to the story (there often is). If that triggers the old "nurses eat their young" routine I think I get the picture.
  16. The best thing about classmates is that they're temporary. Unless you choose to stay in contact after graduation. And the most obnoxious ones are usually gone by Christmas.
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    Leave my permanent job for a temp position?

    Have you mapped out the pros and cons on paper? If this job is through an agency could the hours be negotiable? Could it be a temporary gig while you look for something more suitable long term? Wishing you the best, whatever you end up doing.
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    How do you know if correctional nursing is for you?

    Get the book Games Criminals Play And How You Can Benefit From Knowing Them. It's really important to not go in there all dewy-eyed while still maintaining open-minded compassion. It can be quite the balancing act. And as others have stated, it is not a health care facility so the priorities are very different.
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    Who should decide?

    I really don't know what to think. The pragmatic side of me says "If this child has no hope, then let her go." Then I look at that sweet face and how could anyone just let her go? Of course her mother is going to fight for her. This is the downside of miraculous medical technology. Sometimes it just isn't miraculous enough even though it keeps nature from taking its course. Long time ago I read The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Sallie Tisdale. It describes these kinds of modern day dilemmas. My heart hurts just thinking about the whole thing.
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    Are nurses able to shower after shift?

    Sweetie, no one has diagnosed Monk with anything. He IS obsessed with cleanliness. You said yourself you will not get into anyone's car unless you know it has been properly disinfected. This, and some of the other things you said are a bit over the top. I think working as a CNA will be incredibly stressful for you, as it would be for Mr. Monk if he were to choose that line of work. I can see you working in a field that requires very meticulous attention to detail, which is a highly sought-after trait in many industries. I do wish you the best in whatever career you embark on.
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    What would you do in this situation?

    I would have a heart-to-heart with your manager ASAP. You need to tell her exactly what is going on and offer to be of whatever use you can be to her before you leave. She may need you to promptly resign, which you can do on good terms. Your prompt leveling with her will go a long way for good will, good reference and rehirability. Hopefully, she will be able to use your services in some capacity prior to your leaving. But to sit on this information and Spring it at the last minute will just leave a bad taste.
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    License Accusation

    This is bureaucracy for you. Open-and-shut needs to be dragged out. So nerve-wracking. As draining as it is, I'm glad you're putting up the good fight for your livelihood and reputation. Many people just fold and it makes me so sad. I'll be certainly sending good vibes your way. You will come out of this much stronger and more confident and you'll be surprised at how much harder it'll be to rattle you in the future. Hang in there.
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    I need help. Do I need a new job?

    If I'd had 4 jobs in 2 years I'm not sure I'd relish starting over again. Hopefully with the petty schoolgirls gone, you can help your workplace develop a more professional culture. Always remember who you are accountable to. You do not need to defend or justify anything to someone to whom you are not accountable. Therefore don't give "nobodies" any opportunity to ruin your day. Here's another twist: when people are working and behaving poorly, that just gives you more opportunity to shine. It's a lot harder to feel adequate when you have stellar coworkers (although they certainly make life easier). The crowd you described won't leave very big shoes to fill. That's an easy win for you.
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    National Blah Blah Blah Day

    Your brain wanted to keep you asleep to get to the resolution of the dream. Your body was trying to wake you by alerting you to your need to pee.
  25. If you still have the email and can prove your innocence, what are you sfraid of? Landing on your feet is the best revenge.