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    Disrespect & Profanity

    The best thing about this forum is being able to support one another without getting targets painted on our own backs.
  2. TriciaJ

    I want to help!

    I would check with local agencies. They will have been called on to recruit additional personnel to facilities most in need.
  3. TriciaJ

    License revoked by default

    We cannot answer your questions. These are legal questions. You need a lawyer. We cannot give you better information than you can get from your lawyer. Good luck.
  4. TriciaJ

    Float Pool Not A Right Fit

    Here's what I think is the big problem with precepting: the whole idea of taking 1 patient, then 2, etc. No one ever seems to get past the first few patients. You're sinking or swimming with your patients, while your preceptor is busy with hers. It's too much extra work for the preceptor, and not a lot of consistent coaching and support for the orientee. My preference was to have my student/orientee take my whole load along with me. The first day they would only shadow. I could explain what I was doing and why I was doing it. The orientee would gradually assume more of the work while I shadowed. That way I was always right there to answer questions, troubleshoot and catch any time-management issues. By the end of orientation, the orientee should feel fairly comfortable to handle a full load, because they've already been doing it. It's a bit far into your orientation, but you might run it past your preceptor. Whatever you decide to do, good luck.
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    Disrespect & Profanity

    I'm loving this.
  6. TriciaJ

    Alarming conditions of a job offer letter

    Accepting a less than ideal job is probably a good way to go. But still be careful about employers who post jobs that don't exist.
  7. TriciaJ

    Nursing in the REAL world

    The fact that you even question yourself is a good sign. And the fact that you keep pushing forward is an even better one.
  8. TriciaJ

    Abandoning Ship

    The most important thing you have to learn as a nurse is to "put your own oxygen mask on first". Lose the guilt. Recent history of cancer; recurrent URIs - I call that the writing on the wall. You aren't abandoning your coworkers any more than you'd be abandoning them if you died. Everyone's first job is to stay alive. Get out of the trenches and figure out your next move. Wishing you all the best.
  9. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    It's hard enough looking after sick people without assorted clowns and fruitcakes throwing monkey wrenches. Your coworkers shouldn't be like having additional patients to look after. (That's what students and visitors are for.) It's time for management to do a complete hiring practice overhaul.
  10. TriciaJ

    Care Plan for IV infiltration help please!!

    Here's what jumped out at me: how likely would she be having general malaise from an infiltrated IV? What is the main location for her pain? Just her IV site? Also the pulse ox number is missing from her VS.
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    The only way to get yourself out of a rut is to put one foot in front of the other. You'll be a lot harder to bully when you refuse to take anyone's behaviour personally. Likewise job application rejections. You should not take those personally either. Is there any kind of career coaching service where you live? You might want to get help with interviewing and other issues related to self confidence. Good luck.
  12. TriciaJ

    Manager ignoring me?

    She might just not care about you but most likely she is swamped like FurBabyMom described. Either way quit bugging her. Your post was a bit unclear: are you wanting to let her know you're not interested in working there as a nurse? Or are you saying you've lost interest because of her lack of response? I think at the moment you may have to be patient and cope with an uncertain future. Everyone has bigger fish to fry.
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    THIS is not funny!

    Well yeah it was funny...
  14. TriciaJ

    Thieves! Stealing Supplies During COVID-19 Crisis

    I can't "like" this post enough. The current situation has been politicized to death.
  15. TriciaJ

    Alarming conditions of a job offer letter

    I'm with KP2016. I'm not buying the whole spiel about seeing how you do on days and reassigning to nights "if it doesn't work out". They're just greasing the cogs for you to be stuck on nights after you applied to the day shift job that they posted. While it might be tough to get a hospital day shift job as a new grad, I'd think twice about working for anyone willing to pull such blatant shenanigans.
  16. TriciaJ

    Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    Yes maybe someone should speak to him about that because the optics just aren't good.
  17. 1. Call your manager and tell her you got a letter from the Board due to a youthful discretion you had forgotten. Tell her you are sorting it out ASAP but will need unpaid time off. 2. Arrange an interview with the Board so you can find out just what they need from you at this point. 3. Then do what they require. You may need a lawyer to help with this. Your employer may not be able to hold your job for you. Good luck.
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    Mickey Weird

    She was lucky enough to have a job that got 3 breaks in one shift? And she blew that? Time for a factory job putting lids on jars.
  19. TriciaJ

    Mickey Weird

    Hopefully the house is getting deloused. But I wouldn't bet on it. Quite likely they'll replace the current rogue's gallery with new rogues.
  20. TriciaJ

    Next challenge

    Congratulations! Since you have to keep the big news to yourself for a bit, your head's all over the place and you have big changes coming up - is there any way you could take some time off beforehand? A little break might help you get some things sorted before all the big changes. Happy for you!
  21. TriciaJ

    I quit

    At this point, all you can do is float out applications and see what comes up. Maybe your previous employer comes up with something for you or maybe they're happy to cut you loose. Start applying for whatever is out there that looks halfway doable. It'll likely take at least a few weeks before you have a new job to start, so you can spend those weeks getting a bit of rest. You haven't said how much leeway your financial situation gives you. Hopefully you're in not too bad of a position and won't have to jump from the frying pan to the fire. Good luck.
  22. TriciaJ

    Need Advice with Encouraging Staff to Precept New Hires!

    I would hold face-to-face meetings with the night staffers during the night, when it works for them. During the meetings, tell them what you told us in your original post. Why it behooves them to help train their coworkers. ASK them what is getting in the way of them being able to do this. Is it possible they are so short-staffed that they just can't attend to another task? Is it because there is such a high turnover they don't want to put time and energy into a bottomless pit? LISTEN to what they have to say and don't allow generalized ***ing. Require specifics. pertinent to the problem at hand. Some of them may have good ideas or at least good information. Try to schedule follow up meetings with these people individually to get a better grasp on what's happening. (There may be a ringleader that no one wants to risk outing publicly.) Ask what type of incentives would make it worth their while. Schrute Bux and ice cream socials probably aren't going to cut it. Just the idea of management willing to turn up in the middle of the night and address issues head on might be a bigger morale booster than you expect.
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    Sometimes there's not much you can do in that situation without becoming the other half of a screaming match. It might come down to how you handle things after the fact. You're on the right track for at least running it by us and not just letting it go. I agree with discussing the issue with the other charge nurse and your manager. In both those discussions try to put aside your feelings of uncertainty and project a certain amount of authority. "I'm very concerned about staff snapping back when asked to respond to an urgent situation. Has this been an ongoing problem and how has it been addressed so far?" I would also catch up with the subordinate. He was testing you and you need to follow up. "It was not okay to shout back at me when I informed you of your patient's situation. It was not okay to stay sitting there when other people were doing your work." So he was previously a charge nurse who got demoted? Clearly he was not self-disciplined enough to do charge and now resents everyone who is. You might just need to start writing him up when he pulls this crap. Good luck.
  24. TriciaJ

    Alarming conditions of a job offer letter

    They're pulling a classic bait-and-switch. They need night staff and aren't getting any hits. So they advertise a day gig to score applicants. They hire you on the fly and get you to sign a contract that holds only you to account and absolves them. The problem for you is that as a new grad day shift might not be realistic. By all means check out the other offers but you may have to reconcile yourself to working nights.
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    Disrespect & Profanity

    BOOM! I hope you're planning a spectacular retirement party.

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