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    two jobs

    I think you're smart and you are not doing anything wrong. They cannot hold you to the standard of an RN if you're not hired as an RN, not being paid as an RN and not performing outside your scope of duties as a CNA. You are qualified to do each of the jobs you are doing. Good luck to you!
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    appt with nurse manager

    I think JDBinCA gave great advice! Good luck to both of you!
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    Big interview

    Just be as prepared as you can be for the interview. Be prepared to state why you want this job and why you would be the ideal candidate. Don't waste time trying to second-guess what someone's approach might be. Just work on being prepared to give a good account of yourself.
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    Just finished my first interview--feeling not so great

    I think that was a great answer to that interview question. I agree with everyone else. I know there's a great job coming your way soon.
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    Penalized for scheduling error?

    If you have a union, there are rules about what they can and can't penalize you for. If you are not represented, they can pretty much do what they want.
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    Question for Nurse Managers

    I landed a great job when I called the nurse recruiter and said I wanted to hand-deliver my resume. She told me to come in that day and got me set up at a computer to do the on-line application. While I was doing that, she called around to nurse managers to see who was interested in interviewing me that day. I got to talk to one, and pretty much got hired off the street. During my orientation, I met a lot of new grads who had only submitted an online application, and sat in cyber-limbo for months.
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    SEIU Nurses: Do you still have Clinical Ladder?

    There are always garbage stories about how things will get worse when nurses unionize. I can never understand how otherwise intelligent nurses seem to fall for them. The reality is that most clinical ladders were initiated or at least endorsed by the unions. The best thing about a union contract is that pay steps and clinical ladder steps are awarded based on seniority or merit. It makes it more difficult to management to play favourites when nurses apply for advancement.
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    An odd staff member

    It is important that the charge nurse or NM talk to the person about workplace expectations and steer him toward appropriate outlets. And document the conversation. If he continues to be a loose cannon or demonstrates other perv tendencies, you've already started a paper trail, which will speed up the discipline/termination process if it comes to that.
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    An odd staff member

    1. Professionalism: Talk to the nurse manager about the situation; is she a sympathetic person? With her input, talk to the employee. 2. Compassion: Tell him that you and others feel bad for him that he is having so many problems, but the workplace is not the best place to air them. Reiterate some options: the church, EAP, etc. Express sympathy and encouragement but remind him he is at work to care about the patients and must put his own problems aside. Yes, there is a possibility he is embellishing to gain sympathy. That's why you limit the sympathy, steer him toward more appropriate outlets and expect professionalism in the workplace.
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    Moving from Canada to US to Nurse????

    Yes, it does sound too good to be true. 1:2 ratio and big sign-on bonus. And yet they have to recruit from Canada. Something doesn't seem right. Did they even talk to you about how you will gain eligibility to work in the US and how to get a North Carolina nursing license? Also, nurses in many states do not have union representation. I found that a real eye-opener when I moved down here. Please check carefully into everything. But yes, if they sell you a bill of goods you can always go home.
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    What is my PROBLEM???

    Simple. You became a nurse because you couldn't NOT be a nurse. Now you are missing it. It's a dilemma many of us have; we don't miss the stress but we miss so many other things about nursing. Just keep your eyes open to do anything nurse-wise. Even seasonal flu shot clinics. Just to keep your hand in and make it easier to go back when you're ready.
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    Hypothetical Ethical Issue

    For nurses who have ethical dilemmas caring for criminals, Corrections wouldn't be the field for them. But you can end up caring for someone in the hospital who has committed heinous acts. You just have to tell yourself, if you wanted to be judge and juror, you would have gone into the legal system. Nurses are supposed to alleviate human suffering, period. I've found this approach has helped me get past the ethical dilemmas.
  13. Good for you. Go with your gut. And kudos for letting them know what put you off.
  14. I agree with Canesdukegirl. Best to request a meeting with your manager Thursday afternoon if possible. Tell her you're having trouble making it work and feel you and the position are a bad fit for one another. She will appreciate not spending additional orientation time and money on someone who is unhappy in the job. Tell her what a great team everyone is (even if they aren't) and thank her for her support. It's clear to me you want to resign as courteously and professionally as possible and your manager will respect that. Once you've spoken to your manager about this, it makes no sense for you to continue to orient. Thursday will probably be your last day. Good luck.
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    Is this a HIPAA violation?

    My understanding is that it IS a HIPAA violation because enough information was posted that the lady could possibly be identified by someone who knows her. In any case, your friend could certainly be dismissed for this. Most health-care facilities now have strict policies about posting ANYTHING that happens in the workplace, because they are responsible for the conduct of their employees and can face severe penalties for any confidential information that goes public.