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    Private message requirements

    I've received 2 private messages in the past week from people who: 1. Just joined 5 minutes ago 2. Have posted no profile info; likely not even nurses 3. Appear to have mistaken this for a lonely hearts website. I thought someone had to be a member on this site for a certain period of time before being allowed to pm members. Now I know why. Has that rule changed? Can anyone now come on this forum and approach members, asking to be personal friends?
  2. TriciaJ

    Regretting new job. What to do?

    As usual, I agree with JKL. Your decision will be a lot easier if you can specify exactly what it is you're not liking. What exactly were you looking forward to? Does it just not exist in reality? Is there some fundamental thing you can't see yourself doing? I changed specialties a few times in my career. I got one orientation that I would describe as useful. Sometimes I had a steep learning curve to overcome, after leaving a comfort zone of competence. It's the pits to go back to being the new stupid person and worse when they're not prepared to give you a great orientation. The alternative is to never leave your comfort zone and spend your career battling a trapped-in-a-corner feeling. Good luck whatever you decide.
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    What’s a Crusty Old Bat?

    Do we even get as many posts anymore from entitled newbies taking us to task? I must admit I got a perverse charge watching the bat-a-ball game that ensued. I totally embrace crusty old bathood.
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    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    She sounds a bit flighty. I agree with JKL - remind her those are inappropriate comments when you are engaged in patient care. Beyond that, address her concerns with minimal fanfare. Show her your BCLS card; apologize for missing her class but you were unavoidably detained.
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    Nursing with non-accredited

    Only count your first school for your BSN, and count all relevent work experience. Your second BSN school was just for added prereqs for your Master's. So don't count it as your BSN. For any job you have 2 hurdles to clear. The first one is the computer algorithm, so don't put anything on your resume that will hang it up. When you clear that hurdle you should be able to explain everything else to a live person. Good luck.
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    Happy Nurse's week.... I guess

    All professions bear the burden of showing their worthiness. (Just be glad you're not law enforcement.) I think if you have an employer who is good at recognizing everyone else, they might need a nudge to stop thinking of you as chopped liver. I'd be tempted to put up a poster in my office indicating how many more shopping days were left until Nurses' Week.
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    Social Skills Should Be a Bigger Focus in Nursing School

    You start with the "everyone gets a trophy" early childhood. Everyone knows their "rights" but draws a blank at "responsibilities". There are no clear rites of passage to adulthood so you see prolongued adolescence well into the 20s and beyond. With the emphasis on "self-esteem" and "unconditional positive regard", is it any wonder people are entering the workforce socially unprepared? With exclusive focus on academic prowess and the assumption that the "soft skills" will be magically picked up along the way, is it any wonder we have schoolgirl cliques among adult professionals? It might be difficult to teach social skills in nursing school but maybe it should be part of the applicant screening process.
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    Gross Me Out 🤮 Contest | Nurses Week

    Take the plunger out of a 5 ml syringe and load the leech in butt- first. Then put the open end of the syringe to the wound and the leech will have to latch on where you put him.
  9. TriciaJ

    QuantiFERON instead of TB test

    I received BCG vaccine in nursing school and had an adverse local reaction. My arm took months to heal. I haven't risked a PPD since and always submitted to chest x-rays. Until my last job when quantiferon was available. I guess it would depend why you wouldn't want a PPD. Are you concerned about a false positive? It's certainly worth asking your employer.
  10. Maybe you'll get a real nice set of alcohol swabs next year or some saline flushes.
  11. You're accepting indentured servitude out of fear of being reported to the Board? I was reported to the Board. It was malicious and retaliatory and they had it pegged before I even got there. We went through the paces then we all had a good laugh and I went home. JKL told you how to resign. Don't tolerate that crap for one more day than you need to. THEY don't have an RN? Guess they better start beating the bushes. They have two weeks from the time you put in your notice.
  12. Then be damn sure you claim the charitable deduction. 😡
  13. WTH even is that? What does it do for the earth?
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    Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    Don't get me wrong. I've always toughed out a 2 week notice. Sometimes the longest 2 weeks of my life. My advice is if there is no possible way to go back there.
  15. TriciaJ

    IV infiltration with PRBC

    Anything in the procedures manual? What do your coworkers think? Did you notify the doctor?
  16. That blue bow is really a festive touch. Have you ever worked for a florist, Davey? You'd be great in the unique arrangement department.
  17. TriciaJ

    Should I give a two weeks' notice?

    I surmise you're working in a long term care facility. The beginning of your post was unclear. You've been working there over a year but now can't stand the thought of toughing out a two week notice. I guess when you've had enough you've had enough. Here's a thought: put in your notice, then call in sick. A day later, call them all apologetic about not being able to work your notice. I don't really see this as being dishonest; you clearly are sick at the thought of ever going back there. They may buy it or not. No matter. You need to be out of there.
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    New nurse. Where is my passion?

    I think with your realistic mindset you have a better chance at a long, satisfying career than your "passionate" cohorts with their inspirational stories. Most of us don't subscribe to the idea that nursing is a "calling". That's just a lot of hype to rope us into poor working conditions and low pay and we're supposed to be all dewy-eyed while we're doing it. Keep in touch with your passionate friends. You'll be amazed how many run away screaming.
  19. In workplaces that have unions, there is always a form that can be completed if staffing is unsafe. A copy of the form is always directed to an entity OUTSIDE the employer system, which is why employers hate when this form is used. The form essentially functions as a preemptive incident report. It generally states "I am accepting an unsafe assignment under protest. I have already requested help from ABC and received XYZ response. I will not be held professionally liable for any negative outcomes." You see if something bad happens because you were stretched too thin, you will be held responsible. Saying you were short-staffed won't get you off the hook unless you have already documented that you asked for help and accepted the assignment under protest. If you have no preprinted forms, this information can be put on a blank sheet of paper. A copy MUST go to the state regulatory body, a copy to your employer and you keep a copy. If you insist on staying on this sinking ship of a job, using that form will be your career life preserver.
  20. Where's your upper management? Are you the most senior person in the building? And State popped by for a visit? Come on in! I'd be showing them a lot more than my newly bald head.
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    What would you do?? New Grad 2021 Houston

    Keep in mind that HR has to start the ball rolling. They have NO sense of urgency.
  22. TriciaJ

    What would you do?? New Grad 2021 Houston

    Why would you hate the job you were offered?
  23. That's a novel idea. When I worked med-surg I used to keep little gifts in my locker to give to coworkers who'd had a particularly bad shift. This would include an unexpected demise, being slimed by a manager, etc. I don't know if it made anyone feel better, but no one turned it down.
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    Mandated reporting outside of work

    If a case of abuse comes to the attention of the authorities, and it is found that you were aware but didn't act, you could be held liable. The onus would be on the plaintiff to prove you had knowledge. It's hard to make a case if the abuse was in fact reported.