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    Do I have to join the Union?

    Big on adjectives. Short on content. I smell management shill for sure.
  2. TriciaJ

    I want to work for the Union.

    If you currently work in a union shop your best starting point would be to become more involved. Start attending meetings. Consider becoming a rep or shop steward. Get to know your union leaders and be alert to opportunities.
  3. Not to mention a semi-functioning immune system. Hats off to you guys. Stay safe and healthy.
  4. TriciaJ

    Relocation to Portland

    The downside of OHSU is that it is a parking nightmare. Before you accept a job there make sure you know how you are going to get to work. It will depend on your shift and current public transpo options. St. Vincent (Providence) is a nice hospital in west Portland. I enjoyed my time there. I don't know a lot about Providence Portland on the east side. I've never worked for Kaiser but they do deliver good care and appear to be a fairly nurse-friendly environment. The newest one is in Hillsboro (Westside) where housing might be a bit more affordable. Interstate Kaiser is in a regentrified neighbourhood but there may be issues with traffic and parking. I don't have much experience, personal or professional, with the other hospitals. OHSU, Providence and Kaiser are all unionized so the pay and bennies should be pretty good.
  5. TriciaJ

    Seeking advice

    Five med-surg patients on day shift is extremely busy. When you interview, could you request to shadow for a day (even if you had to do it on your own time)? I think if you give yourself a bit of exposure to the unit, your intuition could kick in and direct you further. Good luck!
  6. TriciaJ

    What Is Wrong with These Students?

    When did nursing school become daycare? Are there not still admission requirements? After they've invested in taking all the prereqs, how can they waste time and opportunity? How about make the expectations clear and if they're not met, they're out. For those who are disruptive and hampering the learning of others: out. Where did they get the idea that bedside nursing was lowly and they really need to "advance a level"? From their schools, that's where. Now that idea has taken on a life of its own, just like the idea that a degree improves patient survivability. (I read the Aiken study; it has more holes than a slab of Swiss cheese.) Nothing wrong with degrees and higher degrees. But we're educating ourselves away from the bedside. Who is providing the actual hands-on care? Minimally educated CNAs. And if they're already burned out before they go to nursing school, how on earth are they going to function as nurses? They're not; they expect to educate themselves away from the bedside so they can all be "leaders". Schools have created monsters. Now they have to figure out how to control them. Good luck. Meanwhile, we still need nurses who can actually nurse. Where are they going to come from?
  7. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    So true. I taught myself years ago to not take other people's behaviour personally. Even if they meant it to be.
  8. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    You're right. The worse the trenches, the stronger the bond. But yes, they do weaken when they no longer serve their original purpose.
  9. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Yes, work friends do have the habit of drifting away when one of you no longer works there. I've changed jobs enough times to know that. Maybe in a couple of years you'll run into someone at the post office and get an update. You'll spend the rest of the day high-fiving yourself for being long gone. In the meantime, yes, shake the dust from that place off you.
  10. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Looks vaguely familiar. You can be a completely loose cannon of an employee, no problem. But point out any issues with your workplace or your employers, you're the problem. Some of these people are incredibly inept, petty and defensive. By the way - to borrow an advertising slogan used by a Canadian bank - You're richer than you think.
  11. Are you actually in New Zealand or elsewhere? It's hard for us to advise you further since we don't know what the applicable laws and current emergency measures are in your location.
  12. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    No matter how ludicrous, I will not have a problem believing any of it. I've seen ludicrous and nothing surprises me anymore. Anyway, glad you're basking in your newfound freedom. Seriously, you'll look back and marvel at your crap tolerance and wonder how you stood it so long.
  13. TriciaJ

    Humble Nurses Do This

    Possibly. But much harder to knock them off a pedestal when they aren't on one. These are the people who smile grimly to themselves and go on about their business when it inevitably happens to someone who was due.
  14. Call your prospective employer and tell them what's happened. Ask for a delayed start date. When the worst of this is behind us and travel bans start lifting, they will still be grateful for additional staff. If you're with your parents then I'm guessing you have food and shelter. Contact your creditors and discuss the situation with them. Everyone is in a similar boat. Try to make the most of your downtime even though you're anxious to move forward with your life.
  15. TriciaJ

    I'm injection compatability

    Who fills the prescriptions? There should be a pharmacist available by phone that you can call. What kind of medications are you giving I'm routinely in an outpatient setting?
  16. TriciaJ

    Need advice! Travel Case Manager?

    I have a close friend who just took a cm job with an insurance company and loves it. It's a work from home job with weekly onsite meetings. Except the onsite meetings are currently Skype meetings due to Covid19. This has her wondering if she can take this job on the road in a couple years if she decides to do the RV thing. It seems like it could be a possibility so maybe you could get any kind of cm job and not have to stay put for it. Good luck.
  17. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Are they trying to make a HIPAA case? Nice try. They can spend 5 minutes on allnurses and there is no shortage of clinical scenarios being discussed.
  18. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I'm voting for congratulations as well. Although I imagine today has to be a bit discombobulating for Davey. No matter. We all have your back. And welcome to life on this side of the divide. This is where life truly begins...
  19. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    You said you didn't know what the reason would be for you being fired. But of course we know the reason. You didn't give up on holding them accountable. What you didn't know was what pretext they were going to use. That's what they had to scramble to come up with.
  20. TriciaJ

    Almost A Year

    Oh yeah p/p changes. I did do a few per diem days at my old job after I retired. Until they started training for the new and improved EMR system. That was the real end for me.
  21. TriciaJ

    To All Nurse Preceptors:

    Prestige is like a designer bag with nothing in it.
  22. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I never thought I'd be glad to not have a talented bone in my body. I do a lot of handicrafts, but my goal in life is to never become good at anything again. By the way, Davey - I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Your whole work situation might be a blessing in disguise. I'm going to send good thoughts for your sister to have the best possible outcome.
  23. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Well of course it depends on your union contract (if you have one) and the labour laws in your state. But it's worth looking into. Many years ago, during a labour dispute, my coworker and I programmed some pro-union slogans into the nursing station computer screensavers. The powers-that-be apparently went ballistic. We both got a phone call at home telling us we were on administrative leave until further notice. We contacted our union attorney and were told we were suspected of dumping files from the hospital computer system. Of course we had no idea how to even do this, and there would have been no purpose served by doing it. It was bogus and in retaliation for our being vocal about the labour dispute. We heard nothing for five weeks, then were called to a tribunal. The tribunal was laughable, but at least I got to look my manager in the eye and tell him that I did not dump any computer files. (Of course I copped to the screensaver; I had actually done that.) We were paid for every nanosecond we were on admin leave. The shifts I had scheduled as charge, I received charge pay. The overtime shifts I had agreed to, I got paid overtime. When we finally ratified our contract and received retro pay, it included the five weeks of admin leave. Yes you told Rita you weren't willing to work until your concerns were addressed. But your concerns were based on safety and already codified in policy. Rita got the last word in telling you not to report for work. In my book, the turd's in her pocket and you should be getting paid. At least look into it.
  24. TriciaJ

    Disrespect & Profanity

    By the way Davey - since you were told not to come to work for the time being, you should be on PAID administrative leave.
  25. TriciaJ

    How to Beat the Social Distancing Blues

    Thanks. You just renewed my resolve to walk more.

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