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  1. ChristyJ

    South University FNP-Oct 2016

    How are you liking the program, I'm considering starting at the end of January?
  2. ChristyJ

    OR TO ER? Help?!

    I have officially been an OR nurse for almost 7yrs now🤤😱. I can't even get over that lol. I'm looking to broaden my horizons, is the ED a good choice for me? Yes, I know OR and ER are different beasts...but the adrenalin and chaos im very familiar with. I think if I were to choose anything else I'd be bored. My institution has a training program I applied for...thanks everyone!
  3. Well, like KER I also checked pearson and paid for the quick results and passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Congrats and goodluck to everyone!!!!!
  4. KER, I am soooo hoping that the both of us get great news tomorrow :) If I hear anything I will def. keep everyone posted! Goodluck, I have my fingers crossed :)
  5. Hi! I also took my NCLEX on Friday, and I almost wanted to kick myself for making it for a Friday, but I just wanted to do it the first available appt they had. I also did the PearsonVue Trick, and got the good pop-up, but like you i have little faith in a pop-up that will ultimately determine my fate. I was lucky enough to score a internship/training program in the OR (my dream job) and they are waiting on my scores to finalize everything. So i'm just about going nuts, I'm in FL so they have the quick results option....But here is the catch seeing as that I took it on a Friday, Quick results take two business days which leaves me until tuesday so thats a total of 5 agonizing days . So i'm basically going insane right now with the waiting...I got 75 questions, so I have no idea,....One upside to your situ is that at least now you aren't totally alone I will also post my results when they become available...Nice to meet you by the way :) P.S. I have a bunch of RN friends that did the Pearson Trick and they said it worked, but i'm just a skeptic that way..lol
  6. ChristyJ

    How long for quick results for NCLEX?

    What's the "good pop-up"?? I just took mine today and i have to wait the entire weekend plus the 2 days