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idialyze is a BSN, RN and specializes in Dialysis.

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  1. idialyze


    I swear by my 3 pairs of Danskos and my compression knee socks . I had always worn New Balance or Sketchers in the past, but I changed jobs to a position where I was on my feet 14 hrs a day, and my feet were killing me all day. I could not find any shoes that were comfortable any more, and to add insult to injury, I caught a shoelace around the brake of a dialysis chair wheel and fell on my rear during turnover one day! I bought my first pair of Danskos after that, and worked a 14 hr shift the first day I wore them with NO foot pain. Haven’t worn any other shoes to work since then.
  2. idialyze

    Should I try LTC?

    I may be biased, but I have done dialysis for 27 years. It is a field where people love or hate it, but I was so burned out after 12 years of working in cardiology at hospital , I didn’t even want to be a nurse anymore. But I needed a job, so I tried Outpatient Dialysis and fell in love with it and the patients. Yes, it’s a hard technical job to learn, but for me it’s all about the patients. We take care of them for 3-4 hours a day 3 times a week. We may be the I only social interaction they ever get. We get to know them and their issues very well. Yes, there are difficult patients as well, and we learn to deal with them, and even win them over sometimes. My suggestion would be to try to shadow someone for a couple days. I won’t mention names but try to stay away from the “Big Two” companies, try to find a not-for- profit clinic group, or a privately owned clinic. Try it, you may fall in love with dialysis too! I would be happy to answer any question you may think of.
  3. idialyze

    Blood leak

    I've been taught to check for a blood leak from the drain line. The machine can be re-setup for that patient to complete his tx, then it has to be bleached. I always soak the Hansons in bleach as well. Haven't seen a blood leak for a long time, but I was also taught if you drop a dialyzer, it must be thrown away due to the increased risk of a blood leak. You should have a policy on this, as well.
  4. idialyze

    Reasonable time frame for prn medication to be given?

    I'm with you peachtreenurse How hard is it to grab a couple Immodiums as soon as the patient asks? It will make the patient and family happy, and avoid big complaints later. I would like to avoid cleaning up a mess and making families angry enough to escalate their complaints up the food chain! It takes a minute of my time and saves a lot of grief later. Patients and families often do not think of anything beyond their own needs nowadays, some truly do not care if somebody's trying to die, they just want Mama to be taken care of. Sometime it's easier to just go along, to get along,
  5. idialyze

    How long have you been a nurse

    36 years next month, the last 24 in Dialysis! Wow, I'm really old💀💀💀
  6. idialyze

    Does anyone still wear white shoes?

    Been rocking Dansko's for over a year now, one pair is multi-colored in a snakeskin pattern, the other pair is an antique bronze, never going back to sneakers, though I still have a pair of Fubu sneaks that are hot pink and black patent leather that I wear every now and then. No more white shoes for this old girl í ½í¸‚
  7. idialyze

    Got offered Nonhospital job but not sure what to do???

    Who knows, you might like Dialysis as much as I do!
  8. idialyze

    Failed last semester and it hurts

    Right On Girl! Couldn't have said it better myself! I get so tired of reading how students want a break or a re-do because of (Insert your favorite excuse here) . It seems no one wants to follow the rules anymore, all the Special Snowflakes get thrown into a tizzy over having to meet requirements nowadays. I speak with experience, my sister is a proud Mom of such a creature, my niece recently dropped out of college because she suffers from anxiety and "can't get motivated " She's back at home, and can't do anything there either. Suck it up and follow the rules of life, and quit whining!,
  9. idialyze

    "I am a nurse!"

    My 14 year old niece had major jaw surgery (think breaking her jaws , pulling wisdom teeth, and wiring jaws ) . No way was I not going to be there since her Mom, my sister has no type medical experience and, it's her only child. During surgery we went to her hospital room to wait, and I noticed there wasn't suction set up. When her nurse came in to introduce herself, I requested she get it ready, so much for keeping myself undercover as an RN. Well, she came back to the room coughing and vomiting blood, still no suction. The PACU nurse left to find our nurse with my niece starting to turn blue. She returned and they both started fumbling around with the wall suction equipment while I was getting madder and my niece was turning bluer. Her Mom started freaking and I snatched the suction from these two nurses, hooked it up and started clearing my nieces airway while saying some really bad words😱😱. Formal apologies from hospital officials and MDs, my sister and I never left her bedside until a week later when she was discharged. I'm not sorry I revealed my being a nurse!!
  10. idialyze

    "I am a nurse!"

    My Mom was the same way, she would always introduce me as "My daughter the nurse ". I would ask her why she never introduced my sister as "My daughter, the Human Resource Director"?
  11. idialyze

    Anyone having a hard time getting over the verbal abuse?

    I had a Cardiac surgeon throw a metal chart at me in the early 90's. I threw it back at him.
  12. idialyze

    My ENTIRE 4th Grade Class....

    I remember that when I saw this at the movies I was laughing so hard I wasn't able to catch my breath. Reading S Kings narrative was just as funny, if not more!
  13. idialyze

    What was your worst shift ever?

  14. idialyze

    Communication Discrimination

    I'm not sure if this fits your criteria, but I have worked with a certain Dr for most of the last 15 years. He apparently thinks every one of his patients are hard of hearing, because he practically yells at them when talking. It drives me completely bonkers!!
  15. So who is going to rescue you when you're Mom's gone? You have to decide for yourself how you want your own life to be. Trust me, there is no future for you if you constantly quit everything that may be a little difficult. Nursing school is hard, life is hard sometimes too. By the time I was 19, I was married, a full time nursing student and worked as a Nursing Technician 24 hrs a week. I just knew there was always something better out there that I deserved, but realized that I had to work to get it. Nothing is free in this life, and your Mom is doing you a disservice to you by allowing you to not do anything you think is hard! You MUST work as a CNA before spending thousands on tuition, and quitting when the going gets tough. If you decide Nursing is just not your thing, decide what you DO want to do. I am very lucky to have had a career that lasted me 34 years, I love my job even today, as long as I have been a Nurse, I'm 56 years old, don't see myself retiring any time soon! Find something you love, and go for it!
  16. idialyze

    NP's answering to Nursing Management?

    Why such hostility about NPs, sour grapes?

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