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  1. Jenneu

    pic line or mid line

    which is supposed to sit in the right atrium. A midline is just a longer peripheral - a few inches longer than a regular peri IV. They can stay in place longer than the 3-5 days that a peri. can stay in place. Also a PICC can remain in place indefinately as long as it is well cared for and no infection develops. The facility where I work started using triple lumen PICC lines - and they are great especially when you have patients on multiple antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, needing packed red cells AND chemo in the same day! Hope this clears it up. I've never seen or used a midline - anyone else? J
  2. Jenneu

    What's your opinion? Unethical???

    take patients, no matter how in need, into our homes, crosses the line. These are adults who are in a bad spot, but a call to social services, and then following up to make sure that they were taken care of, is an appropriate level of caring. To be quite honest, and maybe it is my cynical side coming out, but it sounds like these people are playing (or maybe preying) on this person's misplaced good intentions. I think that learning to maintain a healthy professional distance is key. My patients have my complete attention when I am there, but when I am not, my family and friends are front and center. J
  3. Jenneu

    Removing a Catheter from a male pt

    your poor husband. You just deflate the balloon and have a basin ready to catch the catheter and any spillage that occurs. I *guess* she did that to avoid the urine spilling, but I'd say with reasonable certainty that particular practice was not in the facility policy and procedures. When doing a procedure for the first time in a new facility, check out the P&P manual - it should be at the nurses station and it will impress your instructor. As a student with only one or two patients, you have the time! Good luck with clinicals!! J
  4. Jenneu

    How do Doctors treat nurses

    because it surely seems like the hospital and nursing management is implicitly allowing this treatment to go unchecked. night shift or not - would a nurse who spoke to a doc go undisciplined? we are expected to be our same therapeutic selves no matter the time of the day, so why do nurses (as a profession) accept this kind of behavior from the doctors? the unit where i work isn't perfect, but the attendings have never been verbally or physically abusive. we have a moonlighter on call at night, and that's who we wake up with anything necessary. but i don't apologize for waking the doctor at 2am when the patient needs an order for pain meds, or spikes a temperature, or has a critical lab value. that's what they are there for. we don't get a nice cozy room with a bed, tv and a shower when we work nights, therefore i don't apologize for making them do their jobs! (i'm still polite and professional!) i think that nursing has come a long way in the past decade or so, but we still have quite a way to go before we are recognized as a true profession by most of the docs, considering that they come out of school not knowing what a nurse actually *does*! i wonder if we learned to collectively stand up for ourselves (not just union-wise) and showed these docs that they can't get away with this garbage anymore! anyone else reading nursing against the odds by suzanne gordon? i am about 1/4 way through and it is enough to angry up the blood!! j
  5. Jenneu

    How to help pt's and family members cope

    chemo has failed. I find that simply saying "I'm so sorry" is what works for me, along with some eye contact. I also found that it is the patient oftentimes who has to comfort family and friends who are so upset about the prognosis that they don't really get a chance to deal with it. So I do a lot of listening since there is no pressure for the patient to have to comfort me. J
  6. Jenneu

    Interview Dress??

    if you wear a skirt or dress, pantyhose are a must - no bare legs! Err on the side of being too conservative. I wouldn't wear slacks with a sweater to an interview. For the RN position that I am in now, I wore a suit that had a skirt and pantyhose. Good luck! J
  7. Jenneu

    GN orientation vs RN orientation

    and am on my first week off of orientation after 10 weeks. (I work on a critical care floor). I would imagine that the orientation period for new nurses without experience would be the same whether or not you are a GN or an RN. Good luck! J
  8. Jenneu

    computer vs. written charting............

    MAR and flowsheets. I find that it is fairly user friendly and it is much neater than my handwriting! If we have a critical patient (vented or on CVVH), then we use the paper flowsheets. Good luck with the transition! Jen
  9. Jenneu

    "She's Just A Nurse"

    with a this one person's ill-informed opinion rather than a general disrespect for nursing among medical professionals. There is still a conflict between Chiropractors and other medical personnel, so that might be where that comment came from. The guy is probably sick of hearing that he's "just a Chiropractor and not a real doctor." so he's lashing out. Not that his behavior was mature or professional. But you'll find that there are some people who never behave like professionals or adults -- even if they look like them on the outside. (I can tell you some stories about attendings throwing undirected tantrums, but you'll find out about those sooner or later! LOL) Don't let one person's ignorant comments get you down. I am a relatively new grad (an old one...LOL), and have found nothing but support from my friends and family (even a few of the MDs I know told me they'd go to nursing school and get a MSN if they knew then what they know now!) Good luck! Jen