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  1. AdobeRN

    Do you do a countdown to end of school?

    Nothing fancy - I made a paper chain with 30 links pinned on the bulletin board next to my calendar - my scheduled med kiddos get a kick out of being the chosen one to remove a daily link.
  2. AdobeRN

    Speaking of summer...

    Yep - Same here. I only expected to be a school nurse until my kids graduated high school, but I am still here and will be here till I retire. I just can't give up all my time off - thanksgiving, XMas, Spring and summer including the random 3 or 4 day weekends.
  3. AdobeRN


    I'm elementary so I keep them in my office otherwise blood would be everywhere.
  4. AdobeRN

    Countdown to SUMMER!

    29 days!
  5. AdobeRN

    Professional development days

    We have 70+ nurses in the district so we have our own PD days with nursing topics. Our nursing coordinator plans it. Out of the 6 or 7 PD days thru the year we usually meet for at least 5 of them - if we don't meet it is considered a "work day" and we have to work in our clinics using that time to get caught up with paperwork or with whatever we need to do on our campus. We are no longer are required to attend the teacher PD classes.
  6. AdobeRN

    AM meds at school

    I don't worry about this. I do have some that only take meds on school days including a few where the parents will call and tell me to hold the dose if it is a fun day like field trips or Field day, when the parent feels that the med is not necessary because the kid is not sitting in class and needing to be focused to learn.
  7. AdobeRN

    Essential Oil Diffusers

    I agree with this ^^^^. Seems like a waste of PTO money. As a parent I would be irritated that my time and money that I donated was spent on diffusers in the classroom instead of educational programs/items etc for the STUDENTS.
  8. AdobeRN


    I have a kinder that carries her Dexcom receiver at all times - keeps it in a little fanny pack and I have a 3rd grader that has an Omnipod pump & Dexcom CGM - she keeps her Omnipod and the Dexcom receiver with her at all times. As far as lock downs - each of my diabetic kiddos homeroom classrooms along with music, art & PE have glucose tabs and/or juice available.
  9. AdobeRN

    buying supplies with your own money

    Yes to this^^^^. I just had my yearly evaluation and was shocked - for the first time ever I was asked if there was anything I wished/wanted/needed for the clinic and that the principal/AP would find a way to help me get it- I didn't have an answer.
  10. AdobeRN

    I don;t pull teeth

    I don't pull teeth either - yes, I have made a few teachers irritated about it - but oh well.
  11. wow...interesting. Good for you and for giving back. I don't think I could do it - heck, I dread going to my GYn for yearly checkups.
  12. It is nice to know alittle about what you are getting into but I don't think it is necessary.
  13. AdobeRN

    That annoying time of year

    It all seem to start this week for me also. Then the parents get upset with me because if they call me or actually walk in to see if I will excuse their child I put it right back on them - stating they are the parent and they can decide to do whatever they want - if they want the leave early/absence excused they need a doctor's note - and many of the parents don't want to do that. Once the kid gets put on "THE LIST" for having too many marks for tardy/absent I only excuse if they can't be here due to policy - basically just fever, diarrhea, pink eye & vomiting.
  14. AdobeRN


    I am at elementary level - I start screening with my 5th graders and work my way down the grades - saving Kinder for last. I will screen 1 class per day as time permits- usually first thing in the morning, starting the 2nd week of school. I can usually finish the screenings by beginning of November - with a goal being finished by Thanksgiving break. I have the teacher send 2-3 kids down at at time - I can get thru them quickly as long as I am not constantly interrupted by others. I do send out an email to all staff stating I am screening kids and please do not send anyone for an hour or so unless it is a true emergency.
  15. AdobeRN

    Countdown to Spring Break.....

    6 more hours then outta here for the week! Need a good reset to finish out the year. Happy FriYay!